Can You Wear a Bodycon Dress to Church?

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Church-appropriate clothes are supposed to be clean, conservative, and subtle. While you can style bodycon dresses easily, they may not pass specific church standards. For this article, I’m going to discuss if you can wear a bodycon dress to church.

Can You Wear a Bodycon Dress to Church?

While I don’t recommend wearing a bodycon dress to church because of its tight fit, you can wear a bodycon to church gatherings if you can style it modestly. You must also check if your church has a dress code or clothing restrictions.

Graphic image of a dress and a church that states that you can wear a bodycon dress to church if you style it modestly

Given how versatile bodycon dresses are, it makes sense that you might want to wear them everywhere. You should be aware of how to style a bodycon modestly if there are circumstances in which you are unable to avoid wearing one.

Reasons Why You Can’t Wear a Bodycon to Church

You may be looking forward to wearing your best bodycon dress on every occasion possible. However, you must know there are valid reasons why a bodycon dress isn’t exactly the best outfit for church.

Churches Have Dress Codes

Think of it this way — you would prepare your best attire when meeting a public figure, as well as proper clothing while meeting an employer for a job interview.

Thus, what you wear to church should be different than what you wear to other locations or events. Regardless of your tradition or culture, your god deserves respect shown through proper clothing.

Bodycon Dresses Can Attract Unnecessary Attention

When it’s time to raise your hands in praise and worship, will the bodycon make it difficult for you to move? When you bend over, will your bodycon dress ride up and expose your underwear?

A woman wearing a bodycon dress and denim jacket

Your intention should be to concentrate on prayer or listening to the pastor when you attend church. While a bodycon can turn heads to parties, you shouldn’t draw attention to yourself in church or keep pulling on your skirt.

Church Is Not the Place for Being Stylish

It makes sense that you might want to don your most fashionable attire when shopping or at a party. Clothing is a form of self-expression, which can affect your behavior and confidence.

As the saying goes, there’s a time and place for everything. The church isn’t the right place for you to try out new trends or experiment with clothes.

Ways to Style a Bodycon Dress for Church

You can’t wear a bodycon at church gatherings if you’ll be wearing it on its own, without any cover-up or layering. This means you can work around styling a bodycon to make it comfortable yet modest enough for church activities.

Layer to Cover Up

A good way to start is to use a long-sleeved midi or maxi dress, as these styles would cover most of the body. A lengthy bodycon won’t be sufficient, though, as it’s still possible that the dress would accentuate your curves.

Layering can help you cover up and make your clothes fit better. This is also a great way to style bodycon dresses during winter.

A woman wearing a black bra and fitted bottoms while holding a bodycon dress
  • Cardigan: Put on a loose cardigan and button it up. You can also do this if you want to hide belly fat without using shapewear.
  • Mid-calf coat: Wear a mid-calf coat to hide the tightness of your dress. This can also be a great way to avoid panty lines while wearing a bodycon dress.
  • Shawl or shrug: A fleece shawl or a knit shrug is perfect for hiding your arms in a strapless or sleeveless bodycon.

Wear a Long-Sleeved Top Under the Bodycon

If you don’t want to use a cover-up, a long-sleeved top worn underneath a bodycon dress is a fantastic alternative. The top can add some volume to the outfit, diminishing the tightness of the dress. Try wearing a long-sleeved blouse, a turtleneck, or a thermal crewneck.

Pair the Dress With Pants

Using pants, leggings, or tights is an excellent solution when you have a mini or midi bodycon dress. Pants can also tone it down, making a bodycon dress look more casual.

Related Questions

What Should You Not Wear to Church?

You should not wear anything too revealing to the church, like tank tops, crop tops, mini skits, or cut-off shorts. You must also avoid tops with spaghetti straps and deep plunge necklines. Moreover, it’s best to avoid shirts with loud prints or big logos.

What Kind of Dresses Can You Wear to Church?

When going to church, you can wear sleeved dresses or those with lengths below the knee. You shouldn’t wear mesh, low-cut, strapless, or backless dresses.

How to Achieve Modesty When Dressing Up for Church?

To achieve modesty when dressing up for church, be selective in the fabric, keep everything covered, and style your clothes to draw attention away from the buttocks and bust. You should also avoid flashy jewelry and elaborate hairstyles.

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If you can style bodycon dresses that can be passable for work, and that doesn’t look overly skin-tight, only then can they be deemed acceptable to wear to church. As much as possible, it’s better to opt to wear and fix loose-fitting bodycon dresses. If you need to use a bodycon, there are ways to style it formally.


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