Harper Wilde vs Third Love

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Well-fitted quality undergarments can make any woman feel at her best. Great lingerie is an instant confidence booster, making you feel comfortable in your own skin and ready to take on the world. Finding your perfect fit can be challenging. In my article below, I discuss two lingerie brands; Harper Wilde and Third Love, to help you choose the lingerie brand that works best for you.

Harper Wilde Vs Third Love General Overview 

Harper Wilde and Third Love are both lingerie brands based in the United States. Both companies are led by women. The founders started their companies after feeling dissatisfied with the products available to them on the market. 

Woman wearing a strapless bra

Harper Wilde

Harper Wide was established in 2016 by Jenna Kenner and Jane Fisher. These ladies were fed up with how expensive bras were and they felt like the industry was stagnant with the same old designs being made over and over.  

After a lot of research, they discovered that women didn’t like buying bras simply because they were expensive and felt like they were being taxed for being women. Jenna and Jane saw a business opportunity with these reoccurring complaints, and worked to fill the gap in the market. 

They focused on creating a simple and hassle-free bra shopping experience, with an eye to keeping the cost of their products lower.

Third Love 

ThirdLove was founded by Heidi Zak, who struggled to find a bra that was both comfortable and pretty. Heidi, who is a former Google and Aéropostale executive, launched her company in 2014.

Heidi researched and found out that 37% of women do not fit the standard bra sizes, inspiring her to develop a brand that provides half-cup sizes.

Third Love’s primary goal is to produce bras that fit, feel comfortable and are attractive looking.

Harper Wilde vs Third Love: Similarities and Differences

Harper Wilde and Third Love have several similarities and differences, which I discuss below.

Graphic image of two bras that represents Third Love bra and Harper and Wilde that compares their distinct features


Both brands are US based companies, created by women who were frustrated with the lingerie available to them on the market, and decided to fill the gap in the bra industry. Both companies offer a variety of bras and underwear.

Woman wearing a strapless bra and nude underwear


The differences between Harper Wilde and Third Love fall into 5 broad categories: 


Harper Wilde’s lingerie is significantly cheaper than Third Love. Harper Wilde has been very passionate about ensuring that its products are very affordable and accessible to all women.


Third Love has focused more on attractive, appealing lingerie than Harper Wilde. Third Love has many beautiful bras that leave a lasting impression on their customers.


Harper Wilde is more environmentally friendly, as they have a recycling program. Every purchase includes a recycling kit to send back the old bras. After getting your return label, all you have to do is drop it off at the nearest USPS.


1% of Harper Wilde profits go to Girls Inc., which offers mentorship and educational programs for girls aged 6-18. Girls Inc. focuses on empowerment and development for girls, equipping them with the right tools to help curb economic, social, and gender barriers in order for them to become to educated, independent-and healthy women.

Payment Plans

Third Love does support Afterpay financing. Using Afterpray means that one can buy products and then pay for them in installments, while Harper Wilde doesn’t have this option.

Comparing Harper Wilde and ThirdLove

Brand Size Range Famous For Best For
Harper Wilde 28A-44HMinimalist and fairly priced brasEveryday wear, lounging, casual
ThirdLove 30AA-40HTagless and comfortable brasEveryday wear, formal
Woman wearing a strapless bra from Third Love

Major Distinguishing Factor

The biggest distinction between the two brands is how Third Love focuses on comfortable lingerie while Harper Wilde leans more towards budget friendly everyday undergarments. Third Love also had a wider ranges of products.

When to Use Harper Wilde?

If you are passionate about buying from female-owned companies, Harper Wilde is a great place to start. These women are marketing great products and donate to a great cause.

If you want a great quality bra without breaking your bank, Harper Wilde is a great choice. If you are passionate about helping the environment and supporting female empowerment, buy from Harper Wilde.

When to Use Third Love?

Third Love has a variety of options for different functions. Their bras are stylish and fashionable, so if you care about aesthetics, choose Third Love.

Third Love also has flexible payment plans that will be timely, convenient, and easy to pay. The business is female-owned and size inclusive.

Related Questions

Are Bras from ThirdLove and Harper Wilde True to Size?

The bras from ThirdLove and Harper Wilde fit true to size. However, only ThirdLove offers custom fitting.

Are Harper Wilde and ThirdLove Owned by Women?

Yes, both Harper Wilde and ThirdLove are owned by women. Heidi Zak co-founded ThirdLove with her husband in 2013. Harper Wilde was launched in 2017 by two women, Jenna Kerner and Jane Fisher.

Do ThirdLove and Harper Wilde Have Sustainable Business Practices?

Harper Wilde and ThirdLove have sustainable and ethical business practices. They both accept used bras when you purchase garments from their websites or physical stores.

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The two brands are unique and work to fill women’s needs in the lingerie market. Their products are high quality, comfortable and made for today’s women. Third Love offers an online fitting room and a Fit Finder quiz to help everyone find a correctly fitting bra, so they definitely take the lead as the company to buy from.


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