How to Put On an Adhesive Bra in 8 Simple Steps

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You’ve got the perfect outfit for your date tonight. You’ve been dying to wear dark jeans paired with pumps and a backless top. The only issue is what to wear underneath this saucy shirt. If it were possible, you’d go braless.

Well, it is technically possible, but it only takes one nip slip to leave you instantly regretting your decision. Then you remember that sticky sort of bra without a backing that supposedly clenches to your boobs and doesn’t move.

You’re looking for the best adhesive bra to use. Grab one and follow along with the instructions.

​How to Put On an Adhesive Bra

Wearing self-adhesive bras can be a little bit challenging. They are bras without straps and a back band to hold them up, you’ve got gravity against you and adhesive glue fighting to keep the girls in.

Graphic image with a series of drawings that depicts how to put on adhesive bras

While this may not be your bra of choice in most situations, sometimes, it’s a necessary evil in order to pull off that low cut, backless dress. Or, if you’re getting married, the best adhesive bra for strapless wedding dresses is probably going to be required.

Girls with larger breasts might also opt to pick up some of the best boob tapes on the market, and tape your girls for added support

Steps on How to Put On Adhesive Bra

Step 1Wash your hands and chest
Step 2Dry your hands and breasts
Step 3Remove the bra’s plastic protector
Step 4Place one cup at a time, a few inches above the breast’s bottom part
Step 5Connect the clasps if there are any
Step 6Press the side wings against the skin
Step 7Ensure there are no cup gaps
Step 8Readjust if necessary

Applying the Adhesive Bra Stickers

So, you bought this adhesive contraption, but how the heck do you actually put it on? Many want to get that magic lift that accentuates the gorgeous plunging neckline of the backless dress.

Still, as girls, I don’t want those ‘pop-up’ embarrassments. So, wearing your adhesive bra the right way is crucial! The last thing you want is it falling down the moment you step out of the house.

Before I get started on how to put on a sticky bra, it’s important to note that not all adhesive bras are designed exactly the same. They could be packaged differently, have different cup connectors, and have different types of adhesive.

These steps are meant to help give you a good overview of how to apply one, though certain steps may vary slightly.

Step 1: Wash Your Hands and Chest

Before touching the bra, thoroughly wash your hands. You want to get all the dirt and oil off, so it doesn’t transfer to the bra. Similarly, you also want to clean off your chest. Since the goal is to have the bra stick to your breasts for a long period of time, cleanliness is key!

Step 2: Dry Off

Once clean, completely dry your hands and chest. The presence of moisture can weaken the tackiness of the adhesive. Be sure not to apply any cream, lotion, or oil once you have cleaned and dried your assets!


Follow the rest of these steps while in front of the mirror.

The front and back view of a brown sticky bra placed on a wooden background

Step 3: Gently Peel off the Plastic Protectors

If it’s your first time trying to wear a stick-on bra, you’ll likely see a plastic protector which covers the adhesive side of the cup. Hold one end of the protector by the edge and gently peel off the protector.

Don’t throw it away! Place it aside, as you’ll need it again. Peel off both cup protectors.

Step 4: Apply One Cup at a Time

Depending on the style of your backless bra, the exact method you’ll want to stick it to your breasts may vary. The overall goal is to have the undergarment firmly pressed against your skin.

It should not be pulling your boobs down towards your stomach. Take one cup and hold it with the sticky part facing your boob. When positioning it, it does not need to sit below your boob like a normal bra typically would.

This can actually give the appearance of saggy boobs. Try placing it right above the bottom of your bosom. Lean forward, and gently apply the cup from the bottom. Apply it upwards until you get that lift you desire.

Some bras have soft inner padding for your nipples. If yours has one, ensure that your nips rest under the padding as you lift up the cup. Follow the same procedure when applying the second cup.


The positioning of the bra cups determines how much skin you’d like to have visible. Play around with the placement until you find something you’re comfortable with! 

Step 5: Connect the Two Separate Cups in the Front Closure

Depending on your stick-on bra, how the cups connect can vary:

Clasp Connector

This clasp is similar to what you might have on a front-connecting bra. Basically, you want to snap the two clasp halves together. This will securely keep the cups closer together. Aim for about 3 inches between the clasps if you desire a fuller cleavage.

Lace Connector

There should be a toggle in the middle of the cups that clasps the drawstrings together. This toggle assists in adjusting the cups for perfect cleavage.

