Third Love vs Natori

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Are you looking for a new bra but don’t know where to turn? Third Love and Natori are two popular brands that offer bras in a variety of styles and sizes. So, Third Love vs Natori: who will win the battle? 

Third Love vs Natori General Overview 

Third Love is a company that manufactures bras and lingerie. They offer a full range of sizes to fit women from 30-48. On the other hand, Natori specializes in luxury lingerie for fuller busted women. 

Graphic image of two blue bras that compares the distinct features of Third Love bras and Natori bras

Third Love General Overview

Did you know that almost 40% of the ladies are left out in the standard cup-size bra? This prompted Heidi Zak and her husband to found Third Love and bring in the half-cup sizes for ladies. 

Third Love has been a key player in the industry since 2013. The company has maintained a high rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from over 41,000 customer reviews. Today, Third Love ships about 50,000 bras each month to women in different parts of the world.

Natori General Overview

Natori has been in the front line to promote and advocate body positivity since it was launched in 1977 by CEO Josie Natori. Having navigated different continents and different careers, Josie decided to fulfill her childhood dream by settling on becoming a full-time entrepreneur in the lingerie industry. 

Woman wearing a plunge bra from Third Love

This way, she would ensure that all women were offered a vast selection of quality designer lingerie at pocket-friendly prices regardless of their background. 

With the help of their styling experts, they created an online platform where their customers can book appointments virtually, learn and receive information about the shape and size of their breasts, and know the right bra for them.

Third Love vs Natori

Research shows that 80% of women wear the wrong size bra because most people are forced to shop for necessity rather than comfort and confidence.

Navigating different shops looking for the right bra to suit your breast size and shape can be frustrating hence the need for convenient online shopping, which Third Love and Natori provide. So, how do these brands compare? 

Comparing ThirdLove and Natori Bras

Bra Popular Styles Sizing Best For
ThirdLove T-shirt, wireless, sports, racerback32A-48DEye-catching yet quality bras
Natori T-shirt, convertible, push-up, sports28A-44HAffordable and aesthetic lingerie


Both Third Love and Natori are family businesses headed by women who identified the gaps in the market and took advantage. They started these companies to ensure all women have access to high-quality lingerie, which brought the confidence most ladies enjoy today.

Other similarities include: 


These companies have continued to exist in the industry and still earn a significant number of customers for themselves. This is because they have continued to bring in high-quality products, hence avoiding criticism from their clients and still competing favorably with other brands in the market.

Blending of Tech

Both Third Love and Natori have incorporated technology in the day-to-day running of the companies. The advantage of technology is that they can navigate all markets worldwide, not just here in the U.S.

To advocate for the inclusivity of all women, Third Love created the FitFinder Quiz, which has helped over 17.6 Million women access the right size bra online. In January 2021, they officially launched their Virtual “Fitting Room,” a platform where their clientele can find the best fitting bra.

Natori, on the other hand, through the Virtual Appointment platform, has helped a lot of ladies choose the best well-fitting bra with the help of styling experts.


The two brands are very different in terms of their customer base, product offerings, and pricing. Third Love has been around since 2013, while Natori was founded in 1977.

Payment Program

Third Love has incorporated the Afterpay program. In this program, the clients can purchase products of choice and pay interest-free at a later date. This program has seen its sales increase rapidly. Natori, on the other hand, is yet to implement this means of payment for their products.


The prices of products from both Third Love and Natori are pretty different. This is because products from Third Love have relatively high prices. This is not the case with Natori, which has slightly lower prices for the same products, comparable to True & Co, Coobie lingerie, and popular Natori bra products.

Marketing Program

As a proof of trust to their customers, Third Love has the “try before you buy” program. In the program, they send their new clients their best-selling bra and underwear products. The client is supposed to pay $2.99 for shipping and handling. 

Woman showing the back of her bra

A customer can then stay with it for 30 days to wear and even wash it to get the full Third Love experience. 

If they are satisfied with the product’s quality, they pay an extra $68. If not interested, customers can return the product through the laid procedure. This marketing plan is not available for Natori.


Whereas Natori offers free shipping costs for all their orders within the U.S, Third Love does not. However, they offer free shipping for orders exceeding $75 within the U.S. The charges for customers across the borders are different for their clients.   

Major Distinguishing Factor 

Third Love, unlike Natori, has continued with its campaign to embrace the diversity of all women by providing them with bras aimed at boosting comfort and maintaining style. 

Similar to inclusive brands like Torrid and Knix Wear, they also offer bras in over 80 sizes for all ladies, not only for small and medium-sized but also for the plus-size ladies with breasts larger than DD cups. They offer bands 30-48 ranging from size AA to I. Natori cup sizes range from A to H, while their band sizes are from 28-44. 

When to Choose Third Love Over Natori?

Third Love was formed to blend quality and style in their products. They have lived up to their promise by delivering attractive and stylish lingerie, like their premium racerback bras and high-quality underwear selections. Therefore, with Third Love, you can be sure to get lingerie that best suits you in any event, for example, a wedding, work, gym, and such.

When to Choose Natori Over Third Love?

If you want to have access to quality feminine lingerie, like their convertible contour plunge bra, then Natori is the place for you. Natori offers affordable prices for their products and provides free delivery for all their orders within the U.S. Ladies access their products from their online platforms or brick-and-mortar stores.

Related Questions

Do ThirdLove and Natori Bras Fit True to Size?

Natori and ThirdLove bras do fit true to size. ThirdLove goes the extra mile by providing a personalized fit test on its website.

Should I Choose ThirdLove or Natori for Underwear?

Choose Natori if you need briefs or thongs, then opt for ThirdLove if you prefer bikini, hipster, or boyshorts underwear. ThirdLove has more underwear styles than Natori.

Are There Sleep Bras in Natori and ThirdLove?

Yes, ThirdLove and Natori offer a range of sleep bras. However, Natori has a broader selection of pajama sets, chemises, robes, and sleep gowns.

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Third Love and Natori have had a good run since they joined the lingerie industry and contributed to some major achievements. However, Third Love in a short time has brought significant impact compared to Natori, which has been in the industry since 1977. 


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