Third Love vs Torrid Bras

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Third Love vs. Torrid Bras: what should you wear? Third Love is a company that specializes in bras and lingerie. Torrid is another company that focuses on clothing for curvy women.

This blog post will compare Third Love and Torrid Bras by examining key points such as quality, variety, and payment plans!

Third Love vs Torrid Bras General Overview 

The value for inclusivity of all women is what makes both of these lingerie companies stand out in the industry. Torrid, for example, has a range of lingerie sizes from which women can choose.

Graphic image of two blue bras that compares the features of Torrid bras against Third Love bras

They, however, focus on lingerie for plus-size ladies who don’t feel represented enough. 

Third Love, on the other hand, has also been mobilizing women to access the right size of bras which makes them feel comfortable and confident wherever they are.

However, Third Love doesn’t serve a specific customer base; instead, they produce products for ladies regardless of their sizes. 

Woman wearing a peach colored bralette and white underwear

Third Love Overview 

In the nine years, they have been in business, Third Love has brought a new feeling to the industry. In their early research, the company found out that 37% of the women fit in the standard size bra, which led to them producing half-cup size bras. 

They are also known for their online FitFinder Quiz, where ladies access the right size bra just by answering a series of ten questions and eventually acquiring the right size bra for themselves. 

Since it was launched, the FitFinder Quiz has helped over 17.6 million ladies access the right bra size for themselves. 

Torrid Bras Overview 

Since Torrid was launched back in 2001, the company has brought an incredible impact on the industry by pushing for the inclusivity of plus-size ladies in lingerie and intimates.

Similar to brands like Natori and Adore Me, the company is regarded as one of the best brands where plus-size ladies can access comfortable and high-quality products. 

As of September 2021, Torrid had opened over 600 stores in different states in the United States. With such a large number of stores, customers can easily access their products in most parts of the country. 

Third Love vs Torrid Bras 

The idea behind Third Love is to offer a bra that fits correctly, with the right proportions and shape. The company believes in making bras for all women – not just those who have A-B cups

Torrid offers up sizes from AA through JJ, so there’s something for everyone. They also offer clothes in bigger sizes, even in their bralettes. Their motto is “fashion for everybody.”

Let’s walk through some differences and similarities between Third Love and Torrid.

Comparing ThirdLove and Torrid Bras

Bra Popular Styles Sizing Best For
ThirdLove T-shirt, wireless, sports, racerback32A-48DEye-catching yet quality bras
Torrid Full coverage, bandeau, plunge36C-52BSide and back-smoothing bras


When it comes to bras, Third Love and Torrid are two of the most popular brands, comparable to Cosabella, Cup lingerie, and Victoria’s Secret bras. They have a lot in common: they offer various sizes, styles, and colors. So, how do these two bra companies compare? 


These companies have earned their name as some of the companies that uphold the inclusivity of all women. 

As mentioned earlier, Torrid brings sexy and comfortable to plus-size women who for the longest time have been left out due to societal body standards.

Third Love also broadened its wings to include all women thanks to its FitFinder quiz. They cater to all bra sizes from size AA to H. 

Quality Products 

The products Third Love and Torrid bring to the table have received positive feedback as both are durable and comfortable. However, over the years, there have been complaints from some customers which have been timely resolved. 


If you’re looking for a bra that offers more coverage than some of its competitors, then Torrid is your best bet. However, if you prefer bralettes or want to save money, then Third Love might be the way to go. Other differences include: 

Afterpay Plan 

Unlike most of their counterparts, Third Love has a payment scheme where ladies can access their products anytime and pay later on with an interest fee. With this Afterpay plan, customers know that Third Love isn’t just out here for profits.

Instead, they aim to serve as many ladies as possible. On the other hand, Torrid doesn’t have an Afterpay plan in place. This means that you have to pay for a product upfront which is limiting to some people. 

Online Market 

As mentioned earlier, Third Love has taken advantage of technology to its edge. Through the FitFinder quiz, their sales have multiplied since most ladies can easily access the right bra size in the comfort of their home without having to expose their bodies to people. 

Woman wearing a bralette and underwear from Third Love

On the other hand, Torrid has invested heavily in physical outlets where customers can simply walk in and buy the right size bra. With over 600 stores in almost all the states in the US., the stores have gained a ton of customers and maintained an excellent client-manufacturer relationship. 

Return Policy 

Torrid has taken advantage of the long time they have been in the market to open many outlets from where they outsource their products. They, therefore, offer an ultimatum of 60 days from which one can return a recently purchased product to any of their stores located everywhere. 

Third Love, having started a few years ago, has few outlets. Although they have a 60-day ultimatum, accessing their stores can be a tiring experience unless you are close to one of the stores. 

Major Distinguishing Factor 

Despite these companies have made a significant impact in the industry, Torrid is known for lingerie for the plus-size ladies, especially bras, whereas Third Love is all-around, even premium underwear. They also have a significant focus on the production of half-cup size bras. 

The major difference between these two companies is their price points: Third Love offers lower prices than Torrid on most of its products however they still provide quality materials, designs, and support.

When to Choose Torrid Over Third Love? 

Torrid is an excellent choice for plus-size women over Third Love since they are well-represented and have a broader range of products to choose from.

Customers who value customer-manufacturer relationships will also have an effortless time when purchasing from Torrid’s outlets. 

When to Choose Third Love Over Torrid? 

Customers who have a thing for privacy and confidentiality will have an easy time getting products of their choice from Third Love without feeling invaded. This is because of the quick and easy online shopping as well as the FitFinder quiz. 

Related Questions

Are ThirdLove and Torrid Reputable Brands?

Yes, Torrid and ThirdLove are among the most reputable bra brands in the industry. Torrid has made a name for itself, particularly in plus-size bras. On the other hand, ThirdLove is popular for its high-quality bras.

Do ThirdLove and Torrid Bras Fit True to Size?

Torrid and ThirdLove bras do fit true to size. ThirdLove provides a personalized fit test on its website. Meanwhile, Torrid has a special size chart for plus-size and curvy women.

Do Torrid and ThirdLove Offer Nursing Bras?

Yes, there are nursing bras in ThirdLove and Torrid. However, only ThirdLove offers maternity bras.

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Both of these companies are key players in the lingerie industry. They are all-inclusive and represent women’s bodies well. However, Third Love has taken it a notch higher by engaging all women regardless of their size, especially using their online quizzes. 


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