Third Love Underwear Review

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Finding underwear that you love and that works for your body is always a challenging process. Whether the underwear is too tight that it digs into your skin or underwear that leaves red, irritated imprints on your skin that is itchy, it can be difficult to choose one that is comfortable and lets your skin breathe. 

Luckily, Third Love underwear is different. Their lingerie line is comfortable to wear, supportive, and very considerate of your body. 

Third Love Underwear Review

The Third Love underwear is simple and was made for comfort so there are a couple of colors that you can choose from. It is made from lighter than air fabric, it has a wire-free design, and it features a 4-way stretch. 

Woman wearing a Third Love underwear

You won’t have to worry about moisture forming while you do your daily activities because the underwear is made of materials that absorb the sweat from your skin, and it makes sure that it does not irritate your skin, especially near your private area.

It allows you to move around freely and it does not feel stiff, or tight and it looks smooth under a skirt, dress, shorts, or pants. 


  • Made of high-quality cotton 
  • Stretchable 
  • Is not noticeable when you wear dresses and skirts


  • Not many colors to choose from
  • Does not have any padding at the back so it does not give you any shape

ThirdLove Underwear Details

Mid-riseModest coverage for the belly
Hipster cutFlatters the buttocks
Four-way stretch fabricRetains elasticity and shape
Cotton gussetAbsorbs moisture to prevent skin irritation
Elastic waistbandAdapts to size changes
Discreet seamsDoesn’t bulge through clothing
Multiple sizesXS to 3X

Third Love Underwear Features and Benefits

Underwear today has become innovative, attractive, and intimate clothing for women, as some styles and categories are past being just a garment. It gives women a certain power of confidence and it helps define femininity.

Graphic image of a blue underwear that describes that Third Love underwear have cotton gusset and made with comfortable waistband

It also allows women to step out of their box and get free from their comfort zone. Third Love’s underwear gives women exactly what they are looking for. Below are its benefits and features that you will love. 


When buying underwear, the quality is always a factor that needs to be considered since you will wear it multiple times. Third Love understands that it is important for its customers to have high-quality lingerie. 

Third Love underwear can be washed and worn repeatedly, and it does not shrink or wear out no matter how many times you place it in a washing machine. All of the seams of the underwear are intact, and they don’t fall off easily, even if you pull them multiple times. 

The underwear is also very stretchable, so even if you put on a few pounds, you won’t have to worry about the fit. 

Flatters Your Figure

The Third Love underwear flatters your shape and it effectively shows off your assets. Third Love creates underwear in different sizes so it fits the places where you are endowed and it covers where your flaws may lie. 

Woman wearing nude colored underwear

The underwear flaunts your figure and effectively downplays the flaws. So if you have a great behind, then you can get Third Love underwear that highlights what you have to offer as it does not have any padding, so everything is natural.

It is also comfortable to wear all day, it is soft on the skin, and the fit is amazing, allowing your skin to breathe. 


Much like how companies such as Soma and Harper Wilde are known for quality undergarments, Third Love uses only the safest materials for their underwear. The brand does not use any synthetic material like nylon, spandex, polyester, flame retardants, rubber, formaldehyde, carmine, nickel, copper-zinc, or red dye.

These are all unbreathable materials and it irritates the skin especially if it is mixed with sweat, and sometimes might cause chafing. These materials are also known to keep moisture in, which also causes skin irritation and is very uncomfortable.

Trapped moisture also leads to bacterial growth and fungi, which is something that you do not want. Third Love uses high-quality, breathable cotton, absorbs sweat, and prevents moisture from forming. The material is soft and breathable so your skin does not suffer. 

Elasticity and Waistband

The sign that your underwear has bad elasticity is if there is a mark on your waist after wearing it for hours. Third Love’s waistband is constantly checked for comfort and the company makes sure that it can hold things together well. 

The elastic band of the underwear is not constraining, does not leave anybody marks, and does not irritate your skin, unlike the other underwear brands. The elastic band fits well and is not tight so it causes irritation and redness.

Third Love’s underwear has a free-cut microfiber so it keeps you from feeling like something is digging into your skin while you’re walking around or sitting. 

Size Matters

Getting underwear that fits you well can be very tricky. You don’t want underwear that is too small, and you don’t want one that is too big either as they feel uncomfortable especially when you walk. 

Woman wearing a white panty

Underwear that does not fit well, leads to wedgies and can cause friction in your sensitive area, which is the last thing that you want. It is vital to know your exact measurements before you purchase one so you feel confident and comfortable. 

Third Love released a quiz on their official website that helps their customers find out their exact fit. Third Love wants to ensure that everyone gets the underwear that they crave. 


A gusset is located in the crotch of the underwear. Some brands make the gusset with the same fabric as the rest of the underwear, while other brands change the fabric in that area. For maximum comfort, Third Love uses cotton for the gusset and it is sewn directly into the underwear.

The company is known for creating microfiber underwear where the underwear is one massive piece with no seams and the gusset is just a thick yarn. Third Love underwear makes sure that the gusset does not trap moisture that could irritate your sensitive area. 

Related Questions

How to Choose the Right ThirdLove Underwear?

When choosing the right ThirdLove underwear, you must measure your waistline and hips to get a well-fitting size. You can choose your preferred material, style, and colors.

What Kind of Material Is Best for Underwear?

Cotton is the best material for daily underwear. It absorbs excess moisture and removes heat to prevent odor buildup in your private parts. This is why ThirdLove mainly uses cotton for its underwear line.

How Many Pairs of ThirdLove Underwear Should I Own?

It’s ideal to own at least 14 pairs of underwear to cover two weeks of laundry. You can go up to 24 pairs if you have specific styles and colors for various outfits. ThirdLove offers a bundle of eight where you can select your preferred colors.

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If you are looking for comfortable underwear that fits you well and one that will last, then Third Love is worth investing in. You can do your daily activities without having to worry about your lingerie, and you can get a good night’s sleep that you can toss and turn without feeling any itch or irritation.

Third Love underwear may not have a lot of colors to choose from, however, they are luxurious and ideal for daily use. They are ready to wear after purchasing them and they don’t stretch out or shrink when you wash them. They also look great under any skirt or dress and the outline does not show, which saves you the embarrassment. 


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