Best Push Up Bra Reviews in 2018

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Push up bras have been reliable assets for women looking for a quick way to perk up their assets for a long time now. However, finding the best push up bra is a lot easier said than done. With a little bit of guidance and a push in the right direction, finding that perfect bra that is reliable and comfortable can actually be done.

After reviewing several push up bras for all different sized breasts, it was difficult to pick our favorite! So, what is the best push up bra? In the end, our vote for the best pushup bra ever was the​, ​b.tempt'd by Wacoal Women's B. Wow'D Push-Up Bra.

One of the main reasons we selected this as our top pick is that it spans the widest range of sizes, from 30A to 38DD. It also is designed with underwire, giving your breasts support as they are pushed up.

Our Top Recommendation

Adding 1 cup size to your chest the’d Push Up Bra from B.tempt’d is our pick for the best push up bra.

Our Top Push Up Bra Reviews

​We went out and researched the best push up bras, and here is our list of the top rated bras that push up on the market. We’ve segmented it by cup size and body type, since there are different features that should be considered for various sizes.


​Push Up Amount


Size Range

​Lined or Unlined

​True to Size?


​FallSweet Push Up Brassiere

​2 cups


​Band: 32-38
Cup: A-C


Runs small

​Maidenform Ultimate Lace Push Up

​1 cup

Band: 32-38

Cup: A-D


​Calvin Klein Seductive Comfort Caress Custom Lift

​1 cup


​Band: 30-38

Cup: B-DD



Doosinski Plus Size Sexy Lace Push Up

​1 cup


​Band: 32-​46

Cup: C-DD


​Runs small

Maidenform Love the Lift Bra

​1 cup


​Band: 32-38

Cup: A-D



B'tempt'd by Wacoal'd Bra

​1 cup


​Band: 30-38

Cup: A-DD



Best for Small Boobs: FallSweet Women’s Brassiere

Finding a good push up bra for A and B cup boobs can be a challenge. For those with small breasts, the most difficult aspect of buying a great bra that pushes up is finding one that doesn't look like you're stuffing your undergarments. The goal here is to find the best pushup bra that makes your assets look natural, while also flattering your body shape in the process.

The FallSweet Add Two Cups Push Up Brassiere is ideal for small breasted women. This bra will increase your bust by 2 cup sizes when wearing it, taking you from an A cup to a C cup in seconds (or a B to a D cup).

What’s unique about this bra is the adjustable tie in between the cups in the front of the bra. This allows you to customize the amount of cleavage by bringing your breasts closer or further apart, depending on you and what you need it for.

This is a great option for those with small cups, as you might not typically have an option for cleavage with other bras!

Overall, this adjustable cleavage bra is designed with creating the perfect lift while still being comfortable as a top priority. The cotton and spandex material is great for its soft and stretchy qualities, making your bra comfy and flexible while still holding your boobs up and in place.

There’s also no underwire, meaning you won’t have to worry about any wiring poking and prodding at you throughout the day.

It also has a wide, thick bust band for support along with 3 hook and eye closures in the back. While women with A or B cups might not necessarily need this thick band to support their boobs like larger cup sizes do, it adds an extra layer of stability while wearing the bra.

Plus, these wider wings at the back can also help smooth out any back fat created while wearing the bra.

Product Specs
  • Plunge brassiere style
  • 32 - 38 band, A - C cup
  • Adds two cup sizes
  • check
    Adjustable shoulder straps
  • check
    Unlined, wire-free cups with adjustable cleavage
  • check
    Hook and eye closure at the back

Additionally, the straps are convertible straps and fully removable, allowing you to wear this as a racerback, a halter bra, or even a strapless bra. Because this bra can become strapless, having a thicker band will help to make sure your bra stays in place.

Straps generally only do 10% of the whole lifting, so it’s important to find a good bra that can well support you in this area.

This bra comes in a total of 8 different designs, ranging from neutral solid colors to various colored stripes.

The cup sizes come in A-C, and the band size ranges from 32-38. This undergarment has been said to run a bit small, so consider ordering a size up for the best fit.

To avoid ruining the undergarment, handwashing is recommended to prevent distortions in the cups and tags in the fabric. Machine washing may do just that.

Worried about your small boobs? Not a problem. Imagine the benefits of having an adjustable bra that pushes up with fully convertible AND removable straps that can support you all day comfortably.

Instantly add 2 cup sizes to your breasts with this bra from FallSweet and you too will feel that extra boost of confidence without the pain and worries of an underwire.

Small chested women have several options when it comes to finding a comfortable bra that pushes up. To see our favorites for women with A and B cups, read our in-depth review on the best push up bra for A cup breasts. 

Why Buy?

