How Big Is a 34A Bra Cup Size?

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Women are often frustrated with their bra size, getting the wrong sizes, or having difficulty finding bras that fit them properly. So, what is a 34A bra size? Bust out the measuring tape and whip up a seat because we’re about to reveal how big is 34A bra size is.

How Big Is 34A Bra Size?

A 34A bra size means that your band measurements are 30 to 31 inches while your bust measurements are 34 to 35 inches. Your bust size is also an inch more than the band, and the sister bra sizes are 32B and 36AA.

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Aside from being a smaller size compared to 34DD cup sizes and 34B bras, 34A is also widely considered among the most versatile bra sizes. The smooth shape and excellent support make this one of the most popular bands/cup combinations around.

Is 34A Small, Medium, or Large?

Even though the 34A cup size is small, it is noticeably bigger than 30A and 28A and 32A bras. Many people think that cup sizes tend to be the same if labeled using the same alphabet; however, this is never the case. The cup sizes tend to increase with an increase in the band size. 

Size 34A is the best choice for someone with a slender frame and shorter torso looking for a bra size that doesn’t have excess space at the bottom of the cups, and it also provides an attractive silhouette instead of being pushed up or smooshed down.

A 34-inch band gives enough flexibility to be fitted safely on most body types, while a more experienced fitter can get it down to a 32-inch band for someone with a petite frame. The key is finding the right fit, which comes from working closely with a professional fitter.

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What Is a 34A Bra Size Equivalent To?

A 34A bra size is also equivalent to 32B and 36AA. When sister sizing, you need to look for a shorter or longer band for the bra to fit perfectly across your bust. Likewise, you need to consider smaller or bigger cups to support the breast.

In this case, you may consider 32B when sizing down or 36AA for sizing up.

Types of Bra Styles for 34A

There is a wide range of styles available in 34A bras. Some of the most popular styles include T-shirt bras, demi cup bras, plunge bras, soft cups, and multi-part cup bras.

  • T-shirt bras: These are great everyday workhorse bra styles that give support without extra padding or push-ups.
  • Demi cup bras: 34A bras with demi-cup design give the same support as full-coverage bras, though they expose more bust. These are also good for everyday use and work just fine under tank tops or t-shirts.
  • Plunge Bras: These styles push up breasts to create amazing cleavage that draws attention and looks great under your deep V and boat neck tops.
  • Soft cup bras: This style gives the same support as a T-shirt bra, with extra lining that offers modesty and can be worn underneath any top or dress.
  • Multi-part cup bras: These styles offer more cup coverage though they are still low enough to wear under revealing necklines. They are best for low necklines, halters, and dresses.
  • Sports bras: Sport bras are designed to support 34A breasts during physical activity, especially when larger cups are required.


34A bras are one of the most commonly worn bra sizes. Their popularity can be attributed to their excellent support and versatility. Whatever your reason for wearing a 34A bra, there are many styles from which to choose depending on your body type, lifestyle choice, and dress code.


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