Best Push Up Bra [2024 Review]

The best push-up bras have been reliable assets for women looking for a quick way to perk up their assets for a long time now. However, finding the top push up bra is a lot easier said than done. With a little bit of guidance and a push in the right direction, finding that perfect bra that is reliable and comfortable can actually be done.

My Top Push-Up Bra Reviews

I went out and researched the best push-up bras, and here is my list of the top rated push-up bras on the market. I’ve segmented it by cup size and body type, since there are different features that should be considered for various sizes.

Push Up Bra for Small Breasts

The best push-up bra for women with A cup breasts is something that provides more volume than support. With a minimalist approach, the OnGossamer Women’s Mesh Bump It Up Bra can give A or B cup ladies a natural and sexy cleavage while keeping the breasts comfortable. 

A woman wearing a pink push-bra and black leggings is seated on a white bed in the bedroom

This underwire push-up bra uses pure nylon, making the cups, band, and straps flexible. It also comes with demi cups, which are like half cups that give your small breasts a natural lift. If you love wearing low-cut tops and revealing necklines, this kind of bra won’t ruin your outfit. 

Meanwhile, the padding is thick enough to enlarge your breast by one additional size. For instance, being a B cup can make you look like you have a C cup. An underwire push-up bra also lifts the breasts for a fuller yet natural-looking bust.

The meshed side wings and adjustable shoulder straps also ensure the cups won’t move. The back closure includes a single row of hook and eye, making it easier to clasp the bra even if you’re in a hurry.


  • Provides a casual yet sensual lift 
  • Contouring and demi-cup style for rounder breasts 


  • The band feels too tight at first

Push Up Bra for Large Breasts

As breast volume increases, harder it becomes to support them in a way that’s comfortable. This is why the best push-up bra for D cup or larger must contain a wide band, strong underwire, adjustable straps, and durable cups.

You can get all of these in the Calvin Klein Women’s Seductive Comfort Customized Lift Bra. Big-busted ladies struggle to find the balance between comfortability and good structure, which normally means compromising one of these necessary features.

The good thing is that this Calvin Klein bra guarantees both by using elastane and polyamide, which are materials that retain structure without sacrificing comfort. While you won’t need extra paddings to add volume, the subtle padding lines along the demi cups lift the Calvin Klein bra to prevent sagging.

The wide band rests in this Calvin Klein bra between the breasts and the underwire, so your breasts stay atop the cushion instead of hitting the wire. Furthermore, adjustable and wide straps in this Calvin Klein women’s bra prevent the cups from dropping in the front or riding up.

Two hook and eye closures at the back increases cup support and stability. 


  • Ample coverage and support for women with fuller chests
  • Supportive and sturdy structure in the form of cups, band, and straps


  • Underwire feels a bit stiff 

B.tempt’d by Wacoal’d Plunge Bra

Ladies with average cup sizes need the best push-up bra for natural lift to balance lift, comfort, and style. The B.tempt’d by Wacoal’d Plunge Bra enhances the cleavage and gives the right amount of provocativeness. 

Gaping or overhanging are common dilemmas for women with average-sized cups. With the plunge push-up bra style and scalloped neckline, the cups feel like a second skin for a seamless appearance, even when worn under sheer or fitted clothes. 

A woman wearing a red jacket and blue jeans holds a black push-up bra while seated on a colorful couch

If you’re always experiencing chafing around the ribcage and shoulder, you can adjust the stretchable shoulder and back straps depending on your comfort and fit. Additionally, you can change the straps into halter and criss-cross, letting you wear this plunge push-up bra under racerback outfits.

Unlike other heavily-padded push-up bras, this plunge bra has sufficient padding for women with small to average cup sizes. The underwire helps the paddings form the right amount of perkiness. 

With the combination of nylon and spandex, the sideband in this plunge bra adjusts to accommodate spills while also flattening back bulges. This plunge bra contains three levels of closure and adjustment, which you would need over time as the band stretches. 


  • Seamless cups and straps for a smooth appearance under clothes
  • Fairly padded cups to create the right amount of perkiness


  • The band stretches after every wash

Lily of France Extreme Ego Boost Push Up Bra

Suitable for the hustle and bustle of women on the go, the supportive and sturdy structure of the Lily of France Extreme Ego Boost Push Up Bra ensures your breasts remain comfortable and protected every day. 

Combining polyester and spandex, the bra feels smooth on the skin. The materials can also wick away perspiration from long hours of wearing. Moreover, the push-up cups can lift your breasts without making you feel suffocated.

