How Big Is a 32A Bra Cup Size?

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It’s crucial to know the size of your bra when you are buying a new one. Most women wear the wrong bra sizes; others wear small bra sizes to make their breasts bigger. It’s important to wear a bra size that fits you and doesn’t give you discomfort. Then, how big is a 32A bra?

How Big Is a 32A Bra?

A bra size of 32A means that your underbust size is 28-29 inches, and your bust size is 32-33 inches. If you wear an A cup size bra, then it means that your bust size is 1 inch larger than your underbust size.

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A 32A breast size is a sister to 30B and 34A. A-seized cups are mostly considered one of the smallest cup sizes, with only AA and AAA being smaller.

How 32A Breasts Look Like

The look of the breasts depends on the shape of your body, the clothes you wear, and the type of bra you prefer.

If your lower body is large, your hips will tend to overshadow the breasts, making them less noticeable. If you have a flatter tummy, your breast will be noticeable from the side.

The breasts appear noticeably small for women with an apple-shaped body because the mass around the stomach overshadows them. On the other hand, for ladies with slender figures and flat tummies, the bras appear big.

How 32A Boobs Will Look With Clothes On

If you have 32A breasts but wishes to have a size closer to 36B bra cups, there are many ways to enhance your breasts without resorting to surgical procedures. You can make a cleavage impact with your 32A breasts by wearing a push-up bra or gel bra. With V-neck tops, you can enhance your cleavage.

With a high neckline, you can be able to make your breasts bigger. Jackets, dresses, or shirts that pull you in the waist areas will also help your breasts appear bigger.

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Can a 32A Wear a 34A?

While the band sizes of these bras are different, the cup sizes are almost the same. Do not be surprised to find out that you can fit in 30A,32A, and 34A Bras. However, your breast size will be the same.

Comparison of 32A With Smaller Breast Sizes

A 32AA size is smaller than a 32A breast size, and it is unlikely to hear a person with 32A breast size seeking breast reduction surgery. However, as with aging, smaller breast sizes can still sag and will need lift and support.

If you can’t find a 32A bra size, You can opt for a sister size, though at times, it’s not advisable. You may find that a 30B fits okay in the cups yet requires a loser fastening at the back. You can also find that a 34AA can fit; however, it can be slightly large around the back.


Whatever the case, it’s essential for women with this breast size to wear a bra that fits and is comfortable. It might be considered one of the smallest cup sizes. However, wearing 32A bras does not make you any less womanly than those with bigger cups.


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