Nike Sport Bras Size Chart: What You Need to Know

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Shopping for sports bras is different from shopping for regular bras. Nike, in particular, has a sizing system that uses letters specific to their products.

The question is, what could those letters mean when you’re a size 36A, or a 32C? Fret not! This guide will walk you through Nike’s size chart.

Nike Sports Bras Size Chart

​It’s not easy to navigate through Nike’s sports bra sizes. Instead of using a combination of your band size and cup size, sports bras are usually sized as extra small to extra-large.

Comparing Nike Sports Bra Size Chart

CategoryCorresponding Cup Size
Extra Small30A – 30E, 32A – 32B
Small32C – 32E, 34A – 34C
Medium34D – 34E, 36A – 36C
Large36D – 36E, 38A – 38C

What Is an Extra Small Bra Size?

​An extra small comprises A-D cup sizes for those who have a band size of 30. It also includes 32A and 32B. Those who have a band size of 30, no matter what cup size, would fit the extra small. 

Those who are sized 32, but are on the smaller side can still fit into an extra small and may find it more secure than a bigger size.

What Is a ​Small Bra Size?

The small bra size fits those who range from 32C-32E and 34A-34C. This is for thinner women who may have a little more breasts to work with. 

Small sports bras are better than the XS sports bras because they carry E cup sizes whereas the extra small does not. The range of cup sizes also starts and ends in the middle of two band sizes (32 and 34).

What Is a ​Medium Bra Size?

​A medium bra size ranges from:

  • 34D-34E
  • 36A-36C

It’s made for those who lie in the middle of small and big bust sizes. It’s also better than traditional padded bras because there’s no issue with awkward half-cup sizes.

Tip: ​If your bra size is considered “small” but you prefer more breathing room in your bra, move up to a medium! You’ll know it’s too tight when there are bulges forming around your back!

What Is a ​Large Bra Size?

​Nike’s large sports bras are for women whose standard measurement falls on or in between 36D-36E and 38A-38C. This size is for women on the bigger side of the bust spectrum, whether in the breast area or in the boob’s underside.

​Extra-large is for women who sport top rated push up bras for plus sizes. It includes 3 standard measurements: 38D, 38DD, 38E. Plus size women may also benefit from this option, along with women who are pregnant or nursing.

​How to Find Your Nike Sports Bra Size

If you’re unsure about your bra size, use the chart below. You’ll need a measuring tape to take your measurements.

Step 1

Wrap the tape under your breasts around the rib cage. Relax your shoulders and breathe out. Round down the measurements to the nearest inch to get your band size.

Step 2

Measure your bust around the fullest point and ensure the tape is straight across your back. Round up the measurements to the nearest inch.

Step 3

Subtract the size of your bust from your band size. For instance, 37 inches (bust) – 34 inches (band) = 3 inches. 

A blue-green Nike pro sports bra placed on a pink background

From there, you can use these measurements and the following chart to find your Nike sports bra size.

  • 0 = AA
  • 1=A
  • 2=B
  • 3=C
  • 4=D
  • 5=DD
  • 6=DDD
  • F, 7=G

For a more accurate measurement, use Nike’s online Bra Fit Finder on their website. 

A green Nike sports bra placed on a white mannequin with pink background

​Levels of Support

​Nike sports bras also differentiate their selection based on the level of support their bras offer, and you can try this with your best-rated push up bras that is lined.

​Light Support

Unlike medium support sports bras, light support sports bras are fit for mild exercises like yoga, barre, and Pilates. It’s also an option for fashion-related purposes like sporty-themed outfits.

​Who Could Wear Light Support?

​Those who wear an extra small can wear light support for walks, casual sporty outfits, or more taxing activities. Since they don’t have much boob weight to hold up or in, light support sports bras are enough.

​Medium Support

Medium support sports bras are better than light support sports bras because they have thicker adjustable straps, moisture-wicking fabric to keep you dry throughout, and racerback or cut-outs for breathability and to allow a wide range of movement.

A purple Nike racerback sports bra is placed on a pink background

Medium support is good for strenuous activities like training, dance classes, or gym workout sessions.

Who Could Wear Medium Support?

​Women who are between small and medium sizes might require medium support bras as they have chest locks and extra straps that go across the chest area. 

It takes into consideration women who may have larger breasts but still fall under the medium category.

​High Support

High support sports bras are recommended for certified professionals and athletes who work in active environments. They’re good for endurance training and better than light support sports bras because they take pressure off of your shoulders and keep your assets secure.

Who Could Wear High Support?

​Those whose bra sizes are large and extra-large might opt for high support bras. It ensures you have an ample amount of assistance in the adjustable straps, thick bands, and padding.

Related Questions

Are Nike Sports Bra True to Size?

Yes, Nike sports bras run true to size. The brand offers various cup sizes that correspond from extra small to large.

Are Nike Sports Bras Supposed to Be Tight?

Nike sports bras should feel snug yet not too tight to the point of restricting breathing. You must be able to put at least two fingers between the straps and your shoulders.

How Can I Ensure the Size of My Nike Sports Bra Fits?

Check the band’s tightness, reposition the straps, and feel the position of the cups to make sure the size you select for your Nike sports bra fits. Another way is to test the support by doing light to heavy-impact activities.

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​​Nike is one of the biggest names when it comes to activewear. Sports bras are one of the products of their expertise. More than their varied and wide-ranging bra sizes, the different levels of support deliver on both style and function.


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