From there, you can tighten or loosen the strings until you feel comfortable with the tightness of the bra. You can adjust the cups’ position by cinching the drawstrings until you get the silhouette you want.

Fabric Connector

Some bras are already attached together with fabric connecting the cups. In this case, the distance between them is not adjustable.

No Connector

Some sticky bras have no connector in the middle, and the cups stick to your body independently of one another. In this case, check to make sure you’ve applied the cups in the same spot on each boob. You don’t want one boob sitting higher than the other.

A woman with an eagle tattoo wears a nude silicone bra and stands near a white door in the living room

Step 6: Attach the Wings

This step will not apply to all backless bras, so if your contraption doesn’t have wings on the sides, skip down to the next step.

The wings are meant to provide some extra strength and support. If you’re bust is bigger, look for a winged option! Also, if you’re prone to sweating more, wings can help provide backup as your skin gets slippery.

Once the cups are securely in place, take one of the wings and press it against your skin. Start closest to your breast, working your way around your side and to part of your back.

Each wing is meant to wrap about a quarter around your back. You’ll still get that backless appearance near the center. Make sure the wing is free of air bubbles and creases, and then move to the next one.

Step 7: Ensure Your Adhesive Bra Sticks

The first time you wear this backless device, it’s common to constantly worry if it’s actually going to hold up. You may even find yourself subtly pressing your hands or arms against your chest to make sure they aren’t sliding everywhere!

To develop that sense of security, here are a few recommended tips for securely fitting your adhesive bra:

  1. Apply the cups symmetrically (at the same angles). If one cup is slightly lower, it tends to pull the other cup downwards. This may also make your girls appear saggy, something you don’t want to happen.
  2. Ensure there is no space left between the breasts and the padding. To do this, smoothen the bra over your breasts. Work all the way up from the bottom. Smoothening removes any air bubbles that would cause the bra to loosen. It also eliminates the wrinkles that may taint your sheer glam dress.
  3. These bras work best for A-D cup sizes. Anything above that can be a bit challenging to wear and comfortably stick throughout the night. If you are on the larger side, opt for one with wings for additional support.

Step 8: Readjust the Cups

You might not find the right angle during your first try. That’s okay! So, you may need to take off the cups and redo the process. There can be a slight learning curve when wearing these sticky pieces of fabric for the first time.

Gently peel off the cups from your girls starting from the top to the bottom. Then, adjust them until you find the best angle for your bust.

A woman is wearing a nude silicone bra and blue denim jeans, standing on a brown wooden floor in the kitchen

Note that attempting the process several times makes the adhesive start to wear away. After several unsuccessful tries, wash them up and let them air dry to regain the adhesive effect.

For D cups and above, you might want to consider taping your breasts for a little more durable way of keeping your girls up through the night, like Kim Kardashian’s tape trick.

How to Make Adhesive Bra Stay

Now you know how to apply a sticky bra, but how can you make them stay on? That’s a different conversation. One of the most desirable reasons for using sticky bras is their convenience.

No more worries about keeping bras up and on! In its place, however, is another problem: keeping a sticky bra on especially when sweating.

Sweating is a natural phenomenon that I can’t just halt while wearing sticky bras. It happens and I can’t avoid it but what I can control is how my sticky bras will stay despite. First, I have to start with making sure you’re picking the right bra from the onset.

Get the Right Size

Did you know that around 80% of women aren’t wearing the right bra size? That’s pretty crazy, especially when I’m wearing them basically every day. Why am I telling you this (and more importantly, how does it relate to how to put on an adhesive bra)?

You’ll be overworking the adhesive if you’re wearing a stick-on bra that’s too small for your breasts, meaning it could fall off. Wearing one that’s too large will add additional weight to your chest, potentially causing your boobs to sag.

Women with larger busts have more to consider. Here are the best backless bras for large breasts.

Consult a Bra Fitter

​Ideally, take a trip to your local lingerie store and have a professional give you a bra fitting, especially if it’s your first time shopping for a bra​.

Let them know your plans about getting an adhesive bra, so they can help you know which will be the best fit. If any bra should properly fit you, it should be the backless, strapless one!

Take a Quiz Online

​I can all probably admit to finding myself taking one of the thousands of online Buzzfeed quizzes (no judgment here!), so why not take a bra quiz? Sure, it might sound a little silly, but it could help you know if you’re at least in the right ballpark.