​Don't let your A cups get in the way of wearing that perfect dress. Go up to 2 sizes bigger with this bra from FallSweet.​

Best for Average Boobs: Maidenform Women's Ultimate Lace Bra

Ladies with C cup boobs fall under the middle to average sized breasts. Luckily enough, almost every brand out there caters to them, so when it comes to options, there are numerous! However, finding the best push up bra for C cup boobs still can be a challenge.

We recommend this Maidenform Women's Ultimate Lace Push-up Bra for ladies with C cups.

This plunge cup bra was created with luxury and comfort in mind, while still enhancing the breasts for a natural cleavage and a sensual plunging neckline.

Unlike the FallSweet Bra mentioned above, this one does include an underwire, providing ample support to your boobs.

Even though this bra contains wiring, it’s still very comfortable because of the extra plush padding that surrounds the wire and the cup itself.

There is also sueded-touch fabric that lines the cups, making the feel super smooth and silky on the breasts when worn.

The Maidenform features a soft yet sexy lift and increases your breast appearance by about 1 cup size. The bra can take you from a C cup to a D cup instantly. It gives the look of fuller breasts while still looking natural.

The plunging design on this makes this the perfect bra to wear with low cut tops and dresses where you want to show a bit of cleavage. Since this is a great push up bra for a C cup, your breasts will be gently pressed together, giving you that “kissed cleavage” look!

It’s gives you just the right amount of push up you need without going overboard. It’s perfect for nights out with your girlfriends, on dates, or other special occasion you had in mind. It’s also comfortable enough to wear as you lounge around the house on the weekend!

Product Specs
  • Demi cup plunge style
  • 32 - 38 band, A - D cup
  • Soft, natural lift with good neckline
  • check
    Adjustable shoulder straps
  • check
    Lightweight plush padded cups
  • check
    Hook and eye closure at the back

All 20 designs of this bra feature a soft lace lining on the cups for the added factor of that sultry sex appeal in addition to your already kissing cleavage. A beautiful, elegant lace design covers the outside of the lingerie for added sex appeal.

Meanwhile, on the back, it has 2 hook and eye closures and adjustable, non-removable shoulder straps. The cup sizes come in A-D, and the band size ranges from 32-38.

Similar to the FallSweet, only try to hand wash this bra to help keep its shape for as long as possible. If you do need to place it into the washing machine, wash it on the delicate cycle, and place the bra into a lingerie bag to avoid ruining the bra’s lace detail or distort the cups.

Bask in the glory of this plush and luxurious bra from Maidenform. It brings in your breasts just a little bit and lifts it upright to give that sultry look of fuller breasts while under the full comfort and support of this bra’s premium quality materials.

Why Buy?

A combination of comfort, and a sensual plunging neckline - what more could you ask for?

Best for Large Boobs: Calvin Klein Women's Seductive Comfort Caress Customized Lift Bra

When it comes to finding the best D or DD cup push up bra, it’s important to find a bra that props your girls up well and still provides support and comfort.

With that, we give you the​ Calvin Klein Women's Seductive Comfort Caress Customized Lift Bra.

This one also has a more plunging-type neckline that provides a seductive gentle boost balanced with comfort.

The engineered wings on the sides are wide enough to provide support and help conceal any bulging. In the back, the band narrows out and sits flat against your skin, making it feel like it isn’t there. This is different from many other bras for larger breasts, as other bras tend to keep the strap thicker and wider all the way around.

Even though the band does thin out at the back, women with D+ cups will still find this lingerie piece to be quite supportive. This is due to the engineered wing mentioned above, as it wraps around and creates a ballet back for better support and stability overall.

The padded push up design is where this bra really stands out. The contoured cups vary in the amount of lift they provide, based on your cup size. This means that a D cup will have less padding than an A cup. Similarly, a DDD will have less padding than a D. This feature makes this undergarment from Calvin Klein the best padded push up bra for larger women.

This type of attention to wearability and practicality is why the Customized Lift Bra is our choice for larger boobs. It considers women’s different sizes and needs and then caters to that. This does not typically happen with bra designs, which is why this bra gets our vote.

This bra has a soft yet sultry push up, making your boobs feel as if they are sitting against little pillows. The wiring and and back that sit below the cups provide a good amount of support, making this a comfortable bra that can be worn all day.

Product Specs
  • Demi cup plunge style
  • 30 - 36 band, D - DD cup
  • Natural lift
  • check
    Adjustable shoulder straps
  • check
    Soft padded push up cups
  • check
    Hook and eye closure at the back

Adding to the comfort, it’s made with mostly Polyamide and Elastane, which are 2 stretchy, soft materials that go well on bras. It gives an ample amount of stretch that makes your bra flexible while supporting your breasts all the way.

Made with these high quality materials, this bra is definitely a good candidate for those women who are looking for the perfect amount of lift without making it appear as if their breasts are spilling or aren’t supported well enough.

