Knix Wear vs Third Love

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Being appreciated by any brand regardless of your size is an amazing feeling. With so many different lingerie brands on the market, it is difficult to choose the best brand for you. In my article below, I compare the brands Knix Wear and Third Love to help you find your best brand.

Knix Wear vs Third Love General Overview

Knix Wear and Third Love were founded in the same year, bringing both change and diversity to the multi-billion dollar lingerie industry.

Know the difference between Third Love and Knix wear from size range to durability and other special features

Each brand has worked in different ways to reach their current success levels. These companies were both formed and built by women who felt left out by the lingerie companies in the industry.

Knix Wear General Overview

Knix Wear is a company based in Canada and founded in 2013. Knix Wear is famously known for their leak-proof underwear. The product earned them a spot in the market as one of the most outstanding companies in the apparel industry.

Knix Wear has experienced 150% growth in the last five years and was named the 6th fastest growing company in Canada with a 3800% 3-year growth rate. The changes it has experienced in such a short time is attributed to its devotion to diversity and inclusivity.

Over the years, the company has photographed over 1000 clients whose ages range from 21 to 81 and sizes 0 to 22. These photos help show their products are for everyone, no matter their age or size.

It has a contouring material, it is wireless but supportive, and has a snug fit are the things you look for in a bra from Knix Wear bras

Third Love General Overview

Third Love was created with the goal to produce women’s underwear that would provide quality and comfort for all women without any boundaries. They have definitely lived up to that goal.

Third Love is best known for its high-quality, fashionable products. Despite only being in the industry for a few years, they are known to be inclusive as well as supportive of diversity.

One of the most prolific and successful innovations Third Love has engaged in was developing half-cup sizes. Their data revealed that about 37% of women did not fit well in the range of cups available.

It is made from a comfortable material, has a flattering construction, and has a tagless design are the things you look for in a bra from Third Love

Third Love vs Knix Underwear

Third Love and Knix Wear possess some similarities that make them a great choice to buy lingerie from and also have some differences that give them a competitive advantage over the other company.

Similarities Between Third Love and Knix Wear

Besides the fact that both of these companies came to life in the same year, other similarities between Third Love and Knix Wear include:

  • Inclusivity/Diversity
  • Foundation
  • Online Marketing


These companies offer inclusivity and diversity for all people regardless of their age, size, and race, which gives Third Love and Knix Wear an edge on their competition in the industry.

Third Love has been involved in ensuring that people can access the right size bra through their FitFinder quiz, while Knix Wear has addressed women’s menstrual hygiene by producing leak-proof underwear.

Form Seamless Hipster from Third Love


Both brands were created to address the problems their founders were facing as consumers in the lingerie industry, like the fact that they couldn’t find the right bra size for themselves.

The founders of Third Love and Knix Wear took their frustrations and dissatisfaction with what was available on the market and made a major decision that would ensure that no other woman would suffer this negligence from the lingerie industry.

Online Marketing

Both Third Love and Knix Wear have great marketing for their products on different online platforms. Third Love has been able to popularize their half-cup size bras through their online marketing strategy.

Knix Wear has conducted a total of three online campaigns to market their products. This strategy gained the world’s attention, and in 2017 the company raised over a million dollars from one of their online campaigns.

Comparing Knix and ThirdLove

Brand Size Range Famous For Best For
Knix 32A-42HLeakproof nursing brasPregnant, nursing, and women in between sizes
ThirdLove 30AA-40HTagless and comfortable brasThose who need contouring half cups

Major Distinguishing Factors

Both Knix Wear and Third Love are successful lingerie companies in the apparel industry. These companies are famous for different products, which is their most distinguishing factor.

For Knix Wear, their famous product was the leak-proof underwear that addressed menstrual hygiene issues, although the company is still involved in bra production.

For Third Love,  their famous product has been the half-cup size bras which helped address the discomfort due to wearing the wrong bra size.

When to Choose Knix Wear Over Third Love?

As mentioned earlier, besides bras, Knix Wear has produced leak-proof underwear, which has been the signature product that earned them a lot of popularity in the apparel industry.

Improved focus on menstrual hygiene issues have had a lot of progress due to increased advocacy from different key players in the industry, such as Knix Wear.

This company’s global attention is quickly growing, and is attributed to its excellent leadership. If you purchase products based on a companies principles, their products are a perfect choice for you.

When to Choose Third Love Over Knix Wear?

Third Love is a company that has grown and progressed very fast since entering the apparel industry, thanks to its online marketing projects like their online FitFinder quiz.

The company has maintained strong ethics and has kept out of controversies, even during their feud with Victoria’s Secret in 2018.

The company addressed the issue through their letter addressed to Victoria’s Secret, making it known that unlike them, Third Love is a diverse company that embraced inclusivity and respected women’s sexuality.

Related Questions

Are Bras From Knix and ThirdLove True to Size?

Yes, bras from ThirdLove and Knix follow standard sizes. However, it’s still essential to get yourself measured properly so you can determine the corresponding sizes for each brand.

Are Knix and ThirdLove Owned By Women?

Yes, female entrepreneurs own ThirdLove and Knix. Joanna Griffiths launched Knix in 2013, whereas Heidi Zak co-founded ThirdLove with her husband in the same year.

Are Knix and ThirdLove Reputable Brands?

Yes, both Knix and ThirdLove are credible and reputable brands. However, ThirdLove has better recognition in the global apparel market.

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These companies have played critical roles in putting the lingerie industry where it stands today. Knix Wear has the upper hand, with it’s role in directing the focus on menstrual hygiene issues. Both brands support diversity and inclusivity.


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