Third Love vs Freya

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Knowing which bra to wear can be a tough decision. This blog post will help you make that decision by educating you on the similarities, differences, and significant distinguishing factors of both Third Love vs Freya bras! 

Third Love and Freya General Overview

These two brands manufacture bras and distribute them across the globe. I want to see why they have become quite popular and what kind of products they make to suit a woman of today’s age. 

Graphic image of two blue bras that compares the features of Freya bras and Third Love bras

Third Love Overview

Even though the lingerie world is a saturated market, Heidi Zak saw a gap in providing quality bras that could fit, that was comfortable and pretty. Together with her husband, David Spector, in 2013, they opened Third Love.

Woman wearing a Classic Uplift Plunge Bra from Third Love

For too long, Heidi felt like when it came to bras, women were forced to choose between two options: incredibly sexy and unflattering modesty. Neither one looked as good. Hence, she created a third option: Third Love.

Freya Overview 

Freya is a division of Wacoal. Wacoal is a Japanese company that was founded in 1949. Wacoal launched in America in 1985. They tried to penetrate the US market by encouraging buyers to consider the new brand despite the higher prices than its competitors.

Wacoal went to department stores across the country to educate women about the fit and quality of Wacoal products. This partnership was between Wacoal’s fit experts and sales associates.

In 2012, Wacoal acquired a UK- based manufacturer in which Freya was under its umbrella. 

Third Love vs Freya Similarities and Differences

Many women have trouble finding bras that fit well. Third Love was founded with this in mind and is the result of “a decade’s worth of engineering work.” So, how do they compare to Freya?

Comparing ThirdLove and Freya Bras

Bra Popular Styles Sizing Best For
ThirdLove T-shirt, wireless, sports, racerback32A-48DEye-catching yet quality bras
Freya Balcony, half-cup, longline, side-support28B-44OAffordable yet high-quality plus-size bras


Freya and Third Love can be considered a bit on the higher end of the lingerie world hence the guarantee of quality are there. You can invest in either of these two brands and be assured of quality, comfort, and the perfect fit.

Other similarities between Third Love and Freya include: 

  • Global Audience: Both companies are based in different parts of the world; Third Love is located in the United state while Freya is in the UK. However, both have established deep roots globally. They have departmental stores in various countries and also have a website which is their online platform. 
  • Wide Product Range: The two brands offer a wide variety, from half cup bras to strapless bralettes, balconette bras, plunge bras, longline bras, racerback bras, activewear, and swimwear. This helps a customer to have more options and possibly buy more.
  • Learning Platform: I live in a world of constant learning, and its necessity is highly emphasized for survival. Both Freya and Third Love continue to educate women on how to pair their bodies and lingerie to bring out their best shape. Also accepting themselves for who they are. 
  • Fitting Guide: Having a bra that fits is quite vital for a woman’s well-being. These two brands have a fitting guide on their website to help any shopper who may not know of her bra size
  • Inclusivity: Race, body size, and body weight were often idolized and perceived to be in a certain way, thus leaving so many women left out. Both Freya and Third Love accommodate all women. This includes plus-sized and petite women as well as different skin-tones women. This makes the people associate themselves and believe in the brand.
  • Brand Type: Both brands can be considered luxury brands, similar to Cosabella, Natori bras, and Wacoal products. They target the above-average earning woman to meet her quality and comfort needs. The price range of the two brands is between 45-80 dollars for bras.


Third Love has grown to be one of the most popular brands in the United States. Freya, on the other hand, is one of the leading lingerie companies in Europe. What else is different?

  • Store Set-up: Both Freya and Third Love do have a website where they display their array of products. It can be noted that Freya links you up to the nearest stockist. It doesn’t sell its bras online like Third Love, which sells and ships. 
  • After Pay Option: Third Love has the option of paying later. This means that one can buy their bra and enjoy using it as they pay for it slowly through monthly installments. Freya’s customers don’t enjoy this convenience.
  • Nature of the Company: As discussed earlier, Freya is a division of Wacoal, so it doesn’t operate as its entity instead it relies on the parent company to thrive well. Some of its sister companies include Goddess, Eveden, Fantasie, and Elomi. Third Love functions as one single business.
  • Gift Card: Third Love has this special feature where one can gift their friend any of the company’s products. This attracts buyers, increases sales, and more brand awareness among other people.
Woman wearing a matching bra and underwear

Major Distinguishing Factor

The biggest distinction between Freya and Third Love is in the specialty. Like Adore Me and Knix Wear lingerie, Freya has specialized in large-bust bras and swimwear up to K cup and sports bras and swimwear up to H cup.

Third Love has a wide range of products while Freya serves a specific niche. 

When to Use Freya?

Freya can be worn when one is looking to invest in quality bras. They are also big on creating vibrant colors and a wide range that goes up to K cup. Freya has several campaigns from time to time on women empowerment.

Their recent campaign was to bring more awareness to Cervical Cancer and encourage women to go for tests and support those already ill.

When to Use Third Love?

Third Love offers a variety of bras. It also banks on perfect fitting, comfort, and cute bras. They help women who don’t have any clue about their size with the international fitting guide on their website. 

The Afterpay feature is perfect if you are a woman who is strained on cash and needs a good-quality bra. This encourages flexibility in payment. Third Love is also perfect for women of all walks of life.

Related Questions

Do ThirdLove and Freya Bras Fit True to Size?

ThirdLove and Freya bras do fit true to size. ThirdLove goes above and beyond by providing a personalized fit test on its website. Meanwhile, a sizing chart for plus size and extra large cups is available from Freya.

Do Freya and ThirdLove Offer Nursing Bras?

ThirdLove and Freya offer several styles and sizes of nursing bras. They also have a range of maternity bras.

Are There Sleep Bras in ThirdLove and Freya?

Yes, there is a selection of sleep bras and lingerie from Freya and ThirdLove. However, only ThirdLove comes with complementary pajama tops and bottoms.

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The two brands are different yet similar in many ways, however, what notably sets them apart is their dedication to producing quality products. Third Love takes the lead between the two because they offer convenient online shopping, which is essential in today’s modern world. 


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