Similar to the Maidenform bra, there are 2 hook and eye closures, along with non-removable, adjustable shoulder straps.

The bra is available in four different color ways ranging from a solid blue, black, beige, and a patterned baby blue. The cup sizes come in D-DD, and the band size ranges from 30-36.

When determining the best size for you of this undergarment, Calvin Klein provides their sizing chart to help you out. They recommend you take measurements for your overbust and underbust. Based on those measurements, their chart tells you what size you should get.  

There’s no longer time to go for bras that won’t enhance your assets the way this bra does. Try this one out from Calvin Klein and you yourself can feel the change.

It can be difficult for women with larger breasts to find a supportive bra that pushes up. To see our top selections for women with D cup and larger boobs, read our in-depth review on the best push up bra for D cup breasts. 

Why Buy?

The support you need with the lift you want - Calvin Klein's Seductive Comfort Caress is what you're looking for.

Best for Plus Size: DOOSINKI Women Plus Size Sexy Lace Bra Underwire Bra

Just as much as smaller breasted women can have difficulties in finding the perfect fit, ladies with plus size breasts undergo the same dilemma, if not a bigger one, since not all brands carry sizes for women in the plus region.

For women in this category, it’s important to find the balance between support and comfort, without looking like their boobs are busting from the seams.

For this reason, we recommend the DOOSINKI Women's Plus Size Lace Minimizer Underwire Bra for plus sized women. This bra gives a light push up through the underwire comfortably without over exaggerating your assets.

In comparison to the other bras we’ve featured here, this one has a smoothing, wide U-back shape. This helps diminish unflattering body rolls on your back, compress the torso, and create a sexy, plunging cleavage without excess. This bra’s special feature also gives the added effect of a slimmer body.

This bra features a soft and breathable nylon fabric as well as light breast padding for extra coverage. It’s thick bust band with 4 rows of hook and eyes were created for ultimate support, as well as it’s wide, adjustable shoulder straps for added stability.

Similar to the Fallsweet bra for smaller busts, this one also includes straps that are fully removable. If you don’t want to convert this into a strapless bra, the removable straps also make it possible to turn this into a racerback.

This versatility offered with this bra, coupled with the amount of support it provides without the needs for straps is revolutionary, and is definitely a must have in any plus sized woman’s undergarment drawer.

Another thing that stands out about this bra is that along with being a bra that pushes up, it is also a minimizer bra! That might sound contradictory, but hear us out.

While the bra works to push your boobs upwards, it’s also slightly compressing them inwards. So rather than your boobs going up and outwards (like other push up bras typically do), this one goes up and inwards to still provide you with look of full breasts without the excess spillage.

Product Specs
  • Full coverage push up and minimizer brassiere
  • 34 - 46 band, C - DD cup
  • Natural, comfortable lift with smoothing
  • check
    Adjustable, detachable shoulder straps
  • check
    Breathable and softly lined cups
  • check
    Hook and eye closure at the back

While it does not have wings that are as wide as the bra we recommend for sagging boobs, they are still very supportive and sturdy—two characteristics of bras you should be looking for when trying to find the perfect one that will do your breasts good.

This means it can give you the lift you want without the extra size up you don’t need! This is what minimizer bras are great for, as they’re perfect for women who don’t necessarily need the appearance of larger breasts, but still want their bust to look round and balanced.

So knowing that they put those two elements together and created this hybrid bra, you know that they definitely packed a punch with this one.

For added sex appeal, a sexy lace lining covers the entire bra and is available in 7 different colors. The cup sizes come in C-DD, and the band size ranges from 34-46.

Not only will you be getting your much needed support and comfort from this one, but you’ll also get plus points for sporting a sexy and well-proportioned figure. Support, comfort, and smoothing are all rolled into one with this bra, making it the best plus size push up bra.

Why Buy?

​​The perfect balance of lift and comfort while enhancing your body's natural proportions.

Best for Sagging Boobs: Maidenform Women's Love the Lift Bra

It’s a given fact that our breasts won’t eventually be as perky as they were when we were younger. Besides gravity, aging and inadequate support can lead to the sagging of breasts. When this happens, it’s hard to feel confident and sexy because our boobs don’t seem to cooperate!

To solve this problem, saggy boobs need a special kind of push-up bra. They need one that accentuates the cleavage while pushing up and bringing it together, to bring back that youthful look.

This ​Maidenform Women's Love The Lift Push Up is perfect push up bra for sagging breasts. It quickly lifts saggy breasts to become perky again. It’s demi-cup style and underwire brings the breasts together and pushes them up for a natural yet booming, sexy cleavage that highlights your silhouette and natural curves.

Like the Maidenform bra suited for B cups, this one also increases your boob size by about 1 cup. Unlike the Calvin Klein bra which has varying amounts of padding based on your cup size, this bra has the same amount of padding in every sized bra.

