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What Bra to Wear with Halter Tops

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Do you have an adorably stylish halter top you just bought that you’ve been dying to wear? Stuck trying to figure out just how you’re going to wear said top without having your bra show off in a decidedly not cute fashion? Discovering what bra to wear with halter tops doesn’t have to be unnecessarily hard, nor does it need to result in wacky tape or home fixations to hide away your bra as best as possible.

Deciding What Bra to Wear with Halter Tops

​​Dresses and tops that have a halter neckline can vary, but they tend to resemble a silhouette that leaves your shoulders and upper back bare. Because of the quite tricky design of halter tops, finding a bra to keep you supported without being noticeably transparent can become a challenge. 

At first, a strapless bra might seem like your only option to pair your halter top with. While that is a viable option, it’s not the only one! We’ve outlined three different bras you can wear with your halter outfit that are comfortable and supportive!

Woman in a red halter top and cardigan with white pants stands in front o a red door and wall

​Option 1: Halter Bras

​One of the simplest solutions to rocking that halter top is by wearing a halter bra. If you find yourself struggling with your regular padded bra, unable to decide even how to wear a bra with a halter top, having a trusty halter bra in your wardrobe is the first step to clearing up the confusion.

Halter bras, as you may have guessed from the name, have the same silhouette as halter tops. This means that the fabric of the bra meet together at the top of the back of your neck, while leaving your shoulders and upper back bare. Depending on the style, you can find halter bras that you can even wear with deep lower back cuts!

Because these types of bras come in a variety of different styles and materials they are made from, they provide the utmost support to even the trickiest of halter tops. The goal is to make sure that you feel as supported and comfortable as you possibly can – and halter bras combined with that new cute halter dress can help get the job done!

Try Halter Bralettes

​Bralettes, for the most part, differ from bras because of the typical lack of padding and lack of strap adjustability.

While some women hate bralettes because they usually don’t get that added support (except for certain bralettes designed for larger breasts), others have really taken up this trend. It’s up to you on whether or not to add bralettes to your wardrobe!

Woman wearing a dark red bralette underneath her gray shirt

For halters, especially if you’re wondering what bra to wear with a halter dress, a halter bralette might be the best option for you – particularly if the dress is loose. 

If your bralette shows a little bit underneath the dress, it’s okay. 

Because of how trendy it has become to let your bralette be visible under your clothes, letting this undergarment show with your dress is actually encouraged!

And, halter bralettes can be worn with a number of items, not just halter tops!

​Option 2: Strapless Bras

​Oh, strapless bras. The “I hate you, yet I love you” bra that is a necessity in any woman’s wardrobe. Regardless of how you really feel about strapless bras, they are a great option to have for those tricky necklines, including halter tops.

While halter bras really do offer the most support when you’re wearing a halter neckline, that style of bra isn’t as prevalent in women’s closets as strapless bras tend to be. So, if you’re running a bit late to that social engagement and have realized last minute that you don’t have a halter bra, a strapless bra will be your lifesaver.

Strapless bras are strapless (as the name states), so there isn’t any potential of a bra strap showing on your shoulder. Both your shoulders and upper back are bare when you wear a strapless bra, which is obviously ideal when you’re shining in that halter neckline.

Use Fashion Tape with Your Strapless Bra

​One of the main reasons why strapless bras are so hated is because they never seem to stay where they’re supposed to.

If you’re having a major issue with this but need to wear a strapless bra with your outfit, try using some fashion tape to help your bra from sliding as your day or night continues. Fashion tape helps stick your bra to your skin in any given area that needs it! 

​Option 3: Adhesive Bras

​If you have a particularly difficult halter outfit, you might want to check out adhesive bras. These bras come in a variety of different silhouettes and types, making it easier to find one that will stay hidden underneath your outfit.

​If you have a halter top or dress that has a deep lower back, try using an adhesive bra that has no wings (and is just sticky cups) to get the best look.

Close up on a woman's chest, side view of her adhesive bra

Adhesive bras can come with or without sticky wings, making this bra ideal for backless or draping lower back tops (something that some halter tops or dresses excel in). Therefore, adhesive bras may just be the way to go, even if they’re not the most ideal of bra situations.

If you’re worried about the reliability of adhesive bras, don’t be! While they’re obviously not the most supportive bra on the market, they really are the only option for those backless halter tops. Just make sure the sticky part of the bra is applied (and sticking!) properly to your skin prior to your night out! 

Larger breasted women have more to be concerned about – read our backless bra review for D+ cups.

