Third Love vs Wacoal Bras

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Lots of women have been asking about the differences between the lingerie companies Third Love and Wacoal, so I decided to give them an answer! In this article, I discuss the similarities and differences between these two brands. I’ll also talk a bit about what you should know before buying a bra from either brand.

Third Love vs Wacoal Bras General Overview

Third Love and Wacoal are well established globally and continue to enhance their technology to improve products in the lingerie world. They are both customer-oriented companies and have focused on making women feel confident.

These brands offer high quality luxury products globally to meet women’s needs. I will focus on the brand’s similarities, differences, distinguishing factors, and when to wear their products.

Third Love Overview

This brand was established in 2013 by a woman who was fed up with buying bras that didn’t fit and weren’t cute. Heidi Zak discovered that 37% of women’s cup sizes didn’t fit.

Woman wearing a matching bra and underwear from Third Love

She then invented the half-cup-sized bras which are a perfect fit for those people who could never find the right bra for their body . Heidi previously worked at Google so she used her expertise in the digital world to start a company.

Third Love ships 50,000 bras a month and is said to be worth 750 million dollars. The company was recently put on Forbes’ next billion dollars startup list.

Wacoal Overview 

Wacoal is a Japanese brand founded by Koichi Tsukamoto in Japan. In 1949 Koichi opened a lingerie and underwear store that would focus on having a positive impact on women and society. It is currently the leading lingerie company in Japan.

When people in Japan needed bras, there were only two options: purchasing them from abroad or making do with what they had. So when Tsukamoto saw an opportunity to fill this need, he set out on crafting one-of-a-kind products at home. 

Third Love vs. Wacoal Similarities and Differences

Third Love has been serving the US market since 2014. Since the company first entered the market, they have continuously battled other lingerie brands by constantly introducing new products. Recently they launched activewear to give women comfortable clothing for wear during exercise. 

When Wacoal entered the US clothing market back in 1983, they were targeting high-end customers with premium products and marketing them through renowned stores like Bloomingdales. 

To understand how these brands intertwine and compete with each other, let’s look at the similarities, differences, and major distinguishing factors. 


There are a couple of reasons why women wear bras. Some being: 

  • Support of breast weight
  • Enhancement of posture
  • Eliminating a sweaty underbust area
  • Enhancing an outfit
  • Increasing comfort for a woman

Both Third Love and Wacoal serve the above purposes. Other similarities between the two brands include: 


From push-up bras, bralettes, full coverage underwire bras, strapless balconettes, and plunges, these brands sell a diverse list of items. They are dependent on one’s size, skin tone, sense of style, and the bra’s purpose.


In case you don’t know your size, both Third Love and Wacoal shed a lot of light in that area. They offer step-by-step guidance on how to find the right size and the best fit. They also have an international chart to aid them better. 


Both Third Love and Wacoal are luxury brands. Luxury means they portray elegance with some kind of expense. This opulence can be seen in how the materials and embroidery are assembled and priced.

In and Off Store 

Both Third Love and Wacoal have physical stores and online shopping available on their websites. They also have a large social media presence that helps to market their products.


Third Love offers a wide range of sizes with over 100 styles to choose from at prices that won’t break your wallet. 

Wacoal bras offer fewer sizes. Their bras offer unparalleled support thanks to patented design features like an underwire integrated into the cups for extra support. Other differences between Third Love and Wacoal include: 

Fabric Type

Cotton and silk are the materials Third Love use the most in making their bras, while Wacoal seems to use lace acquired from synthetic fiber. Wacoal bras are also known for having embroidery, giving the bras an elegant feel.

Payment Plan

Third Love offers a very flexible payment plan. They encourage paying for an item in installments, while Wacoal doesn’t provide that feature. They instead encourage you to link up with your nearest store that carries their product for purchase.

Woman wearing a full coverage bra

Gift Cards

Third Love offers a gift card option. This simply means that you can give a friend a coupon or a card to buy anything on the website as a gift. Wacoal, on the other hand, doesn’t have that option.

Comparing ThirdLove and Wacoal

Brand Size Range Famous For Best For
ThirdLove 30AA-40HTagless and comfortable brasThose who need contouring half cups
Wacoal 30AA-46JElegant shapewear and lingerieThose who want large cups with embroidery

Major Distinguishing Factor

The biggest distinguishing factor is their designs. Wacoal has beautiful lace products with an embroidered finish that sets them apart in the lingerie world.

Third Love has quality products, though they don’t stand out as much as Wacoal.

When to Use Third Love?

Third Love can be used when you need to buy a bra and you don’t have enough cash to pay for it in full. Paying for it in installments gives the customer flexibility.

They also have a variety of bras with range of 78 sizes to choose from, that offer quality and comfort to women. They also cater to women of all sizes, including plus-size women. They are a luxury brand that offer quality, comfort, and the perfect fit.

Third Love also offers gift cards which is an excellent option as a present.

When to Use Wacoal?

If you love embroidered bras, this is a great place to begin. Their contemporary designs are well crafted, and their luxury products are also high quality.  

They offer different cups sizes that range from A- K with over 5000 retailers in over 30 countries across the globe. If you love lace bras, then this product is perfect for you. 

Related Questions

Are Bras from ThirdLove and Wacoal True to Size?

The Wacoal and ThirdLove bras do fit true to size. They also adhere to common sizing charts used globally.

Are Wacoal and ThirdLove Owned by Women?

Only ThirdLove is owned by a female entrepreneur and designer. Heidi Zak co-founded ThirdLove with her husband in 2013. Koichi Tsukamoto launched Wacoal in 1946.

Are ThirdLove and Wacoal Reputable Brands?

Yes, Wacoal and ThirdLove have a solid reputation, though Wacoal has been a top industry brand in the global market for a longer period of time.

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Despite Third Love being relatively new compared to Wacoal, the brand has provided customers with everything they need in terms of quality, a great fit, and comfort in the lingerie world. This makes Third Love a better option. 


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