​What sets this bra apart is it’s design. It works well for low-plunge necklines so you can wear it with your low-neck dresses or low cut tops for both special occasions and regular, everyday use.

The seamless cups in this bra create added comfort, as well as the smooth look of wearing no bra minus the unwanted nip slip. Just like the bra from DOOSINKI, it also has smoothing side wings beneath the cups to diminish the look of back fat when you’re wearing it.

As far as materials go, the bra is made of comfy blend of spandex, nylon, and lace that line the cups. Together, these materials are the perfect balance of comfortable and flexible that make wearing this bra a pleasurable experience overall, while still giving you the push up you want and need.

Not only will this bra smooth out any other unwanted rolls and bulges, it also gives you the appropriate amount support for the lift you want!

Product Specs
  • ​Demi cup plunge style
  • 32 - 38 band, A - D cup
  • Adds one full cup size
  • check
    Adjustable, convertible shoulder straps
  • check
    Lightly lined cups with side and back smoothing
  • check
    Hook and eye closure at the back

 In addition, this bra is completely seamless so you don’t need to worry about your bra showing under your clothing.

Meanwhile, the back has 2 hook and eye closures, and its shoulder straps are fully adjustable so you can customize the support you want and avoid your straps from sliding off your shoulders.

This bra features a wide array of designs, with a total of 28 different color options and designs. Some include lace detailing, embroidery, and even mesh and fishnet materials so you’re bound to find the right one for your style.

The cup sizes come in A-D, and the band size ranges from 32-38. This allows women with even small sagging boobs to have a bra that will give them lift and support.

It’s time you defied the odds! Don’t let your droopy breasts drag you down. Defeat those unflattering saggy breasts with the Love the Lift Bra from Maidenform. This bra might just very well be what you’re looking for to combat gravity, old age, and excess skin.

Why Buy?

​Don't let saggy breasts weigh you down. This Love the Lift Bra from Maidenform is ​the solution to giving you that perky look you need.

Best Overall: B.tempt'd by Wacoal'd Bra

When we’re talking about enhancing our assets, there’s only slot for the overall best. We’re talking about the bra that makes women feel like their sexiest and most confident selves.

Now there are a lot of factors to consider when deciding which bra tops the list, but we’ve narrowed it down to a single product and we’ll give you its rundown right here.

Introducing Wacoal’s very own, ​b.tempt'd by Wacoal Women's B. Wow'D Push-Up Bra.This demi bra’s smooth and seamless finish provides you with utmost comfort. 

This is balanced with the perfect amount of underwire push up for a natural yet sexy lift, making it our vote for the overall best push up bra.

It’s plunging, scalloped-edge cups sets it apart from the rest, plus it’s practically invisible underneath clothing due to its beautiful and classic seamless design.This means you can wear it underneath any sort of type of material whether thick or thin, opaque or translucent.

Built with high quality Nylon and Spandex, this bra is lined with a contrast satin trim for extra coverage and design. These two materials put together create the softest and most flexible fabric that can support you.

​Meanwhile, the satin trim provides you with utmost comfort for a smooth and silky touch when worn, and also prevents any unwanted peek throughs through your clothing. The overall material of the bra is thin and lightweight, making it feel almost as if you’re not wearing a bra at all.

At the back, it has two hook and eye closures. Similar to the DOOSINKI and Fallsweet bras mentioned above, this one also has straps that are completely removable. 

Along with making this strapless when needed, you can convert the straps into a racerback or bring one around the neck for a halter.

Product Specs
  • ​Demi cup plunge style
  • ​30 - 38 band, A - DD cup
  • Subtle, sensuous lift
  • check
    Adjustable, convertible shoulder straps
  • check
    Seamless scalloped-edge cups 
  • check
    Hook and eye closure at the back

​This bra by Wacoal is also great for ladies with wide set breasts, as the bra brings them together for a natural yet full, lifted look that enhances a woman’s natural curves and body shape. 

This comes in 5 different colors, all on the more neutral and darker side. The cup sizes come in A-DD, and the band size ranges from 30-38. Between the cup and band sizes, there is a fairly large range of bra sizes that this model comes in. Small, large, plus size, and saggy boobs can all have the option to try out this bra.

This bra’s versatility, effortlessness, and innovation won’t be going out of style anytime soon. It’s soft yet supportive, comfortable cups aren’t seem very often in the industry, and it is also one of the primary reasons that this bra stands out.

Why Buy?

​An exquisite balance of comfort, support, and sex appeal, B'tempt'd by Wacoal knows what's best for you.

A Brief History About Push Up Bras

The first time the idea of push up bras appeared goes way back to the 15th and 16th centuries, when corsets were common clothing items for women to wear.

