Cosabella vs Third Love

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It’s no secret that women are picky when it comes to their bras. Finding one that looks and also feels good can be difficult. And if you’re a woman who prioritizes quality, two of your options might just be Cosabella vs Third Love!

Cosabella vs Third Love General Overview

Cosabella and Third Love are both lingerie brands. Two different bra companies, two different fits, and a whole lot of confusion. Let’s start with a general overview of the two. 

Woman wearing a black lace bralette with opened long sleeves

Cosabella Overview

Cosabella was established in 1983. It means ‘beautiful thing’ in Italian. The lingerie brand was founded by a husband (Ugo) and his wife (Valeria). The company was growing so fast, and the husband had to leave his career in Engineering to work full-time in Cosabella. 

A lot of macro-economic issues made Cosabella sacrifice Italian-made products to cut down on cost. The couple embraced the challenges, which resulted in Cosabella canceling their imports from other manufacturers.

This inspired them to start producing their lingerie line, propelling Cosabella to become the established brand it is today. The creations of underwear and a unique color-dyeing ability were the key features that became Cosabella’s trademark, which was solely done in Italy.

Third Love Overview

ThirdLove was inspired by Heidi Zak, a former Google executive, who encountered challenges while bra shopping. She could not find bras that were both comfortable and beautiful. 

After discovering that standard cup sizes do not fit 37% of ladies, Third Love invented half-cup sizes. Heidi put her tech and retail skills into play when she built her bra and underwear brand with women’s needs first.

Third Love launched its first line in spring 2014. Today the company strives to hit three points: style, fit and feel, hence the name Third Love. 

Cosabella vs Third Love Similarities and Differences

Women’s breasts are constantly changing due to many factors. Despite the universal standard of measurement (International fitting charts), brands may differ in the fit, quality, fabric, and cup size.

Graphic image of two blue bras that represents Third Love bra and Cosabella bra comparing their features with each other

Here is how Cosabella and Third Love relate and differ in various aspects of the bra world.

Comparing Cosabella and ThirdLove Bras

Brand Popular Styles Sizing Best For
Cosabella Bralette, wired, strapless, nursingStandard, curvy, and petiteLingerie and luxurious designs
ThirdLove T-shirt, plunge, sports, unlinedStandard and custom sizingLounging and those in between sizes


Both brands have focused on modern-day women and incorporated their needs into their clothing. These needs include comfort, perfect fitting, and great quality. This, in return, brings out a great amount of confidence and overall happiness in any woman’s body.

They also circle silk and cotton-made undergarments, which are so friendly to the skin. Both brands do have a fitting room on their websites to help customers buy their actual size.

The bras can be bought either in-store or online. Similar to how companies like Soma and Freya have an extensive fitting guide for their customers. Cosabella and Third Love do have categories of bra functions on their platforms.

These functions may include activewear, bras for nursing, skin tones, swimwear, sleep and lounge, minimizer bras, and those of a particular style. Some styles include racerback, wireless, full coverage, strapless, push-up, underwire, bra packs, wireless bralettes, and laces. 


The difference between Cosabella and Third Love can be broadly classified into 2: body types variation offered and recommendations. 

Body Type

Like most inclusive brands like Torrid, Cosabella has these 6 major categories: 

  • Standard: An original classic fit. Sizes range A – D cup and start at size 28 bands.
  • Curvy: This is specifically designed for ladies with smaller bands with fuller cups featuring wireless bralettes with details like power mesh lining, fitted bands, and wider straps for fit and support. Sizes range DD – H cups and start at size 28 bands.
  • Ultra Curvy: This set of lingerie comes in smaller-size sizes for I-L cup holders only, with wireless styles along the sides which provide just enough structure without being too tight or binding on you while still providing ultimate comfort fitting from 30 upwards. 
  • Beauty: Designed to fit those who need extra support or have full-on top breasts! Its band sizes are from 36 to 42 with cups from A to D. 
  • Petite bras: are specifically designed for petite women. They have shorter straps, shallower cups, and thinner bands that truly fit the 5’3″ range of height to accommodate their cup sizes A-D and bands from 28 to 30. 
  • Extended: Specifically designed for extended or plus sizes 1X-3X and 38-40 DD-F.

As for Third Love, the brand is not as specific to different body types. However, they have a fitting room section both on the website and physically, where you take a test to find out your size

They try and get measurements of the strap, the cup, and the band. These categories are in numbers and letters for the bra.

Black lace bralette from ThirdLove


The Cosabella brand does give recommendations of a bra type they are selling depending on one’s body type, while Third Love has made their entire bras to fit all sizes. Both are smart techniques that work effectively in their way. 

Major Distinguishing Factor

When it comes to payment, Third Love offers PayPal support, Apple Pay, and Google Pay which are modern payment methods. Cosabella doesn’t support so many payment gateways. The company mostly supports debit and pre-paid card payments. 

Third Love also supports after pay financing option where you can shop and pay it off later in installments which isn’t available in Cosabella. 

When to Use Cosabella?

If you’re looking for luxury, go for Cosabella. With a great culture, the family-owned, Italian-made lingerie line takes seriously. 

Also, they have ingrained in their philosophy: Offering quality, and when it comes to the classic Cosabella name, the first association that comes to mind is that of luxury—it-well-crafted items. Luxury is heavily associated with money. 

When to Use Third Love?

Third Love will help you find a bra that fits in just 60 seconds as though it was meant to fit into your body magically. Thanks to the brand’s fit finder, this will happen with you never having to pause on Netflix. 

Fit Finder quiz is an excellent tool for women who don’t exactly know their size. When looking into more options, Third Love comes will favor that as well. You will love this.

Related Questions

Are Cosabella and ThirdLove Credible?

Cosabella and ThirdLove are among the most credible brands for bras and other undergarments. However, Cosabella has wider brand recognition in the international market.

Do ThirdLove and Cosabella Bras Provide Lift and Support?

ThirdLove and Cosabella bras provide excellent lift and support. However, the extent of lift and support still depends on the style you choose and the right fit for your size.

Do Cosabella and ThirdLove Offer Lingerie Bras?

Cosabella and ThirdLove offer a range of lingerie bra styles. They also come in various sizes and colors.

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Both Cosabella and Third Love have embraced quality which in return has made them trusted brands in the market. They guarantee longevity and comfort. However, Third Love is better for people who are unsure of their bra size since the Fit Finder quiz will help you get a bra that fits correctly.  


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