How to Style a Bodycon Dress for Winter

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While the winter season prioritizes warm clothing, there’s no need to stash your bodycon dresses back in your closet because they can be equally cozy and stylish. I’m giving the ultimate guide on how to style a bodycon dress for winter so you can look hot even in the cold season.

How to Style a Bodycon Dress for Winter

You can style a bodycon dress for winter by layering while considering your body proportions. Use jackets, blazers, cardigans, and various types of outerwear for warmth and texture. Another way is to pair bodycon dresses with knee-high boots, tights, thermal innerwear, and scarves.

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Even if the temperature starts to drop, it doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your tight-fitting bodycon. With these bodycon dress winter ideas, you can continue dressing up for the winter runway.

Bodycon With Winter Outerwear

Stay stylish and warm by pairing a bodycon dress with basic winter outerwear such as jackets, coats, and cardigans. These bodycon outfit ideas will help trap body heat while looking impeccable in the cold months, whether you wear a bodycon dress for a formal event or wear a bodycon dress at a casual gathering.

Bodycon and Long Coat

Choose complementary colors and a coat the same length as your long bodycon dress. For instance, throw an oversized lapel collared coat over a military green bodycon.

Bodycon, Faux Fur Coat, and Thigh-High Boots

Your exposed skin or surface area determines how much body heat you will lose during the winter. Put an elegant spin on a bodycon dress by layering a long faux fur coat over it. Complete the ensemble with thigh-high boots in a bold color.

Bodycon and Cape Coat

This layering garment, which can be either a traditional shawl or a cape in the poncho style, gives winter bodycon outfits a little glitz. You can also wear a buttoned cape coat or a blazer to make your bodycon dress more appropriate for work.

Bodycon, Cardigan, and Flats

Make your outfit look warm in the winter by layering a cardigan over a bodycon. Wear knee-high socks and light taupe-toned loafers or ballet flats to accentuate.

Bodycon and a Crochet Sweater

Wearing a crochet sweater over your solid-black bodycon will give it some flair. This is an excellent chance to use brightly colored sweaters to cover your shoulders and arms.

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Bodycon With Boots

In the winter, keeping your feet warm is essential to promote adequate blood flow and transmit body heat. While you may usually wear sandals for casual bodycon outfits, it’s time to switch them for high or chunky boots. These are some tight dress winter inspiration ideas to get you started.

  • Pair a long-sleeved knit maxi dress with knee-high boots to show off the side slits while keeping you warm.
  • Keep your cut-out dress edgy with a pair of chunky boots and thick socks for extra warmth.
  • If the fabric or detailing on your long-sleeved bodycon seems loud, combine it with a pair of suede ankle boots to soften the look.

Bodycon With Leggings, Pants, or Thermal Tights

Another way to style bodycon dresses for winter is to pair them with a trusty pair of leggings or tailored pants.

For example, pair your mini bodycon with fleece-lined leggings, ugg boots, a tan beret, and a leather crossbody bag for a casual winter look. Meanwhile, you can wear a midi bodycon with thermal tights and lace-up ankle boots for a laidback ensemble for your winter shopping days.

Bodycon With an Innerwear

Putting on additional layers of clothing underneath your bodycon dress can provide extra warmth, especially for strapless bodycon dresses. This is also a great way to dress indoors without needing a coat.

  • Turtleneck: This is something you can quickly whip up for late dinner nights. You simply have to wear your bodycon with spaghetti straps over the turtleneck sweater and finish the look with thigh-high boots and a tote bag.
  • Thermal crewneck: A thermal crewneck is an excellent innerwear for strapless maxi bodycon dresses. As much as you can, try to pick complementary hues so that the crewneck sleeves can serve as a decorative accent.
  • Bodysuit: Don’t want your skin to play peek-a-boo with a cut-out bodycon during the chilly weather? A bodysuit is versatile innerwear because it can provide compression, warmth, shaping, and extra coverage.
A woman wearing a fitted innerwear for bottoms and a bra while holding a bodycon dress

Reminders When Styling Bodycon Dresses for Winter

You don’t have to suffer and feel cold by insisting on wearing a bodycon during winter. Here are a few more reminders to help you keep wearing bodycon dresses as part of your winter wardrobe.

  • Choose darker-colored bodycon dresses: Dark colors absorb more light energy, allowing them to retain more heat than lighter hues. For this reason, it’s ideal to choose black, dark brown, blue, violet, and forest green colors for a bodycon. Besides, darker tones can offer a slimming effect.
  • Consider the dress length: While you can wear shorter dresses, choosing longer ones is better for practicality.
  • Opt for thicker fabrics: Winter is the perfect time to bring out your ribbed and knitted bodycon dresses. Aside from being more structured, they also provide extra warmth to the skin.

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To wear a tight-fitting dress during winter, pair it with a long-sleeved shirt, use a warm winter coat, layer with scarves, and wear taller boots. Sew your loose-fitting bodycon dresses, and you should also opt for thicker fabrics and fleece-lined leggings.

How Can I Make My Bodycon Dress Look Good?

Knowing how to layer and using the proper underwear for bodycon dresses are one of the best ways to look great while wearing them. Be sure to select a bodycon color, print, or style that can further highlight your curves.

How to Hide Side Fats and Bulges in a Bodycon?

You can use high-waisted underwear or shapewear with slimming panels to hide stomach fats and bulges in a bodycon. Selecting the right bra for bodycon dresses is crucial if you struggle with back or underarm fat because the cups and band will help maintain breast tissue in place.

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The best way to wear a bodycon dress during winter is to layer it with pieces that can still accentuate your body. Be creative and adventurous even in these months that require more coverage. With the help of this style guide, you can continue wearing your bodycon with winter closet staples.


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