These corsets were tied tightly around a women's body to help enlarge women's breasts – a much more uncomfortable scenario than modern day push up bras.

While there were many developments in the undergarment world, most notably by Frederick's of Hollywood in the 1940's, the push up bra we know today was first invented in the late 1950's to mid 1960's.

The Wonderbra

​Louise Poirier invented the Wonderbra – the world's first ever push up bra. Gaining worldwide prominence in the 1990's, the Wonderbra was created as an alternative to wearing girdles when wearing an outfit that needed a higher bust.

It quickly became evident that the Wonderbra was something quite out of the ordinary – and quite popular. Women everywhere wanted to enhance their assets, and the Wonderbra let them do just this without being too uncomfortable.

Now, all one has to do is look around to see the lasting impact the Wonderbra has had on the undergarment and lingerie industry.

Woman leaning on a ream wallpaper wall with a light bulb in the foreground

Who Should Wear Push Up Bras?

Women who are looking for a simple and comfortable way to perk up their breasts should definitely look to add this piece of lingerie to their wardrobe.

Women of any size, whether they have small or larger breasts, can wear push up bras. In our push up bra review above, we cover different bras that work best for certain sizes. However, there is some key information to know regarding each different category and sizing of breasts.

​Small Sized Breasts

It can be difficult to find the best push up for small breasts. While you don’t necessarily need a bra that focuses on support, you also don’t want a bra with so much padding that it looks like you’ve stuffed your bra.

Therefore, the goal is to find the best push up bra for a small chest that makes your assets look at natural as possible while still giving them lift and a bit of cleavage.

When you try on the bra, look for one that gently pushes your boobs together. This will give off the appearance of cleavage. Check out your appearance and assess your body from all sides to make sure your breasts still look natural (just bigger!).

Finally, make sure the padding in your bra isn't too much. Ideally, the padding should sit right below your breast and gently push it up. The last thing you want is a bra that makes you feel uncomfortable with how much bigger your assets suddenly are!

A row of pink push up bras laid on a counter clipped in hangers

Average Sized Breasts

​When it comes to boob size, being in the middle can be pretty great. You seem to have the perfect amount of cleavage to rock most outfits, and you’re not carrying too much to have constant back pain.

For those who have average or medium sized breasts (around a C cup), there are a couple things to consider when looking for a bra.

Similar to smaller chests, you don’t want a bra that gives you too much lift and looks unnatural.

While A and B cups can wear a bra that adds 2 cup sizes, this might be more than you’re looking for. Try finding bras that increase your size by 1 cup.

Like larger boobed women, you’re going to want to find a bra that provides a bit more support and is comfortable enough to wear all day. While you could get away with an underwire-free bra, choosing one with this feature will help to support your boobs throughout the day.

Large Sized Breasts

Ladies with larger breasts know first hand just how difficult regular bra shopping can be. Shopping for bras that push your boobs up is another nightmare in itself. But, the finding the top push up bras for D cup or larger doesn't have to be as nightmarish as it sounds.

When looking for this bra, comfort and support is the main thing to remember. Often, push up bras for those with larger breasts are just uncomfortable, plain and simple.

​To find the best type of bra, look for ones that are made exclusively for those with larger breasts (and not just regular bras that are made in every size).

If you have larger breasts, you're going to want to look for a bra that has comfortable straps, as this is one of the main issues of discomfort those with larger boobs face.

Look for bras that have strong underwiring and straps, and steer clear of ones that seem to have a ton of padding. This will make your chest look very unnatural!

Black and white photo of a woman in a lace white bra leaning against a wall

​Plus Sized Women

​Finding a good plus sized bra also deals with one major set back: they're almost always quite uncomfortable! Much like we mentioned when talking about finding the best push up bras for larger chests, to find the best push up bra for plus size, you should find a brand that makes them exclusively for plus sized women.

For the most part, these brands should know just what issues plus sized women face when lookingfor bras – and hopefully they help solve them.

To find the best one, look for ones with wider straps that really help with the overall comfort level. It also helps to have straps that are easily adjustable to make the fit as natural as possible.

You should also try to find an uplifting bra that comes with a smoothing back panel to also help you look natural.

Sagging Breasts

Those who have sagging breasts can really benefit from finding a solid bra that holds your chest up. With the right bra, your breasts can be lifted and your cleavage enlarged, resulting in a fantastic look - it will almost be like you never had saggy boobs to begin with!

To find the best push up bra for sagging breasts, look for one that has a strong underwiring to help bring support under your boobs. This is going to be key is ensuring they get the lift they need.

​Wearing a Bra that Pushes Up

Wearing a bra that pushes up is different than wearing a regular bra for a lot of reasons. One of the main reasons, obviously, is because it pushes up and enhances the overall appearance of your breasts and cleavage, while regular bras don't necessarily do this.