A woman in a nude sticky bra and blue denim jeans wears a silver necklace and is standing near a white wall

​Measure at Home

​If you don’t have time to go and seek the help of a professional fitter, you can try to measure them on your own. When measuring, remember that it’s more about your breast size than your ribcage since you won’t be wearing a band.

Overall, it’s actually easier to know when sticky backless bras fit your breasts than when trying bras with straps. If the majority of your breast tissue lies outside the cups, you’re likely wearing a size that’s too small.

Remember, the adhesive may not be able to secure your girls if it’s not big enough. It will also feel more uncomfortable if you’re trying to rock the wrong size.

Test Out Stickiness of the Adhesive

If it’s your first time wearing this sticky contraption, it’s important to put it to the test to make sure it will actually hold throughout the day.

Of course, you can just make adhesive bras sticky again, but the stickiest your brassiere will ever be is the first time you wear it, so it’s crucial to know what you’re working with.

This will also help you know when it’s time to replace your adhesive bra because you’ll have a measurement for its original strength. Once you have the backless bra firmly on, try out the tests below.

​The Jump Test

​Among the common tests for checking the suitability of a stick-on bra, the “jump up and down test” is the easiest. Above all, it works. Put on your backless bra, blast your favorite dance song, and jump up and down. If they still hold, then you’re good!

The Heat and Sweat Test

​Sweat, sweat, sweat. Most people using these strapless bras for the first time are like, “What if I sweat?” If the gum can’t last long whenever there is a little temperature rise, it defeats its purpose.

These are the kind of lingerie I commonly wear in hot weather or for a night out dancing, so sweating will occur. Two major problems arise with sweat.

The adhesive glue sticks to your skin rather than the bra (careful if you have sensitive skin!), or the adhesive loses its tackiness. Some may be able to relate to those unfortunate moments when the cups are simply wet and slip due to the weakened adhesive.

Get a quick heat test by putting on this bra during your in-house workouts, or just involve yourself in an activity that will get you sweaty. If they slip off, then you know you can’t wear them on occasions when you’re likely to sweat.

If you naturally sweat a lot, try avoiding this bra on a hot day.

Why Wear a Self-Adhesive Sticky Bra

​Many are motivated by diverse reasons to wear these sexy bras under my gorgeous low backline or plunging neckline dresses. But one thing is clear. I want the straps to steer away from my celebrity bandeau style.

You may prefer a bustier look or a formal bohemian style. Thankfully, adhesive bras gather for the needs of everyone. Maybe you wouldn’t like to show much of your skin to strangers. That’s why you prefer tank tops to those dresses plunging down to the area around the tummy.

Either way, adhesive bras are designed to conceal bra straps from ruining chic open-back denim dresses, shoulder cut-out jumpsuits, or off-the-shoulder gowns. See how to dress for your style.

A nude and black pull-together sticky bra is placed on a blue-stripped background

​Perky Look

​Position the cups a little higher on your breast, so they’re not sitting below your cleavage. This will give you a perky silhouette, perfect for a night out on the town!

​More Cleavage

​If you’d like to show more skin and nice curves between your girls, widen the space between the cups. Depending on the size of your bust, 2-3 inches should be enough for that bold, glamorous look.

​Push Up Effect

Angle the cups to create a slight V shape, and have the clasps pointing downwards. When you connect the cups, you’ll get that instant push up look! This will be similar to what you might get with the top push up bra for average size breasts, just without the straps and back.

Related Questions

Will Wearing an Adhesive Bra Everyday Hurt My Breasts?

Generally, an adhesive bra shouldn’t cause any pain even if you wear it every day. Daily use of an adhesive bra won’t harm your breasts unless you remove it improperly.

Does Wearing an Adhesive Bra Provide Support?

Wearing an adhesive bra can still offer support, although it won’t be as great as a regular bra. As long as you wear it correctly, the cups should be able to lift and support the breasts.

Is It Safe to Use an Adhesive Bra?

It’s usually safe to use an adhesive bra, especially ones with hypoallergenic materials. However, you may get skin rashes, irritation, or allergic reactions if you use low-quality silicone or adhesiveness.

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​Adhesive bras are invisible options that work especially well with anything backless, low cut, or strapless. Wearing this type of bra doesn’t have to be painful or worrisome as long as you apply it properly. Put it on using the steps outlined above so you can stay connected, bold, and fashionable!

Okay, so wearing this may not be the most comfortable thing in the world. But, applied properly, it can be bearable for a night.


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