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Third Love vs Soma

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When Oprah Winfrey said that nearly 80% of women wear the wrong bra size, we laughed. However, it’s a significant concern if half as many women face a similar problem because they don’t know which brand is best. This leads us to the dilemma of Third Love vs Soma. 

Third Love vs Soma General Overview

Understanding the pros and drawbacks of both intimates with this Third Love vs. Soma overview can help you make a good buying decision and ensure you have the right bra.

Woman wearing a T shirt bra and boy shorts

Third Love 

Heidi Zak co-founded Third Love after realizing how much she loathed the task of bra purchasing. Third Love lingerie is meticulously made with the consumer at the center of the label to make underwear purchasing pleasurable and convenient.

Third Love lingerie guarantees a perfect fit every time by using delicate laces and high-end fabrics. The brand offers comprehensive bra shapes and delicate underwear that promises superior wear, using soft memory foam cups and elegant lacy accents.


Beautiful starts beneath the surface at Soma. They have underpinnings that match the bras and a vast selection of underwear in various fabrics and fits. They sell lingerie, loungewear, and beauty goods that are both attractive and sensual.

Third Love vs Soma

Let’s look at the differences and similarities between the Soma and Third Love intimates in this comparison.


Surprisingly, there are some striking parallels between Soma and Third Love. These parallels appear to work wonders for both organizations, which explains why they are so successful in this field.

A Wide Range of Styles to Pick From

It’s usually a good idea to have a wardrobe of bras that can be worn in any situation, from work to rest to pleasure. Focusing on having three varieties of bras for each type of day is an easy way to get your collection started. 

Soma and Third Love have both invested in providing a variety of bras. If you’re shopping for bras, you’ll find T-shirt bras, wireless bras, and strapless bras all in one place.

Both companies pay close attention to women and their changing bodies at all stages of their lives. If you’re looking for sleepwear, loungewear, or intimates, both brands have what you’re looking for.

Woman wearing a matching white underwear


According to Knoji, Third Love received an overall score of 4.5, based on 66 ratings, while Soma Intimates scored 4.3, based on 73 ratings. So we can confidently say that they’re very close in terms of quality


Compare Third Love vs. Soma side-by-side and choose the best lingerie store for your needs based on various criteria.

Variety Options

Third Love has the most size options, with cups ranging from AA to I, including half-sizes, and bands from 28 to 48 than Soma. It also distinguishes since it offers a broader range of skin tones than Soma, which only provides beige, black, or vivid hues.

Customer Support

Soma takes pleasure in providing excellent service. When you visit any of Soma’s boutiques, you will be amazed to learn that fitting takes only ten minutes. They have specially educated Fit Experts who will assist you in choosing the right fit. 

Third Love excels at providing the industry’s first virtual fitting room. It was praised for providing an interactive fit and styling experience. Their customer service, on the other hand, is lacking.

Monetary Value

Other than comfort and innovation, it is clear that the Third Love brand as a whole is out to offer the best value of money to its customers. They offer a wide range of discounts, promotions, and wholesale purchasing options that are unavailable at Soma stores.

Other Differences Include:

  • Compared to Soma, Third Love offers better pregnancy and nursing bra options
  • On wash and care guide, Soma is significantly better than Third Love
  • If you rank durability, then you should go for Soma intimates.

Major Distinguishing Factor

Third Love is the only business that offers half-cup sizes and an online quiz to help you discover your perfect fit. Since the brand’s inception eight years ago, the Fit Finder quiz has aided over 16 million women. 

The procedure includes answering ten questions about your regular size, where you acquire your bras. All these are missing in Soma. 

Woman wearing a T shirt bra from Third Love

When to Use Soma Products?

When was the last time you were fitted for a bra? The majority of American women will definitely answer that it has been far too long. One of the major reasons you should try Soma intimates is to taste their seamless and painless fitting experience as ranked by the majority of their customers.

If you’ve been struggling with uncomfortable bras, you should try Soma’s Cooling Wireless. It has been equated to wearing a pair of Crocs. It allows you to have full mobility but forget you’re even wearing anything at all because of the level of comfort it offers. 

Soma is among the few companies in the industry that have stepped in to serve the wide customer base of women at thirty-five years and above. The company also has a customer base with environmentalists. They have introduced a collection made with sustainable eco-yarn consisting of soft recycled yarn made from plastic bottles.

When to Use Third Love Products?

If you have gone through Third Loves’s history, you know that Zak’s decision to quit her job and launch her own bra designer company was inspired by her challenges with bra shopping. Throughout its establishment, the brand looks to help women find comfortable and high-quality bras. 

The best feature you will love Third Love for is their FitFinder Quiz app. It stands out in helping you determine the right bra size for every woman regardless of size. If you are unsure about the size of your bust, join the millions of women who walk in any shop without the hassle of guessing their size. 

If you’ve been struggling with hard-to-fit bras, Third Love got you covered. After discovering that the standard cup sizes were not compatible with 40% of women, they introduced the half-cup sizes. This was their innovation aiming at incorporating women with big busts as they introduced 24 new larger sizes. 

Final Verdict

While all of these companies have contributed significantly to the lingerie industry’s current state, Third Love goes a long way toward attracting new clients. They provide a variety of discount plans, including discounts for teachers, nurses, government employees, essential workers, and veterans.

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