When wearing a padded bra, you'll immediately notice how different it is from a regular bra. You'll feel your breasts raised and may even feel like the bra is tighter than a regular bra. While this bra isn't necessarily “tighter,” the added padding (and the way the bra is even padded in the first place) might make it feel this way.

What Causes a Push Up Bra to Push Up?

Push up bras were created to help lift and enhance women's breasts. Because of the underwire and padded exterior of this type of bra, a women's breasts will look larger and more perky versus how they normally look either in a regular bra or without a bra.

There are some bras that are even filled with a water or gel (in the padded area of the bra) to make the lift and overall appearance of one's breasts to look more natural.

Finding the Right Size

Finding the right size bra for you is important for a few reasons. First of all, you'll feel more comfortable when you're wearing something that actually fits.

Also, because this bra will have more padding, it will be pushing against your chest more than other bras. If you’re wearing a size that is too tight, it might add unnecessary pressure to your chest, which could be uncomfortable for a long period of time.  

To figure out just what size bra you should be purchasing, you should get fitted. Lingerie stories, as well as some department stores, offer free fittings. We recommend going to a couple different stores to get fitted to ensure you get an accurate measurement!

You can also size yourself at home with a measuring tape if you’re uncomfortable having someone else measure you.

The first step to finding that perfect bra is finding your right size. The last thing you want to do is purchase one, only to be incredibly uncomfortable wearing it because it's actually not your true size!

Woman on a rofftop waeraing a low v-neck lace bodysuit

Clothing to Wear With a Push Up Bra

While you can wear basically anything with this style bra (from t-shirts to dresses) many women choose to wear this bra with low cut clothing.

Whether it's a v-neck shirt or a low plunging dress, wearing a padded bra can help fill out that outfit while also helping with the overall silhouette of your appearance!

Since bras that push up help to accentuate your cleavage, low cut clothing tends to show it off best.

Types of Push Up Bras

Several types of bras with padding have been created since the Wonderbra. Thanks in large part to the evolution of technology and the fashion industry's forward-thinking inventions, these bras are now made with so much more comfort and style.

Even though padded bras have one main purpose, it's still important to distinguish the different types available. Each one serves specific purposes depending on your size, preference, and need.

Molded Bras

Molded or contour bras are the most standard type of padded bra available. This gives women a natural, rounded shape through machine-sculpted cups that form over your breasts. They also simultaneously create more volume from the bottom up.

Molded bras are made with fabric and a layer of foam. This type of bra can be worn by women of all sizes. Whether it's on or off, the cups will keep their shape. Just be sure to carefully wash bras with molded cups so you don’t ruin their shape.

Non-molded Bras

​Non-molded push up bras are the complete opposite as molded. Unlike the molded cups that created a round shape over your breasts, this type of bra does not have that sculpted shape.

Without the structured shape, this type of bra is better for larger breasts. D cup and above will be better suited for this because you need less help with forming a breast shape.

Smaller boobs can still wear non-molded bras, though their boobs may not look as perfectly shaped as they do in molded cups. Additionally, boobs might look a little less voluptuous in bras without a mold because it’s not adding that rounded shape around your breast.

Adjustable Cleavage Bras

Adjustable cleavage push ups are one of the newest and most innovative inventions the lingerie industry has put out.

A lace drawstring, much like the ones you find in sneakers, join the two cups together in the middle. When worn, the cups should fit snugly on your breasts so that when you pull the strings, the cups are pushed together. This will bring your breasts closer to one another and create cleavage.

​When you don't have much boobage to work with, a regular push up usually can't do much to give you cleavage. This bra changes that and “cheats” its way to give you the cleavage you're looking for.

They're also made with softer underwire (or none at all!) so nothing is poking at your skin when the bra is worn or when you adjust the drawstrings.

Sometimes, the adjustable cleavage feature also exists in push up adhesive bras.

Self-adhesive Bras

Self-adhesive bras, also known as sticky bras, were created to give you an undergarment option without straps and a backing. This type of bra sticks to your skin and is meant to not budge while wearing it. So how does it work when you add the push up factor to it?

In sticky bras that are also push ups, the lower portion of the cup includes extra padding (or extra silicon if the bra is made of silicon). It’s then meant to push your assets upwards and inwards.

One thing to consider about this bra (especially if you opt for the silicon material) - it may be slightly heavier due to the push up insertion, and there’s nothing but the adhesive holding the bra up.

Woman pulling on two strings of her adhesive bra


If you’re smaller chested (A-C), this might not be a big deal. If you’re D or larger, you may want to consider a different style bra that can ensure the bra will stay up throughout the day.

As mentioned before, the adjustable drawstring are also incorporated into some self-adhesive push up bras, so you can adjust the cleavage and fit while you're wearing it.

