How to Stop a Bodycon Dress From Riding Up

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A bodycon dress is unrivaled in terms of sexiness and refinement; it leaves little to the imagination and clings to your curves. A bodycon dress is typically form-fitting throughout, although it can still ride up unexpectedly. This article will educate you on how to stop a bodycon dress from riding up.

How to Stop a Bodycon Dress From Riding Up

A bodycon dress is a must-have in the wardrobe of any stylish woman. Due to how effortlessly stylish and seductive, a bodycon dress is the ideal go-to costume for everything from red carpet occasions to informal get-togethers with friends. A bodycon dress provides the appearance of having a smaller waistline while emphasizing your curves thanks to its narrow cut and snug fit.

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However, wearing bodycon dresses can be tricky since they often ride up when you move, especially if you don’t wear anything below. Below are some tips to stop your bodycon dress from riding up.

Put On Shapewear

If you are genuinely concerned about your bodycon dress riding up, you should consider making an investment in shapewear for bodycon dresses. There is a wide selection of shapewear available. The kind with a control panel that extends from the upper thighs to the lower back is the most effective type for preventing your dress from riding up.

Wearing shapewear is analogous to wearing a second skin; it will be difficult for anybody to notice that you are donning these garments to alter your appearance. The only thing that will be different is that you will feel more protected and more at ease in your clothes. If you wear shapewear underneath your bodycon dress, you will be able to achieve the most amount of coverage possible.

Be sure it is long enough to cover your upper thighs and butt, as these areas tend to reveal too much when you bend over. If it is too short, it may expose too much skin. You risk exposing an excessive amount of skin if it is insufficiently long.

Use a Tag Gun

Although the barbs on these implements are typically made to grab fabric, it is also possible to find tiny, delicate needles. You can tag your bodycon dress by doing the following:

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  1. Before the underarm seam, set the hand on the clothes size tag to use one.
  2. Tag the dress only on the left armpit.
  3. Use the proper size needle.
  4. Avoid using a safety pin unless you are confident the cloth is tagged.

You should use caution when using the tagging gun if you are concerned that it might rip your dress. More harm will be done by a dull needle than a sharp one. Keep in mind that woven and knitted textiles have minute holes. A magnifying glass will allow you to see the fabric’s texture, enabling the holes to remain in place.

Wear Heels

If you are going to an event where you will be required to do a lot of walking, then wearing heels is an excellent strategy to keep your dress from riding up while you are moving around. The substantial heel of a pair of heels serves as an anchor, preventing your dress from riding up as you walk. You don’t have to wear heels if you don’t want to; wedges or heels are all acceptable alternatives.

However, if you need to walk a lot, you should probably avoid wearing stiletto heels because they are not very comfortable. If you are going to be walking a lot while casually attending an event while wearing a bodycon, wedges are a better choice than stiletto heels because they have a broad base that keeps them from sinking into the ground. On the other hand, stiletto heels have fragile ones that are closer together.

Use Hairspray

Applying a little coat of hairspray to your legs and the tops of your thighs before putting on a dress can help prevent your dress from riding up. Gymnasts employ this technique to maintain the form of their bodysuits, and it works just as well for them. It will keep you perfect all day and make you look your best. You can use hairspray for many other things as well as:

  •  It can be used as a lint roller to keep lint from sticking to your clothes.
  •  Another great way to use hairspray is to get rid of static electricity.
  • You can remove static on your clothes by spraying them from about 8 inches away. This is especially helpful for clothes that tend to get clingy.
A woman wearing a bodycon with denim jacket holding a black underwear

Select Proper Underwear

Consider your underwear selection based on the bodycon dress you intend to wear. For instance, a pair of high-cut briefs will appear considerably worse with a garment that has a leopard print pattern or a lattice pattern than it will with a simple thong.

On the other hand, high-cut briefs rather than thongs will look much better with a bodycon dress with a black or white pattern. Whatever you choose, be careful that your underwear inside your bodycon doesn’t bunch up or, in any other manner, make the dress ride up.

Make Sure Your Hemline Is Even

When looking for the best bodycon dress, you should first inspect the hemline of the dresses you are considering purchasing. The ideal length for a hemline falls just below or at the knee level. Anything shorter than that can be dangerous because it has a greater propensity to ride up when you least expect it to.

It is essential to remember that the optimum length of the dress might vary depending on the fabric and the style. Chiffon, silk, and taffeta are three examples of materials that are far more prone to stretching and riding up than cotton and linen.

A dress with a crisscross pattern or a side slit will have the same potential to ride up as one with a straight hemline. It will also have a more significant probability of riding up because of these design elements. Choose the second option to clear up any untoward wardrobe mishaps.

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When wearing a bodycon dress, one of the most frustrating things that may happen is for your dress to ride up unexpectedly. Since you now know how to prevent my body-hugging dresses from riding up, you can finally feel comfortable and put on one.


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