How Big Is a 32A Bra Cup Size?

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Knowing your bra size before you go bra shopping will not only save you time, it can keep you from purchasing the wrong bra size. Many women are walking around wearing the wrong size, which can be uncomfortable. Find your bra measurements. Think you might be a 32A? I discuss exactly what a 32A bra size means in the article below.

How Big Is a 32A Bra?

A bra size of 32A means that your torso size is 28-29 inches, and your bust size is 32-33 inches. If you wear an A cup size bra, then it means that your bust size is 1 inch larger than your torso size.

Graphic image of a woman wearing a pink tank top and black shorts with a text explaining that a 32A bra size normally has a 32-33 inches bust and a band size of 31-32 inches

The sister sizes for a 32A breast size are 30B and 34AA. A cups are one of the smallest cup sizes, with only AA and AAA being smaller.

You can calculate your bra size by measuring around your bust and chest.

32A Bra Size Details

32A Bra SizeDetails
Underbust28-29 inches
Overbust32-33 inches
Size down30B
Size up34AA

How 32A Boobs Will Look With Clothes On

32A breasts are on the small side of the boob size scale. To make the most of what you have, you can wear push-up bras with padding to give you a more rounded shape and more cleavage. 

A black Calvin Klein wireless bra placed on a hanger on a green background

There are numerous advantages to having a small frame and boobs. You can rock those bralettes all summer long, and you don’t have to worry about a lot of the wardrobe difficulties that come with managing big breasts.

For women with average sized frames with with really small breasts, like a 32A, I recommend having an awesome push up bra. Here’s one with serious lift – the FallSweet Add Two Cups Bras Brassiere. You’ll get some serious cleavage for a night out on the town (no joke).

What 32A Breasts Look Like

How your breasts will look depends on the shape of your body, the clothes you wear, and the type of bra you prefer.

If your lower body is larger, your hips will tend to outbalance your breasts, which will make your breasts less noticeable. This is often referred to as a pear shape – wear the right jeans for pear shapes.

If your frame is small and petite, 32A breasts will appear larger than they would on a woman with a larger frame.

A cream wireless bra placed on a Calvin Klein hanger on a green background

Finding a 32A Bra

If you can’t find a 32A bra that works for you, you can opt for a sister size. You may find that a 30B fits okay in the cups yet requires a looser fastening at the back.

You can also find that a 34AA can fit; however, it can be slightly large around the back, and will need to be worn on the tightest hook and eye closure.

As you grow, you might find yourself moving from a 32A to a 34A, or changing into a B cup size bra.

Graphic image that has images of three white dummies representing 30B, 32A and 34AA as the sister sizes for a 32A bra size

Related Questions

Is 32A a Small Bra Size?

Yes, 32A is a small bra size, particularly considering that A is the smallest of the common cup sizes. The 32-inch band is also fairly small.

At What Age Is a 32A Bra Common?

A 32A bra size is common for teens aged 12 to 15 because this is the stage where girls develop breast tissue. However, even older women can stay at 32A.

Who Are Famous People With a 32A Bra Size?

Wrestler Brie Bella, TikTok sensation Charli D’Amelio, and actress Joanne Nosuchinsky are among the famous people with a 32A bra size. Singers Ariana Grande and Bjork also wear 32A bras

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The 32A is one of the smallest cup sizes. With A cups, minimal support is needed from your bra and you may be able to get away with wearing bralettes, camisoles, or going completely braless. If you want to give yourself more cleavage, choose a well-padded push up bra.


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