Petite Bras

Even with their wonderful promises, padded bras can't deliver the same results for every woman. Petite women usually don't have the same look as women with average sizes when wearing the same bra.

Petite sizes are made especially for small-breasted women whose boobs sit farther apart. It's the best type of padded bra for an A cup (and even AA!). It can sometimes work for B cups as well, especially if you have a narrow frame.

If the bra is meant for petite sizes, it will typically note that in the name or in the main description.

Full Bras

​Full push up bras simply mean they have full cups that cover the breasts entirely. If you prefer wearing a full coverage bra on a daily basis, the full push up will give you the same coverage with a little more “oomph.”

Support is the main thing this type of bra offers, making them ideal push up bras for plus size women.

Apart from the large cups, they also usually have wider shoulder straps that make it easy for women's backs and shoulders to carry the weight of the breasts.

As it covers the breasts completely, this type of bra can be worn more easily under t-shirts since they will not make a mark from the inside where the edge of the bra is.

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Wire-free Bras

While most bras that push up have structured cups and underwires, wire-free bras lack these basic features on purpose. Similar to the non-molded bra, this one typically has less structure. This is good for those who get discomfort or intolerable pain from underwires.

Generally, bras without underwire are best for smaller breasted women, since they typically don’t need as much support from their bra. Especially with this bra, women who are D cup and above may want to avoid wireless options.

Removable Padded Bras

Removable push up bras allow you to customize the amount of padding you want in your bra. This type of bra has a pocket within the cups where you can insert (or remove) extra padding.

​The padding will typically be on the bottom of the cup, with your breasts sitting on top of it. This will give you more volume while also maximizing what you have to be pushed up towards the edges of the cup, creating a rounded shape.

This bra allows for quick customization as you see fit. You can easily add in more padding for a certain dress where you want to accentuate your bust. You can just as easily remove padding during your menstrual cycle when the size of your boobs naturally increase.

If you have disproportionate breast sizes, this bra allows you to make them look more symmetrical by adding different amounts of padding to each cup!

Double Padded Bras

Quite like the removable padded bras where you can add extra padding into the cups, the double padded bras add volume to your breasts with an extra thick padding.

The main difference is that in this type of bra, the padding is built into the cups and is not customizable. This type of bra increases your cup size by 1.5- 2 cup sizes to give an illusion of fuller and bigger breasts.

Because of the extreme push up you can get from this undergarment, this bra is best for women with small boobs (typically A-B).

Demi Cup Bras

​Demi is a type of bra that's characterized by the shape of its cups. The push up version of this bra usually has low cups that plunge quite a bit towards the center of your chest.

The cups are usually shaped almost like a triangle with the highest edge of the bra sitting just slightly above the nipple. It should be low enough to showcase the top of your breasts and cleavage without the bra peeking through. The shoulder straps also sit far apart to accommodate wide neckline tops.

This is convenient to have in your wardrobe for outfits that have a wide, plunging neckline. This is the best push up bra for C to D sizes because it mainly enhances what you already have.

It can't do much for women with smaller breasts because there's not much to work with. On the other hand, it probably won't be the best for those who are plus sized, because it doesn't offer much support on top and might result with your nipples showing on top.

Balconette Bras

​A balconette is much like the demi but the former is distinguished by the low cups that are more like a bandeau because of their horizontal-edged top. While the demi would go low on the center, the balconette gets its delicate beauty from looking like the ones pin-up models would usually wear.

You'd remember the balconette for their bandeau-like shape. It's usually just a thick horizontal band around your breasts but they're made more prominent by the structured cups that rise up from the band. It's a close descendant from the corset because it actually looks like one – just without the rest of the bodice.

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​Because of the straight edge on top, this is best used with dresses that have the same straight neckline. It allows you to showcase the your assets. With this type of bra, the breasts' round shape are exaggerated and made to look almost perfect.

​Push Up Bralettes

​Though bralettes have been initially made for smaller breasts with little to no need for support, that’s now changed! If you're flat, a push up bralette is the way to make your chest seem bigger and to provide a slight hint of cleavage.

Before, bralettes were characterized by having no underwires, padding, cups, or the other binding features of a usual bra. Now, variations of bralettes are made with these features, allowing larger breasted women a chance to wear push up bralettes as well!

Deep Plunge Bras

​This bra is suited especially for clothes with plunging necklines. The plunging design of the bra adds lift under your boobs, allowing your cleavage to fill out tops with deep cuts.

The cups on this bra might be set slightly further apart due to the nature of low cut tops. Because of this, the padding works to push your boobs up and inward.

Strapless Bras

​In a strapless push up bra, the cups are amped with padding to push up the breasts, giving you a full look on top. Since this type of strapless bra is working to support and push up your assets, it’s best suited for those with a smaller chest (A-C cup).

