Do Bodycon Dresses Make You Look Slimmer?

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Does a bodycon dress make you look slimmer? This may be boggling your mind as you’re internally debating whether to purchase a bodycon. To help you discern, I’m going to discuss the aspects of a bodycon that can make you look thinner and how you can further make your body slimmer.

Do Bodycon Dresses Make You Look Slimmer?

Yes, a bodycon dress can make you look slimmer because of its structured fabric, elongating length, as well as slimming accents such as the neckline, print, and color. Knowing how to style this dress for your body type is crucial so you can still draw attention to the right curves.

Graphic image of a dress that explains that a bodycon can make you look slimmer because of its structured fabric

A bodycon dress can serve as a body-contouring dress when worn correctly. This is why it’s essential you understand its slimming properties so you can style them in a flattering way.

What Can Make You Look Thinner in Bodycon Dresses

Bodycon dresses can make you slim because of certain elements, including fabric, length, neckline, color, and pattern. Despite that, it’s vital that you choose the right ones for you.

Thicker Material

Thin, silky materials can cling too much onto the skin or fall across the body unflatteringly. Choose a thicker or more structured fabric that will rest against your body without hanging on to the folds. Spandex and elastane are among the best bodycon materials to make you look thinner.

Longer Dress Length

This can be pretty tricky since some lengths may not suit everybody. However, midi and maxi dresses fit well on almost every body type. Besides, these styles for bodycon are convenient to wear for formal gatherings.

Make sure the dress isn’t too short so that it doesn’t accentuate the size of your thighs. Try dresses that end right above the knee or full-length bodycon dresses with high slits.

Slimming Colors, Neckline, and Prints

Effectively hide belly buttons while wearing a bodycon by picking the right colors, neckline designs, and patterns.

A woman posing on the window wearing a black bodycon dress
  • Off-the-shoulder and low-neck dresses can help draw the eye upward, focusing a person’s attention on your shoulders and neck instead of the lower body.
  • Embroidery and single vertical stripes can make your physique appear leaner and longer.
  • Black and dark shades of blue, brown, green, red, and purple can also create a slimming illusion. These hues in a bodycon conceal tummy folds and creases, in the midsection, because the eyes see dark objects as slightly smaller.

How to Look Slimmer in a Bodycon Dress

Although wearing a bodycon dress alone can make you look slim, there are other things you can do to get a leaner physique. These styling tips will help your bodycon look extra flattering.

Use a Long Cover-Up

Long-line cover-ups can slim down your figure while also making your bodycon dress ready for winter. You can use long-line cardigans, kimono-style tops, or mid-calf winter coats.

Invest in Proper Undergarments and Shapewear

While a bodycon can make your body look thinner, you can still use a bra, underwear, and shapewear that can help you achieve a slender figure.

A woman with a bra and tight bottoms holding a bodycon dress
  • Bra: The best bra for a bodycon should fit you well so your breasts won’t sag or spill to your sides. A sagging bust can make the dress look bigger and less flattering.
  • Underwear: High-rise, compressive, and control short can contour your stomach in a bodycon dress and thighs to have a thinner figure.
  • Shapewear: Another way to look slimmer is to wear the right shapewear under a bodycon. Body-control shapewear for love handles can help flatten the stomach for a more streamlined silhouette.

Walk With Great Posture

Good posture can make you feel confident and make your outline look longer. Belly rolls form when you slouch forward. To have good posture, tilt your pelvis backward to contract abdominal muscles and glutes, making your waist appear slimmer in a bodycon.

Related Questions

How Do I Hide Belly Fat in a Bodycon Dress?

You can use shapewear or high-waist underwear for a bodycon to hide belly fat effectively. If you want to wear a bodycon dress yet have a prominent tummy, the shapewear or underwear must have breathable slimming panels to ensure complete coverage while keeping you comfortable.

What Body Shape Does a Bodycon Dress Suit?

Anyone can wear a bodycon dress, as they can suit any body shape. However, certain styles can accentuate your curves, whether you have an hourglass figure, a petite, or a pear-shaped body.

Should I Size Up in a Bodycon for a Slimming Effect?

You don’t need to size up in a bodycon to achieve a slimming effect. It’s much better to follow your actual size so the bodycon can be form-fitting and fall better on your curves. However, you can size up if you prefer slightly loose-fitting.

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A bodycon dress can make you appear slimmer because of its form-fitting properties. More than that, there are various ways you can still make yourself look much thinner. Once you find the best bodycon for you, it can be your go-to outfit for casual or formal events.


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