How to Put on a Racerback Bra

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There are so many types of bras, each catering to a specific set of requirements. Amongst the various designs is the racerback bra, which allows you to flaunt your sartorial style by keeping the bra straps hidden under the slinky tops and dresses. Yet, many women struggle while learning how to put on a racerback bra. Let’s find out.

How to Put on a Racerback Bra

The racerback bra has its straps in a criss-cross pattern, which makes an “X” shape on your back. Since this bra has different types, how you wear each of them depends on their particular design.

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Steps in Wearing Racerback Bras

Wearing Pullover Racerback Bras

Step 1Hold the bra upside with the cups facing toward you
Step 2Stretch out the band slightly
Step 3Put your arms into the holes
Step 4Stretch your arms upwards and slide the bra over your head
Step 5Slowly pull the bra band down and tuck in your breasts
Step 6Adjust the position of your breasts in the cups
Step 7Tighten or loosen the straps; if necessary

Wearing Convertible Racerback Bras

Step 1Hold the bra by the cups and lean forward
Step 2Put your hands through the armholes
Step 3Close the hook and eye closures at the back
Step 4Adjust the cups
Step 5Unhook the straps and hook them in the alternate loops to create an “X” across your back
Step 6Remove one or both straps depending on your top

Wearing Front Closure Racerback Bras

Step 1Loosen the bra straps and unclasp the bra hooks
Step 2Put your arms in the armhole
Step 3Pull together the two front panels and close them using the hooks
Step 4Lift your breast tissues in the cups
Step 5Adjust the straps until they are taut

Pullover Racerback Bra

These bras have a continuous design without any closing mechanism. While they can be quite tedious to put on as they do not have any clasps or hooks, they are well worth it for the support they offer.

Follow these steps to put on a racerback sports bra:

  1. Hold the bra upside down with your hands grasping the band firmly. The cups should be facing towards you.
  2. Pull on the band to stretch it out slightly.
  3. Put your arms into the holes until the band is near your elbows. 
  4. Stretch your arms upwards and slide the bra over your head, positioning the straps on your shoulders. At this point, the band will be above your breasts.
  5. Slowly pull the bra band down, tucking in your breasts until the band lies on your torso.
  6. Make the necessary adjustments to ensure that your breasts are enveloped and held in place properly.
  7. Finally, if your pullover bra has adjustable straps, tighten or loosen them to ensure the bra feels comfortable.

Convertible Bra

These bras have adjustable straps that can be unhooked from their conventional positions, allowing you to wear them under tube tops, halter blouses, and Venus-cut dresses. Here is how you wear a convertible bra:

A woman wearing a white full-coverage racerback bra and black leggings standing near a brown door
  1. Hold the bra by the cups and lean forward before you put on the bra. This allows your breasts to settle in the bra cups naturally.
  2. Put your hands through the armholes and position the cups squarely on your breasts.
  3. Close the band using the hook and eye closures at the back. Make sure that the band is not riding up your back or slack against your back.
  4. Adjust the cups to ensure that they engulf all the breast tissues.
  5. Once everything is in place, unhook the straps and hook them in the alternate loops to create an “X” across your back to create the racerback design.
  6. You can also remove one or both straps for a Venus-cut dress or an off-the-shoulder top simultaneously.

Note: Even though a convertible bra is versatile and multifunctional, it has its limitations. While you can remove its straps, it will lack the additional supportive features offered by an original strapless bra.

Front Closure Racerback Bra

These bras close up in the front, similar to a jacket or coat. They are easier to wear than a pullover bra. However, you might need a bit of practice initially to ensure the correct fitting. Following is the simple way to get into a front closure bra:

  1. Loosen the adjustable bra straps and open the hooks of the bra
  2. Put your arms in the armhole, like you would in a jacket.
  3. Pull together the two front panels and close them using the hooks in the center of your chest.
  4. Lift or squeeze your breasts tissues in the cups until everything lies perfectly.
  5. Adjust the straps until they are taut, without being too tight.
A black full-coverage racerback bra with a front clasp and floral lace design

How to Convert a Regular Bra Into a Racerback Design

Racerback bras are a great option to have in your wardrobe. They offer unparallel support to your boobs while you work out and the straps stay in place, instead of falling off your shoulders. They are especially useful if you do not like your bra straps to peek through and ruin the look of your outfit.

However, if you do not have one in your closet, you can easily turn your regular bra into a racerback design. All you need is a sturdy paper clip, which will not deform under pressure and hold its shape. Then, follow the steps below:

  1. Loosen the bra straps from the usual setting to make it easier to attach the clip.
  2. Put on the bra by sliding your arms in the armholes and close the band in the front.
  3. Gather the straps in the middle and clip them together.
  4. Take off the straps from the shoulders, turn the bra around in the correct position, and put on the straps again
  5. While you can also attach the paperclip before wearing the bra, it can be difficult to put it on.

There are specialized racerback clips available as well, which are reasonable and often sold online or in lingerie stores. You can also use these clips to stop your straps from falling off your shoulders. Ask a friend to help you put on the clip, follow the steps above, or attach the clip, and then, pull the bra over your head to wear it.

A back view of a woman wearing a racerback sports bra and black leggings with a floral design

Who Should Wear a Racerback Bra?

Racerback bras are armed with key design features that make them a great option for women with fuller figures and plus sizes. Since the straps are designed to cross in the middle of the back, they add another layer of support and a different angle of lift.

Moreover, the unique back design also helps disperse the weight over your entire back, instead of the shoulders. This makes this bra more comfortable to wear compared to a regular one, as it can relieve the pressure from the back, neck, and shoulders. Consequently, the straps sit firmly yet comfortably on the shoulders.

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What Is the Point of a Racerback Bra?

A racerback bra aims to support various bust sizes. Whether you have small or large breasts, the racerback straps provide an extra lift while distributing breast weight evenly.

Are Racerback Bras Supposed to Be Tight?

A racerback bra should fit snugly yet comfortably. It shouldn’t be too tight that it restricts your movements, breathing, and blood flow.

How Do You Hide Racerback Bra Straps?

You can use bra clips to hide racerback straps. However, this depends on the broadness or thickness of the straps.

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Racerback bras are incredibly comfortable and supportive. They come in various designs, which determine the correct way to wear them. You can put them on like a shirt, close them in the front, or wear them like a conventional bra. You can also turn your everyday bra into a racerback one with a clip.


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