How to Make a Bodycon Dress Work Appropriate

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Bodycon dresses are all the rage these days as more and more people realize their versatility. Contrary to popular belief, anyone can wear these glamorous figure-hugging dresses, regardless of their body shape or the occasion. You can even wear them to work!

Here is how you can make your bodycon dress appropriate to wear at work.

How to Make a Bodycon Dress Work Appropriate

Many associate bodycon dresses with parties and night-outs. While this is true to some extent, the correct styling of these dresses can also make them suitable to wear in a professional setting. It can even empower you and boost your confidence, which is the attitude you need to channel at work.

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Layer With a Tailored Blazer

Layering your bodycon dress with a blazer looks incredibly formal and classy. It is one of the few pieces that can be added to a bodycon dress without minimizing its appeal. However, you need to ensure that you do not put on just any blazer. It should have the following attributes:

The Right Fit

While boxy, oversized blazers have grown in popularity, they do not work well with a skintight dress. To keep the integrity of the bodycon dress intact, you need a coat that fits seamlessly to your shoulders and contours your back.

In addition, it should also be not too tight so that when you close the button, you can see the fabric straining around the buttons. This looks very unprofessional and unflattering. You should also ensure that you can move your arms comfortably without any resistance from the coat.

The Right Color

If you are fond of wearing blazers to work, you will have the best blazers in various conventional colors, such as blue, black, and grey. If your dress has a bold pattern, pair it with a muted blazer in any conventional colors to be work-ready.

However, if your dress is monotonous with a subdued tone, you can go for a color-block look by adding a more vibrant blazer on top. As long as you feel comfortable with the final look, you can quickly wear it to work.

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The Right Length

To be honest, there is no correct length for a blazer. Different lengths create different vibes, which, when styled appropriately, can be worn to your office. Here are some of the lengths that will look great with a fitted dress:

  • Cropped: A cropped blazer ends in the upper to the middle region of your waist. Look slimmer with a bodycon dress when you pair it with a cropped blazer. You also can pair it with sleeveless dresses or deeper-back necklines.
  • Hip-length: As the name suggests, this type of blazer ends just above your hips. These look the most professional among all the lengths, so wear them with your figure-hugging dress when you want to make a lasting impression.
  • Longline: A longline blazer extends to your thighs. This is perfect for when you feel conscious about showing off your hips at work. When pairing a longline blazer with a bodycon dress, ensure they have the same length for a more polished look.

Opt For Longer Sleeves

Longer sleeve lengths that extend up to or beyond your elbows create a slimming effect and make your arms look elegantly longer. They are also an adequate option for a professional environment compared to a sleeveless bodycon dress.

The longer sleeves impart a very feminine and sophisticated touch to your attire. It also provides you with some coverage, minimizing the effect of the sultry dress.

Keep the Neckline Modest

As sexy and alluring as they look, plunging necklines are never a good idea at the workplace. Thus, the same rule should be applied to a figure-hugging dress when you are wearing it to work.

Demure necklines such as the elegant boat neck, the chic high neck, or the adequate jewel neck are most suitable. They give you a more mature and composed look, which is just the right vibe when conducting official business.

Wear a Longer Dress

The right bodycon dresses tend to conform to your shape, which earns them their risque reputation. However, if you go for a longer length instead of the classic thigh length, it immediately transforms the dress into a more work-appropriate garment.

Most importantly, the midi-style dress still channels the authenticity and stylishness of the fitted dress. You may also feel more comfortable in a dress with this length when sitting down, as it reduces the probability of flashing your underwear under your bodycon dress!

A woman wearing a bodycon and a sneakers while posing backwards

Go For Pantyhose

Another way to avoid flashing your co-workers is to wear pantyhose underneath your short bodycon dress. Quality pantyhose can make your skin tone look more even, hide the strawberry legs or any unsightly veins, and make you appear more put-together.

Both skin-colored and black hosiery will work well depending on the color and pattern of your dress. It can also make the entire ensemble look better polished and chic.

Pro tip: Pantyhoses are prone to laddering, which can look very unprofessional. Thus, whenever you wear hosiery to work, have a spare pair in your handbag to save you from embarrassment.

Add Demure Heels

As ravishing as a bodycon dress looks with strappy high heels, the entire look does not precisely reflect the ideal workplace attire. Therefore, reserve your sexy strappy sandals for parties and replace them with demure footwear.

A simple black or beige pumps will make your fitted dress look less promiscuous. Moreover, you may also feel more comfortable in sensible shoes, especially if your work involves a lot of walking. You can go for pumps with kitten or high heels, depending on what makes you feel confident.

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Most fashion-forward women have a couple of beloved bodycon dresses in their wardrobes that make them feel self-assured and empowered. As long as you style them adequately to tone down their suggestive element, there is no reason why you can not wear them to work.


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