True & Co vs Third Love

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True & Co vs Third Love, which is better? You might be asking yourself this question, but you’re not the only one! There are a lot of women who have been wondering about it, too and some even prefer to shop both brands before deciding on their favorite bra.  

True & Co vs Third Love General Overview

Both companies have earned a name on the big stages worldwide as some of the dealers in quality products for their customers. True & Co and Third Love have been able to counter and compete favorably with some of the industry’s finest apparel companies.

For the years that these lingerie companies have been in the industry, they have openly advocated for women’s comfort with their bras regardless of the bra size.

In this post, I talk about why True & Co. and Third Love bras may be different from what you think and help you figure out which brand suits your needs best!

True & Co Overview 

True & Co is famously known for some of its incredible inventions in the apparel industry. Before 2012, before the company was formed, most women couldn’t have proper access to the products of their choice, especially bras. 

When the company joined the market, for the first time, there was a solution for ladies who felt exposed while having to purchase their bras which was once the experience of the founder of True & Co.

This was through the idea of the famous “Online fit quiz.” One of True & Co’s products, the Sylvia strapless, was ranked #1 best strapless bra by Rank and Style.

Third Love Overview

ThirdLove has also brought a blend of tech and fashion into the apparel industry. In addition to that, the company is also remarkably recognized for its patented Mobile sizing app.

The Patented Mobile Sizing app has also helped many women to be familiar with their bra size without opening up their bodies to people and still getting the incorrect size for their bra. 

The innovation they have put in place has earned them a “pat on the back” from the former CEO of Victoria’s Secret, their competitors in terms of investment.

True & Co vs Third Love

These companies have remained silent in terms of controversies but loud in their progress, which has helped them remain relevant in the apparel industry. 

I will look at the similarities and differences these companies have blended in themselves to bring in the success they have achieved.

Comparing True & Co and ThirdLove Bras

Bra Popular Styles Sizing Best For
True & Co Wireless, triangle, bralette, soft form30A-40DInclusive sizing and smooth-feel bras
ThirdLove T-shirt, wireless, sports, racerback32A-48DEye-catching yet quality bras


Both of these companies, surprisingly, tend to have some significant similarities. For example, customers are more comfortable with shopping online than they were 10 years ago, and this is something that both companies have taken note of.

Woman wearing a wireless bra

Other similarities between True Co vs. Third Love include;  


True & Co was the first apparel company to try and start the online fit quiz. Through this quiz, not only has their sales increased but also helped reach a large number of clients not only here in the U.S but also other nations of the world.

On the other hand, Third Love was the first bra and underwear company to offer half-cup sizing. These are some of the iconic innovations they have brought into the industry.

Blend of Tech and Fashion

Both of these companies have a taste in both tech and fashion. This is an excellent blend through which they have provided a platform where women can get to know the size and shape of their bras and market and sell their products to the world.  

CEO’s Interests

Interestingly, both companies were formed by ladies who had a fair share of bad past experiences when wearing or purchasing their bras. Heidi Zak, the CEO, and founder of Third Love had trouble choosing the right bra size, which was the same case with True & Co.’s Michelle Lam.


Despite their similarities, some things are uniquely different with these companies, which help them stand out from the rest of the lingerie companies in the industry. 

Difference in Sizing

True & Co. prices are “per item,” whereas Third Love prices are “for each set of two bras.” This means that if you purchase more than one of the same bra at a time, they will charge you less per bra, similar to the bundle offer feature of Lively bras.

Difference in Shipping

True & Co ships anywhere in the U.S and internationally, except for Alaska and Hawaii. Third Love only ships within the United States.

Woman wearing a wireless bra from Third Love

With Third Love, there is no discounted rate if you wish to upgrade the delivery of your package. Shipping costs are determined by the weight and size of the shipment and will all be charged accordingly.

Difference in Returns 

True & Co. offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and they do not charge any restocking fees. Third Love offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, and you can return or exchange products without receiving a refund. 

You will be charged for shipping and handling fees and additional taxes if applicable (for both returns and exchanges). If you wish to cancel your order within two weeks of receiving your purchase, you can do so by sending an email to the address below.

Major Distinguishing Factor

Despite being a year younger than True & Co, Third Love has been able to gain momentum to come up against the oldest companies in the industry. This momentum comes from their deep interest in meeting their customer’s unending demands. 

When to Choose True & Co?

True & Co is best known for lower prices for their products. If you’re looking for comfort at pocket-friendly prices, then opt for True & Co. 

When to Choose Third Love?

If you are willing to work with the industry’s most delicate and fast-rising lingerie company, then Third Love is a perfect choice for you. Their stand for inclusivity of all ladies, regardless of their bra choice, make them an ideal choice.

Related Questions

Are True & Co and ThirdLove Owned By Women?

Yes, female entrepreneurs own ThirdLove and True & Co. Heidi Zak co-founded ThirdLove with her husband in 2013. On the other hand, Michelle Lam and Aarthi Ramamurthy launched True & Co in 2012.

Do ThirdLove and True & Co Bras Fit True to Size?

True & Co and ThirdLove bras do fit true to size. However, only ThirdLove provides a personalized fit test on its website.

Do True & Co and ThirdLove Offer Underwear?

Yes, ThirdLove and True & Co offer a range of underwear styles and sizes. You can choose from bikini, hipster, brief, thong, or boyshorts underwear.

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Third Love’s rise to become one of the best lingerie companies in such a short time since its inception in 2013 makes it a better choice of the two. The company has proven to its competitors that it is here to give them a run for their money.


Allena is the Founder and Editor of The Better Fit, a platform dedicated to empowering women with practical advice on bras and fitness, inspired by her own revelation of the widespread issue of incorrect bra sizing. Her expertise and tips have been recognized by major publications such as Cosmopolitan, Better Homes & Gardens, Insider, and NBC, making her a trusted voice in women's wellness and lifestyle.