They provide soft paddings for your breasts to rest and breathe. Even with light padding, the cups create a solid hold to keep your breasts in place, especially when you need to move excessively.

On the other hand, the underwires help carry the weight of your breasts to create a fuller-looking bust if you have large yet saggy breasts. If you’re usually grappling to keep straps in place, this bra’s convertible straps enable you to customize the fit.

You can change from conventional shoulder straps to either no-slip or criss-cross. Since there are 3 sizing enclosures, you can also conceal back and side fats caused by straps.


  • Silky cups with light paddings 
  • Finely stitched convertible straps with sizing adjustments 


  • The cup structure looks a bit pointed 

Victoria’s Secret Pink Wear Everywhere Push-Up Bra

Achieve fuller breasts without discomfort with the help of the Victoria’s Secret Pink Wear Everywhere Push-Up Bra. This Victoria’s Secret bra can make small chests fuller and accentuate the assets of ladies with big breasts.

While the thick pads are suitable for ladies with small breasts, large-busted women would benefit from the support and lift of the padded cups. If you have big breasts, the cups may cause spillage and emphasize your cleavage.

A woman wearing a black push-up bra and black leggings standing near the white staircase

Despite having heavily-padded cups, the neat edges in this Victoria’s Secret bra won’t leave bulges under your tight-fitting clothes. The use of nylon and spandex lets this push-up bra adjust according to your curves.   

The thin shoulder straps are convertible, giving you a customized fit. The wide band narrows through the closure, so it would stretch around the rib cage yet hold the cups in place firmly. The band also ends with 3 closure adjustments to avoid itchy marks. 

Due to the wide band, the underwires are also spread wide at the bottom, giving you additional lift and support without a stabbing feeling.


  • Structured, seamless, and no-show cup design for concealment under clothes
  • Adjustable and convertible design 


  • Overly-padded cups may not suit well for women with large breasts

Push Up Bra Before and After Pictures

Women of any size, whether they have small or larger breasts, can wear the best push-up bras. In my push up bra review above, I cover different push-up bras that work best for certain sizes. However, there is some key information to know regarding each different category and sizing of breasts. You don’t need to go to Victoria’s Secret to learn what you need in this type of bra.

Small Sized Breast Review

It can be difficult to look for the best ​push-up bras for smaller boobs. ​You don’t really need push-up bras that focus on extra support because, well… there isn’t much to support! But, on the flip side, you don’t want push-up bras with a ton of padding – that just ends up looking like you stuffed your push-up bras

​Insider Review: ​I gave Bridget a FallSweet push-up bra to wear, and asked her to see if she could fall in love with it. She’s a 32B, and had this to say about the experience:

It has extra support, is heavily padded, and has an underwire are the things you look for push-up bras

Average Sized Breast Review

When it comes to boob size, being in the middle can be pretty great. You seem to have the perfect amount of cleavage to rock most outfits, and you’re not carrying too much to have back pain and sagging challenges. But, this can make finding an appealing bra hard to love.

​Insider Review: ​I ​handed Jess an ​Elaver push-up bra to wear, and asked her ​to try it on side by side to her regular bras. ​Jess wears a 32C and gave me this feedback:

Before and after pictures of a C cup women, showing the positive effects from push-up bras

Large Sized Breast Review

Ladies with larger breasts know first hand just how difficult regular bra shopping can be – there’s a lot not to love. Shopping for the best push-up bras is another nightmare in itself. ​​​Often, push-up bras for those with larger breasts are just uncomfortable, plain and simple. How do you find an option you love?

​Insider Review: ​​I asked Alicia to wear a Deyllo Push Up Bra and compare it up against one of her standard t-shirt bras. ​At 34DD, I was really interested to see how it played out:

A large breasted women shows before and after pictures in a bra that pushes boobs up

Various Types of Best Push-Up Bras

Even all the best push-up bras have one main purpose, it’s still important to distinguish the different types available. Each one serves specific purposes depending on your size, preference, and need.

Molded​ and Contour

Molded or contour bras are the most standard type of padded bra available. This gives women a typical, rounded shape through machine-sculpted cups that form over your breasts. They also simultaneously create more volume from the bottom up.

Non-molded​ Options

Non-molded options are the complete opposite as molded. Unlike the molded cups that created a round shape over your breasts, this type of bra does not have that sculpted shape. Without the structured shape, this type of bra is better for larger breasts.

D cup and above will be better suited for this because you need less help with forming a breast shape.

