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How Big Is a 34DD Bra Cup Size?

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Since bras can be pricey, you should ensure you invest in ones that last. As a lady, it’s crucial to have a bra that lasts longer, is in the correct size, and is comfortable. So, how big is 34DD?

How Big Is 34DD

If your bra size is 34DD, your underbust size is 30-31 inches, and bust size is 38-39 inches. Having a DD cup-size bra means that your breasts are sticking out 5 inches away from the rib cage. A 34DD breast size has 32DDD, and 36D as its sister sizes.

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Sister sizing helps you not settle for a small or big bra size since a small cup does not accommodate your breast tissues. The wrong band length can cause back fat and insufficient support.

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Big bra sizes like 36DD cups and 38DD cup sizes can result in too much bouncing, which can cause the sagging of your breasts. You can utilize a bra to help with sagging breasts.

Difference Between 34D and 34DD Cup Sizes

Regarding bra sizing, the difference between 34D and 34DD is that a 34DD bra size usually makes your breasts stick out an inch further compared to a 34D bra size. An example is when a bra’s band size is the same, a 34DD will be a bit bigger than a 34D cup bra.

There is a difference in construction between bra size 34DD and 34D. The bust bra sizing starts at DD. 34DD breasts need more support even when the band sizes are smaller.

It is why bra manufacturers cater for women who have big breasts like 34DD with the following features to help keep the breasts securely in position without affecting one’s comfort:

  • Side panels
  • Taller bands
  • Seamed cups
  • Wider straps to provide additional support
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Best Bra for 34DD Breast Size

There is no outright best bra type for a 34DD cup size. Several bra types are meant for 34DD breast sizes. A good bra for a 34DD size cup offers support without sacrificing comfort.

The internet has lots of DD bras, and they come in different pretty designs and loads of different styles from balconette to wire-free bras. These types of bras are as follows: 

  • A classic t-shirt bra has an elastic-free side panel, a thick U-shaped band, and front-adjustable straps to keep every other area of your body comfortable.
  • While you might not need the oomph, a push up bra for larger breasts will help even out your boobs and make them more round and shapely.
  • A full-coverage bra like the Spanx Bra-llelujah or Third Love Perfect Coverage bra, which has seamed cups, underwire, and stretch lace
  • A racerback bra is another great option for 36DD boobs. It has features like wide panels, sleek cups, and a closure for easy on and off.

Is 34DD the Same as 36B?

They are different in that the band size 34 is smaller than the band size 36; this happens to be the length for your underbust. Meanwhile, a DD cup size is much bigger than a B cup size as a cup size equals a larger breast size.


A 34DD is a big size compared to an A, B, and C. To be comfortable wearing a 34DD, a lady should buy the right bra size and type to ensure that the bra cup accommodates the breast tissue.


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