What Is an E Cup Breast Size?

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What is an E cup? You may think about this as you find the right cup for your breasts, and you don’t fall under cups A to D. Before you choose bras, you should first understand what E cups are and if this is the size for you.

What Is an E Cup?

An E cup is a size that measures a five-inch difference between the overbust and underbust. It’s the first cup size outside the standard A to D bra cups. The underbust can range from 22 to 58 inches, while the overbust may measure anywhere from 30 to 65 inches.

An E cup is also synonymous with a DDD cup. Yep, we know, its confusing.

An E cup size measures a 5-inch difference between the overbust and the underbust

Choosing fairly large bras like an E cup can be confusing at times. This is why it’s essential you understand how big E cups are to determine if you have this cup size and what kind of bra to wear.

How Big Is an E Cup?

E cups have an overbust measurement of five inches larger than the underbust. This means that if you measure 37 inches in the underbust and 42 inches in the overbust, you have a 38E bra size.

E cup bra measures 5 to 6 inches size difference

E cups are usually the starting size of ladies with full busts. However, how big the final size still depends on the band size. For example, a 50E bra is significantly bigger than a 36E bra because of the longer band.

An E cup, in U.S. sizing, is generally considered one size larger than a DDD/F cup and one size smaller than an F cup in brands that offer a broader range of sizes. It’s crucial to understand that the actual volume of an E cup varies significantly depending on the band size it is paired with; for example, a 34E has a smaller breast volume than a 38E.

E Cup Size Details

Band Size Underbust Overbust
26 22 – 24 inches30 – 31 inches
28 24 – 26 inches32 – 33 inches
30 26 – 28 inches34 – 35 inches
32 28 – 30 inches36 – 37 inches
34 30 – 32 inches38 – 39 inches
36 32 – 34 inches40 – 41 inches
38 34 – 36 inches42 – 43 inches
40 36 – 38 inches44 – 45 inches
42 38 – 40 inches46 – 47 inches
44 40 – 42 inches48 – 49 inches
46 42 – 44 inches50 – 51 inches
50 46 – 48 inches54 – 55 inches
60 56 – 58 inches64 – 65 inches

How Much Do E Cups Weigh?

On average, E cups can weigh from 2.15 to 5.25 pounds for both breasts. The weight of an E cup is like having 10 blueberry muffins strapped to the chest. This is why you need a highly supportive bra to ensure comfort and lift.

However, as the band size and cup volume increase, so does the weight. This is also why about 80% of ladies can easily confuse cup sizes and wear the wrong bra. Here’s a reference for the weight change in E cups.

  • 28E = approximately 1.13 pounds per breast
  • 30E = approximately 1.53 pounds per breast
  • 32E = 2.15 pounds per breast
  • 34E = 2.57 pounds per breast
  • 36E = approximately 2.87 pounds per breast
  • 38E = approximately 3.35 pounds per breast

How Will I Know if I Have E Cups?

You’ll know if you have E cups if your underbust and overbust has a size difference of five inches.

  • To do this, measure the band size around your body by the ribcage and right under the breasts.
  • Take measurements on the bust area, then subtract the band size from the bust measurement.
  • Round up to the nearest even number if you get an odd number. If you get a 34-inch underbust and a 39-inch overbust, then you have a 34E bra size. The E cup is too small if the breast tissue spills over the top, whereas the cup may be too big if there’s extra space.

You can still have E cups whether you have a petite or plus-size body frame. The difference will be in the band size. For example, a petite body can have a smaller 30E bra, whereas a plus-size body may have a 48E bra.

What Are the Best Bra Styles for an E Cup?

Having an E cup means you have relatively large breasts, so you need bras to support the bust. These are the best bra styles to wear when you have an E cup.

  • Unlined bra: An unlined bra has less fabric and bulk, so it feels more comfortable against the weight of your chest. If it has a front-clasp design, this will also make it easier to free the breasts.
  • T-shirt bra: T-shirt bras don’t usually have molded cups, creating a seamless look while supporting the breasts. This bra is a great option if you aren’t self-conscious about the symmetry of your breasts.
  • Sports bra: A good sports bra will provide full coverage to prevent your E cup breasts from spilling out. This is ideal if you’re usually doing high-impact activities such as running or hiking.
  • Halter: E cup halter bras are excellent options if you want to show some cleavage without sacrificing support. This style also provides lift while removing pressure from the torso.
  • Convertible bra: This bra offers multiple styles in one. You can make the bra strapless or modify it into a racerback bra. A convertible bra is also helpful if you typically need to adjust the strap length to ensure the band sits in the middle of your back. Putting on a racerback bra gives you a lot of support.

E Cup vs DDD Cup Size

An E cup is often considered equivalent to a DDD cup, representing a one-inch larger difference than the DD cup, or a six-inch difference between the bust and underbust measurements.

This means that while DD and E cups might appear similar, an E cup (or DDD in some brands) is designed to accommodate a slightly larger breast volume than a DD cup.

Related Questions

Is an E Cup Bigger Than a DD Bra?

An E cup bra is bigger than DD, especially if they have the same band size. For instance, a 40E bra would be way bigger than a 40DD bra.

What Is an E Cup Equivalent To?

An E cup is equivalent to F if you need bigger cups yet a smaller band size. On the other hand, DDD is its sister size if you prefer a longer band. For example, you may consider 34F or 38DDD if you can’t find a 36E bra.

How Can I Alleviate Pain From Large E Cup Breasts?

Choosing a well-fitting bra is the first step to removing breast-related pain, especially back and shoulders. Make sure that the band doesn’t get loose around the ribs so it won’t ride up high in the back.

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An E cup is generally a full bust size, measuring a five-inch difference between the underbust and overbust. However, keep in mind that the volume of your E cup breasts would still depend on your body shape. From there, it’s important that you measure the bust correctly to find a well-fitting bra.


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