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Harper Wilde vs Third Love

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There is no doubt that perfect fit and quality undergarments do bring out the best in any woman. From confidence to comfort, the perfect lingerie does make any body stand out. A comparison of Harper Wilde vs. Third Love can help you choose a lingerie brand that accomplishes this for you.

Harper Wilde Vs Third Love General Overview 

Both Harper Wilde and Third Love are lingerie brands from the United States. They are different companies led by women. The founders started the company after feeling dissatisfied with the type of products available in the market. 

Woman wearing a strapless bra

Harper Wilde

Harper Wide was established in 2016 by Jenna Kenner and Jane Fisher, who seem to have been fed up with how expensive bras were. The two felt like the industry was stagnating with the same old designs. 

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After a lot of research, they discovered that women didn’t like buying bras simply because they were expensive and felt like they were paying tax. Jenna and Jane saw a business opportunity in these recurring complaints left by the gap in the market. 

They focused on creating a simple and hassle-free experience for the women in terms of their bra shopping, keeping in mind their coins. They positioned themselves in the market then started, and here we are now an established brand.

Third Love 

Similar to Harper Wilde, ThirdLove was founded by Heidi Zak, another woman who struggled to find a bra that was both comfortable and pretty. The company was launched in 2014 by Heidi who is a former Google and Aéropostale executive.

Heidi Zak also researched and found out that 37% of women do not fit the standard size bra, inspiring her to develop a brand that provides correct fitting for women. 

Today, Third Love’s primary goal is to produce bras that fit, feel comfortable, and have an attractive style.

Harper Wilde vs Third Love Similarities and Differences

Despite being founded by women who truly understand their bodies, these two brands are not entirely the same however, they have a few differences and similarities here and there. Here are some similarities


As mentioned earlier, these two brands are run by women who saw a gap in the bra industry. Their drive was to fill in the loopholes with excellence and accommodate every woman. Unlike Freya bras and Natori lingerie, they don’t necessarily focus on luxury too much and forget the most essential elements customers need.

Woman wearing a strapless bra and nude underwear

They also offer a variety of bras and underwear. Some categories of bras both companies have are; bralettes, strapless, wireless bras, and sports bra. They all come in different colors.


The differences between Harper Wilde and Third Love fall into 5 broad categories: 


It is easy to notice that Harper Wilde’s lingeries are significantly cheaper than Third Love. Harper Wilde has been very passionate about ensuring that its products are very affordable. That is their biggest motivation to date.


It is safe to say that beauty is attractive. In a consumer market, a pretty thing will sell fast since it is an attention seeker. 

In terms of beauty, Third Love has paid more attention to that as opposed to Harper Wilde. Perfect and beautiful bras are the lasting impression they want to leave on women’s minds.


As opposed to Third Love, Harper Wilde has a recycling option where each order includes a recycling kit to send back to the old bras. After getting your return label, drop it off at the nearest USPS. Some of those materials are upcycled into the fabric, while others are downcycled to padding.


While Third Love doesn’t have donations, 1% of Harper Wilde proceeds go to Girls Inc., which offers mentorship and educational programs for girls aged 6-18. 

They focus on girl-child empowerment and development, equipping them with the right tools in curbing economic, social, and gender barriers to raise educated, independent-minded and healthy ladies.

Payment Plans

Third Love does support Afterpay financing. This means that one can buy then pay for it later in installments, while Harper Wilde doesn’t have this option. This is so convenient for the customers to purchase new bras consistently without having to break the bank. 

Woman wearing a strapless bra from Third Love

Major Distinguishing Factor

The biggest distinction between the two brands is how Third Love focuses on where a woman needs to wear a bra for comfort while Harper Wilde leans more on making pocket-friendly bras for day-to-day use.

Third Love has wedding bras, pajama sets, activewear, and styles bras to meet everyone’s taste and purpose. Harper’s variety is not as wide, but the little they have is enough to meet affordability and comfort.

When to Use Harper Wilde?

If you are passionate about buying from female-owned companies, Harper Wilde is a great place to start. These women are not only conducting a business, but they are also doing it for a great cause. 

Jenner and Jane, the founders of Harper Wilde, are passionate about educating and empowering the girl child. For example, proceeds are currently going to help Afghan women. 

If you want a great quality bra without hurting your pocket, this is a good option. If you are passionate about saving the environment or an SDG champ, put your resources here. Help promote a sustainable and eco-friendly world.

When to Use Third Love?

You have an event, say a wedding, and you’re looking for the best bra for a function. Well, Third Love has a variety of options for different functions. Their bras also look good, so if you care about aesthetics, they tick off the list one that too.

They have flexible payment plans that will be timely, convenient, and easy to pay. The business is also female-owned. This is a safe haven for women who don’t know their correct bra fitting as they have a test on their website. 


The two brands are unique and stand for different women’s needs in the market. They are quality, comfortable, and made for today’s women. However, Third Love takes the lead since it offers an online fitting room and a Fit Finder quiz to help everyone find a correctly fitting bra. 


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