Adjustable Cleavage​ with Drawstring

A lace drawstring, much like the ones you find in sneakers, join the two cups together in the middle. When you wear this style, the cups should fit snugly on your breasts so that when you pull the strings, the cups are pulled together. This will bring your breasts closer to one another and create cleavage.

Self-adhesive​ and Sticky

In sticky bras that also lift, the lower portion of the cup includes extra padding (or extra silicon if the bra is made of silicon). It’s then meant to boost your assets upwards and inwards. Wear this with your more revealing tops and dresses.

Full Coverage Cups

Full coverage bras simply mean they have full cups that cover the breasts entirely. If you prefer wearing a full coverage bra on a daily basis, the full cover option for a bra that lifts will give you the same coverage with a little more “oomph.”

A woman with short hair wearing a gray push-up bra standing near a brown wooden door

Features and Qualities to Look for in a Push-Up Bra

There are certain qualities you should look for when looking for a bra of this type. While everyone is different – and every bra fits every women’s body differently – there are a few things that are universal and should always be kept in the back of your mind when looking for this type of bra.

Comparing Push Up Bra Features

Push Up Bra Padding Structure Cups
OnGossamer Women’s Mesh Bump It Up Moderate paddingWiredDemi
Calvin Klein Women’s Seductive Comfort Light paddingWiredDemi
B.tempt’d by Wacoal Light paddingWiredDemi
Vanity Fair Women’s Extreme Ego Boost Light paddingWiredFull-coverage
Victoria’s Secret Pink Wear Everywhere Heavy paddingWiredFull-coverage

Underwire for Most Sizes

For plus size women and those with sagging breasts, underwiring really is everything when it comes to extra support. You don’t want to have a bra that digs into your skin. You want one that supports you and helps keep your chest looking natural and uplifted.

Perfect Comfort

Being comfortable when wearing a bra isn’t easily found – especially for plus size women or those with larger breasts. Having padding pressed up and against your chest all day can be difficult, and you need to make sure you find a good fit.

Try looking for ones with lighter padding on the underside, as this won’t make your boobs feel like they are suffocating in your bra.

Amazing Support

For better support, look at both the underwiring of the bra (or lack of wire) and the straps. A lot of people disregard the straps of the bra, but the straps could change the whole support level (for example, if they need to be tightened or loosened).

Make sure the fit is close to perfect, as many ill fitted bras won’t give you the support you need (and sometimes, the only change you’ll need to make is to wear a bra that actually fits).

Good, Natural Lift

There are a lot of different bras with varying lift amounts, from a light raise to raising your breasts a 1-2 cup sizes. A light raise push up bra simply (as the name suggests) lightly raises and pushes your breasts up and is perfect for those who feel like they just need a little pushing up effect.

If you are looking to really enhance your assets by a whole cup size (or 2!), there are bras for that! For the most part, the more you want your breasts pushed up (in regards to cup size) the more padding you’re going to have.

Material, Print, and Style

Is the bra made of cotton, silk, or polyester (to name a few materials)? Be sure to select a material that you’re comfortable in, since it will be directly on your skin and typically snug to fit.

Also, take note of the design and print options you might have. While getting a bra that is black or nude is the more traditional way to go, there are countless patterns and designs available today!

​Related Questions

Are Push Up Bras Better Than a Normal Bra?

Push up bras are better than normal bras if you need lift and shaping. They can instantly enhance your cleavage and make your boobs look firmer and rounder.

What Kind of Bra Gives the Best Cleavage?

Push up bras give the best cleavage. However, it still depends on the fit, band structure, and the appropriate cup style for your breasts.

Is Wearing a Push Up Bra Bad for You?

Wearing a push up bra can be bad for you if you use an incorrect size. If the bra is too small, you risk wire digging, side spillage, and an uncomfortable fit. Meanwhile, a loose bra won’t give you the necessary lift and support.

What Is a Push-Up Bra? (Yes, You Should Try One)


​At the end of the day, regardless of whether you have large or small breasts, you should always make sure you purchase a one that is comfortable, gives you the support that you need, and your correct size for the best results! The better the fit, the more you will wear it.


Allena is the Founder and Editor of The Better Fit, a platform dedicated to empowering women with practical advice on bras and fitness, inspired by her own revelation of the widespread issue of incorrect bra sizing. Her expertise and tips have been recognized by major publications such as Cosmopolitan, Better Homes & Gardens, Insider, and NBC, making her a trusted voice in women's wellness and lifestyle.