How to Wear a Tube Top

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A tube top is a female’s outfit with no sleeves that wrap around the upper chest. It is often tight over the boobs with rubber bands at the top and bottom to protect it from slipping down. If you’re not sure how to wear a tube top, let me show you how.

How to Wear a Tube Top

Making a tube top outfit might be challenging if you’ve never done it before. Tube tops are among the most basic tops that are available. Hyping up the elegance of tube tops is the key to styling them. Utilize its simplicity by matching it with eye-catching items. Learn how to style a tank top by following these simple styling tips.

Graphic illustration of various images that shows the different ways of how to wear tube tops

Wide-Leg Pants

They look stunning if you wear tube tops with flared or wide-legged jeans. Wide-legged pants will strike the ideal balance and produce appealing effects because tube tops are often snug.

It may be worn with any pants, including denim jeans. It is advised to wear a solid shirt with printed trousers and a printed top with solid pants. I am confident that if you do this, you will look stunning.


A tube top and a skirt are flattering on all body shapes. Choose a skirt with more fabric if you are on the heavier side of the range and a thinner one if you want to show off your curves. Choose a tube top that contrasts effectively with the color of your skirt.

If the skirt is patterned or multicolored, the best alternative is to wear a solid tube top. You will like your outfit whether you wear it with a long skirt, short skirt, flared skirt, pleated skirt, or any other type of skirt.

A black tube top and mini skirt with white vertical lines on the side


Jeans and tube tops match well with each other. It is a basic suit, however, it is its best attire. Additionally, all you need to do to give some uniqueness is put one imaginative layer over the tube top.

Using different types of jeans and tube tops is another way to spice up this style. For instance, one of the best combinations for a tube top is high waist jeans and a denim tube top. Similar to how matching boyfriend jeans and a tube top with black and white stripes can make you appear like a fashion model.

Peplum Top

Tube tops and peplum tops both look gorgeous and merge. The finished product will be stunning. Wear it with skinny jeans and pencil heels for a party-ready outfit. If you want to wear it on a casual day, combine it with shorts, a skirt, or jeans, and finish the look with comfortable sneakers.

Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are both familiar and classic. Wear a black leather jacket with a cropped tube top and a black choker to create some fashionable layers. Put them together with a short, black leather biker skirt. Put on a pair of black suede ankle boots to finish the look tastefully.


You can always pair a cotton tube top with denim shorts. Look for shorts with beautiful flower motifs throughout in bright colors. Always wear opposing colors – if the bottom is darker, the top should be lighter, and vice versa.

Tube Top Types

Some of the various types of tube tops are as follows:

A gray and white tube top and black shorts were placed on a brown mannequin
  • Shirt-styled tube top – this is a shirt that does not have sleeves. It is suitable for a sagging stomach because it is not generally fitted throughout. You may wear it with jeans or skirts. This look is best complemented with a stylish belt.
  • Crop tube top – this is a top that ends near the naval. It is short and exposing and is typically worn with coats and shirts.
  • Party tube top with a bow – this top features a bow near the elastic at the top. It is an excellent choice for busty ladies since it conceals bulges.
  • Frill tube top – this top with a frill is ideal if you want to add a little playfulness to your look without exposing too much skin. The top is adorned with frills.
  • Sleeved tube top – the sleeves in this top are generally joined at the ends. The sleeves may be pulled up. This top is also a little vintage.
  • Formal tube top – this top is not too exposing and just the appropriate amount of snug. It is mainly loose and not too tight. You can combine it with blazers and skirts. It is ideal for formal meals and gatherings.
  • Tube top dress – tube top dresses are comparable to off-the-shoulder dresses. They are fit till the waist and largely flow until the finish.

Some categories of tube tops are also based on fabrics:

  •  Latex tube top – this tube top is made of latex. It has a gleaming appearance. This style of tube top is a little uncomfortably tight. It is most appropriate for parties.
  • Cotton lycra tube top – this tube top can be used for any occasion. It is mostly stretchy. It also looks great with jeans. It is also available in a wide range of colors.
  • Georgette tube top – this tube top is loose except at the top. Combine it with a short skirt for a beautiful evening date or party appearance.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Tube Tops

Some of the factors to keep in mind when purchasing a tube top include:

Body Shape

You should consider your body form and where an off-the-shoulder garment will look best on you. Wearing anything that hugs your waist, for example, will be ideal if you have broad hips. Wearing something with no cleavage, on the other hand, is excellent if you have a large bust since it will not draw attention to your upper body.


Most of these tops come in a variety of styles. Consider wearing this type of top with many frills or patterns if you want to look great. If you want something basic, a tube top with less decoration might work well.

Red floral design tube top jumpsuit placed on a pink background


Remember that some of these tops are made of cotton or other breathable materials that may be worn in the summer. Others, with heavier fabrics, may be more suited for colder months.


A tube top is often a form-fitting piece of clothing. You should consider if you would feel at ease wearing such an outfit. You don’t want to waste money on something you’ll never wear.

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A bandeau is a narrower version of a tube top. It is typically strapless, sleeveless, and off-the-shoulder in style. Bandeaux are often composed of elastic material to prevent slipping down, or they are fastened or pinned at the rear or front.

What Are the Advantages of Wearing a Tube Top?

Wearing this kind of top may help you show off your navel while making you appear more confident in your physique. It also helps to show off your toned and strong upper arms.

Are Tube Tops Still Fashionable in 2022?

Yes, they are still fashionable in 2022. They never entirely fell out of vogue. In the previous few years, their popularity had begun to wane. So they’re back, and they’re back big time, appearing on the pages of fashion magazines and becoming many celebrities’ go-to ensembles.

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The tube top is one of those women’s fashion items that may revolutionize your life. Knowing how to wear a tube top gives you the knowledge necessary to look good in almost any color or pattern. Furthermore, you have a vast fashionable canvas to explore because of their incredible versatility.


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