​Bonus Option: Convertible Bras

​If you don’t own (or have time to buy) one of the three bras mentioned above, there are chances you might have a convertible bra stashed in your wardrobe.

Convertible bras, also called multi-way bras or adjustable bras, are lifesavers for almost any neckline or odd outfit fit issue you may have. A convertible bra looks like a standard bra, but the straps can be adjusted (or converted) to match the silhouette of the shirt you are wearing.

Basically, these bras allow you to adjust the straps of the bra to help keep your bra straps from being visible!

If you’re looking to wear a convertible bra with your halter top, there are a few ways to convert the bra: 

  • You can make it a strapless bra by unhooking both of the bra straps
  • If the halter top you’re wearing actually covers all of your back, you can unhook your bra straps in the back and attach them to the opposite side, creating a racerback bra
  • For a standard halter top, attach the straps together (making one long strap) and connect it to the front hooks on either side

Convertible bras are such great assets to have in any wardrobe for any outfit, as they are easily adjustable for whatever your needs may be! You can always unhook and reattach your bra straps, which is ideal for any situation. As long as you have the correct size, these bras can be the best addition to any closet.

Girl laying on a towel on the beach wearing a midriff halter top
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Tips on Wearing Halter Tops

While halter bras are considered to be the most supportive and comfortable bra to wear with halter tops or dresses, there is no one perfect bra for this outfit. Depending on your own comfort and the design of your outfit, one specific type of bra might be better suited for you.

However, there are some tips that you should always keep in mind as you throw on that cute halter top for a night out!

​Find Quality Undergarments

​First, you should always remember to have great quality undergarments. This has less to do with price and more to do with overall fit, comfort level, and support system. If you have an old bra that is just not working for you, chances are you’re going to need a new one.

The issue with wearing old bras with halter tops is that if those bras are worn out, they might not be as supportive or hug your chest as tightly as they should. Since a couple of the bra options for halter outfits do not involve straps, it’s crucial that the rest of the bra is snug! 

​ Remember That One Bra Doesn’t Fit All

​ You should also remember that one bra may not fit for all your halter tops or dresses. There are so many different styles and designs of halter tops – you may very well need more than one bra for this popular style!

​Make Sure Your Bra Straps Aren’t Showing

​This is a given – and probably why you’ve decided to read this article in the first place. Finding a bra that works well with a halter top, which tends to leave your shoulders and upper back bare, is complicated.

Close up of a woman's chest wearing a nude halter bra

However much you might not want to wear that strapless bra of yours that you hate with a passion, it’s a better alternative than walking around with both of your bra straps showing in a halter neckline.

Deciding on what bra to wear with a halter top might differ from person to person, but one thing is clear among all: just make sure your bra straps aren’t showing. If that means you have to wear that adhesive bra, then that’s what that means. It might not be ideal, but you’ll look phenomenal with those shoulders out!

​Wear a Regular Bra When You Can

​Finally, a situation where you find yourself wearing your trusty, regular bra with halters! ​If your halter top or dress actually covers all of your back (and doesn’t leave the upper part bare like a lot of halters can), you can totally wear your regular bra with it. With a few exceptions, of course.

  • Make sure your bra straps aren’t showing (which we discussed above). If your supportive push up bra has convertible straps, you’re in luck! You can just attach the straps to the opposite sides on your back, and the straps are instantly hidden.
  • If you have just a simple, regular bra that is not adjustable, use a racer back clip to hide these straps. By connecting both straps to this clip, which then pulls them in to form a racer back bra, you’re keeping those bra straps out of sight.
Image of a girl's back wearing a regular bra with a racerback hook

​Pay Attention to Your Bra’s Sides

Typically, women are worried about their bra straps showing, and they never stop to think about the sides of their bra (underneath their armpit) possibly being visible.

The sides of bras showing can therefore become a bit of a disappointing realization, especially after you’ve gone through all the trouble of making sure the straps weren’t falling or showing.

If you’ve purchased a bra specifically for your halter outfit and have discovered that your bra is still showing underneath your armpit, you can still solve this problem.

For the most part, using sticky tape made specifically for placing and securing bra parts is your best option. This helps secure the sides of your bra while still making sure that every aspect of your bra is still supportive.


​Finding what bra to wear with halter tops doesn’t need to be a difficult situation, even though it can feel like it at times. While halter bras are the best option for these necklines, strapless and adhesive bras also work quite well. At the end of the day, the right bra for your outfit depends on what makes you feel comfortable!

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