There are styles of strapless push up bras for women with larger chests, though these bras may place more strain on your back since there are no straps to help with support.

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Sports Bras

​Just because you're going to work out doesn't mean there's no chance to look your best. Sports bras that are also a push up make comfort, support, and style go hand in hand.

Sports push up bras are best for smaller breasts or sagging breasts, whether for exercise or normal everyday life. By combining the main purposes of a push up and a sports bra, your breasts will be lifted up but kept in place at the same time.

Women with larger assets can also wear this type of sports bra, though they may not find it as comfortable for long periods of time. Since standard sports bras work to secure (and sometimes compress) your boobs, the addition of padding may make your girls feel like they are suffocating.

​Qualities to Look for in a Push Up Bra

There are certain qualities you should look for when looking for the top push up bra to purchase. While everyone is different – and every bra fits every women's body differently – there are a few things that are universal and should always be kept in the back of your mind when looking for this type of bra.


​First of all, underwiring is key. For both small chested women and those with larger chests, underwiring can really make or break how comfortable a bra is. Overall, look for underwiring that helps raise your boobs without digging into your skin and making your feel uncomfortable.

For plus size women and those with sagging breasts, underwiring really is everything when it comes to support. You don't want to have a bra that digs into your skin. You want one that supports you and helps keep your chest looking natural and uplifted.

There are some bras that don't have underwiring, which is totally fine. If you’re an A or B cup (and sometimes C), having a bra with underwire is not always necessary. The wire is there to support your boobs, so the less boobage you have, the less wiring you need!

​Comfort Level

​Obviously, comfort level is everything. Don't buy a bra that makes you feel uncomfortable or like you can't breathe, regardless of how lovely you think your assets look in it.

There will always be another bra you can buy, a better bra, that will both push up your breasts while still giving you room to breathe and be comfortable.

Being comfortable when wearing a bra isn't easily found – especially for plus size women or those with larger breasts. Having padding pressed up and against your chest all day can be difficult.

Try looking for ones with lighter push up padding, as this won’t make your boobs feel like they are suffocating in your bra.


Having a bra that is supportive and reliable is also a huge quality to look for. If you're looking for a bra to help you feel more supported, you may want to look at both the underwiring of the bra (or lack of wire) and the shoulder straps.

A lot of people disregard the straps of the bra, but the straps could change the whole support level (for example, if they need to be tightened or loosened).

For those with larger breasts, this can seem to be a quality that you'll never find. However, there are great options for women with larger breasts out there that offer fantastic support while still be comfortable.

When searching, you need to make sure you feel supported all around. Make sure it fits perfectly, as many ill fitted bras won't give you the support you need (and sometimes, the only change you'll need to make is to find a bra that actually fits).

​Push Up Lift Amount

There are a lot of different bras with varying lift amounts, from a light raise to raising your breasts a whole cup size. Find out what you're looking for, and what you think you look best in, to help narrow down which one is best for you.

A light raise push up bra simply (as the name suggests) lightly raises and pushes your breasts up and is perfect for those who feel like they just need a little pushing up effect.

If you are looking to really enhance your assets by a whole cup size (or 2!), there are bras for that!

For the most part, the more your want your breasts pushed up (in regards to cup size) the more padding you're going to have.

Woman wearing a demi cup bra

A bra that promises just a light raise is not going to have as much padding as one that promotes a 2 cup increase.

Lined vs Unlined

A lined bra means it is a bra that comes with padding or foam cups that help to shape, raise, and overall sculpt your boobs.

An unlined bra is one that doesn't have any padding or foam material in it and instead raises your breasts in another manner (oftentimes with underwiring and sometimes even carefully placed slings to raise your breasts).

Some people swear by unlined bras, while others only ever use lined. Of course, everyone is different on what type of bra they think is best, and it will only take your own experience for you to figure out just what works.

However, for those who either don't like padding or feel like the padding is unnecessary (especially for those with larger breasts), finding an unlined bra is an excellent place to start when looking for a good push up bra.

Additional Qualities

​There are a couple additional qualities worth mentioning when looking for a good push up bra. First is the material. Is it made of cotton, silk, or polyester (to name a few materials)? Be sure to select a material that you’re comfortable in, since it will be directly on your skin.

Also, take note of the design and print options you might have. While getting a bra that is black or nude is the more traditional way to go, there are countless patterns and designs available today!

With these qualities, you can play around with what works and what doesn't work for you. And if you love prints and want to have a wardrobe full of different printed push up bras, go ahead! You can always have more than one push up bra!


There are a few key points of information to know prior to looking for the best pushup bras, which we went into detail within our best push up bras reviews. However, at the end of the day, regardless of whether you have large or small breasts, you should always make sure you purchase a one that is comfortable, gives you the support that you need, and your correct size for the best results!

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