How to Wear a Bodycon Dress Casually

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Bodycon dresses are back with a bang and can be your go-to casual outfit when done right. The best part is that you can style them with most of your closet staples. I’m giving tips on how to wear a bodycon dress casually so that you can fashionably showcase your curves.

How to Wear a Bodycon Dress Casually

You can style a bodycon dress casually with the right pair of shoes, low-key accessories, and complementary layering. You can pair a bodycon with a pair of sneakers, flats, or boots. Bodycon dresses can be dressed down by layering with tights or tops like jackets, button-down shirts, or sweaters.

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A bodycon allows you to dress for formal occasions or dress down for casual days. Here are the best outfit style inspiration for wearing bodycon dresses casually.

Bodycon With Sneakers, Boots, or Flats

A bodycon dress scoops and slides over the body, accentuating your best assets. In such cases, wearing even a pair of sneakers, boots, or flats is the only accessory you need for a casual outfit.

A report by The NPD Group shows that footwear is the online luxury market’s most powerful category. This is mainly due to the millennials’ preference for a casual and comfortable lifestyle, often reflected in their footwear choices. If you have this mindset for styling clothes, these are some casual bodycon outfit ideas you can try.

  • A black sleeveless bodycon with a scoop neckline paired with brightly colored flats: A vibrant color or print can spice up your plain bodycon.
  • White long-sleeve bodycon with nude gray over-the-knee boots: This ensemble gives you an edgy yet laid-back look for city walks.
  • Mini bodycon with spaghetti straps paired with white rubber shoes: The shorter length looks more casual than its longer counterparts, while the rubber shoes tone down the outfit further.
  • Off–the-shoulder striped bodycon with high-cut sneakers: Whether for errands or hanging out with friends, this combination allows you to dress casually while being comfortable.

Bodycon With Jackets

Layering with jackets is another way to style a bodycon during the winter season. Denim and leather jackets are among the best picks for a more relaxed outfit.

A woman wearing a bodycon dress with a denim jacket and sneakers

Bodycon, Denim Jacket, and Low-Top Shoes

A denim jacket is a timeless piece of clothing for layering. Whether you have a floral or fiery red bodycon dress, you can throw on a denim jacket for a modern and casual look. Top the outfit with ankle boots or low-top shoes.

Bodycon, Leather Jacket, and a Beanie

Are you looking for a picture-worthy OOTD for your vacation? Another fuss-free look is pairing the best bodycon dresses with a leather jacket. Wear a sequin bodycon dress with a leather biker jacket, low-top sneakers, a beanie, and a hobo bag.

Bodycon, Military Jacket, and Black Sneakers

Military jackets go well with most dresses. Say yes to an off-duty combination using a black bodycon, a military jacket, black sneakers, and a leather crossbody bag.

Bodycon With Tights or Leggings

Nothing screams more casual than pairing a long-sleeved mini dress with leggings or tights. Complete your modern and polished look with sneakers, a knit scarf, and a beanie. It’s also a fail-safe way to make sure you can avoid accidents when your bodycon dress rides up when you move.

Bodycon With Tops

Tops you can typically find in your closet give your bodycon a more carefree vibe. Pair it with minimal accessories, and you will have a comfortable yet low-key outfit daily.

Bodycon, Button-Down Shirt, and Thong Sandals

Layer a blue button-down shirt over your bodycon dress and tie it in a knot at the waistline. This highlights the waist while allowing the dress to fall gracefully over the hips. Add thong sandals and a pendant necklace to complete the look.

A woman wearing a bodycon dress and sneakers facing backwards

Bodycon and Cropped Sweater

Would you like your bodycon to have a relaxed yet a bit athletic look? A great way to balance the tightness of a bodycon dress is to wear something loose over it. Layer a cropped sweater over the bodycon to make your dress look like a high-waisted skirt.

Bodycon, Kimono Top, and Gladiator Sandals

Do you need casual attire for a beach outing or even a portrait photoshoot? This layering piece can tone down a bodycon, whether it’s a plain black, floral, or multi-colored kimono. Finish the ensemble with gladiator sandals and a wool hat.

Reminders When Styling Casual Bodycon Dresses

Although dressing a bodycon casually may appear simpler, there are still some fashion rules you should consider.

  • Opt for shorter lengths: A midi or mini bodycon looks casual because they show more skin. Besides, these lengths can visually lengthen the legs.
  • Use smart-tech accessories: You can wear typical accessories such as a necklace or a pair of accessories. However, using wearable technology or wearables can better help you put together a casual yet functional outfit. This may include smartwatches, smart glasses, or fitness-tracking bracelets.
  • Choose prints or colors carefully: A plain bodycon is simpler to coordinate. Despite that, the beauty of casual styling is that you can also go for loud patterns, stripes, or something sparkly.

Related Questions

How Do I Look Classy in a Bodycon Dress?

Wear recommended shapewear for bodycon dresses, layer clothes, and use minimal accessories to look classy in a bodycon. Opt for chic accessories such as heeled shoes and handbags. Use thicker fabrics and deeper hues that best highlight your features.

How Do I Make My Bodycon Look Modest?

Wear high-scoop necklines, loose tops, or cover-ups to make your bodycon look modest. Be sure to choose tops or cover-ups that cover your back, shoulders, and arms. When wearing bodycon dresses for church galas and school functions, consider using longer lengths that comply with the strict dress codes.

What Should I Wear Under Bodycon Dresses?

You should wear the right underwear for bodycon dresses, shapewear, and a seamless bra. Shapewear can help tuck in fat and give you a slimmer silhouette. Meanwhile, underwear and a seamless bra can avoid unwanted lines.

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Anybody can wear a bodycon dress, as it is a versatile dress that can be styled in various ways, whether for casual or formal attire. You can pair bodycon dresses with shoes, accessories, leggings, and layers to make them look casual and laid-back. I hope this bodycon styling guide can help flatter your body.


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