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21 Stylish Ideas for How to Wear a Bralette

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​Bralettes have the best qualities both seasoned fashion women and casual women are looking for, especially small-breasted women: convenience, comfortability, and fashionability. But, if you’ve never really worn one before or don’t consider yourself a fashionista, you might be trying to figure out how to wear a bralette.

Three bralettes laid on top of each other on a bed

How to Wear a Bralette

Unlike regular bras, bralettes were made to be visible from underneath a top or worn by themselves. There’s really no limits to what you can wear with a bralette. Aside from sheer and low-cut tops, bralettes can also serve as a complete alternative as you can wear a bralette on its own—if you have the guts, that is.

Bralette Under Shirt

Pink Bralette with Sheer White Spaghetti Tank and Shorts

If you don’t have the luxury to go to the beach on a busy summer, spending a day by the pool can be the detox you need from the world. It also gives you the opportunity to wear a bralette, tank, and shorts combo.

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Pink bralette white tank jean shorts

This one features a girly pink bra, a sheer white spaghetti tank, and shorts. You can easily lose the white tank and use the bralette as a bikini top to save on traditional swimsuits.

Bralette with Jean Shorts

Pink Bralette with Cowboy Hat, Necklace, Shorts and Boots

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Bralettes with leather jackets and other androgynous clothes are one way to be edgy, but cowboy hats give off a different version of masculine vibe to a feminine outfit that involves a bralette and cuff denim shorts.

The skin exposure from the lacey pink bralette and denim short combo will keep you cool in a hot and humid environment.

​Add some accessories like a cowboy hat, as featured in this photo. Either way, this outfit makes the perfect base to add a spaghetti strap tank top or sarong. 

Hat, pink bralette and a fedora hat

Grab the best bra to wear under tank tops and bralettes!

Bralette with Dark Blue Jean Shorts

Black bralette and dark blue jean shorts

Bralettes are perfect for impromptu trips to the beach, lake, or pool. Pair them with bikini bottoms traditionally styled for smaller women for an especially sexy look. 

Pair them with bikini bottoms traditionally styled for smaller women for an especially sexy look. 

During the summer when you’re probably wearing shorts most of the time anyway. To wear a bralette like this with a triangle shape for the top is not questionable fashion sense, especially this time of year.

Bralette Under a Sheer Top

Black Triangle Bralette with Sheer White Sleeveless Button Up Shirt and Jean Shorts

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This black triangle and lace v-neck bralette and shorts combo just so happens to be fitting for the beach with the sleeveless button down shirt undone.

This outfit can go from a lazy weekend outfit to beach outfit in a matter of seconds, which might be useful for the all-around woman who achieves the balance between the hustle of adulting and the importance of winding down.

Bralette with shorts and button up shirt

Bralette Under a Dress

Strappy Bralette with Deep V-Neck Dress and Choker Necklaces

This extremely strappy black lingerie top only deserves to be seen. However, with its revealing bra-like appearance, putting something over it might be better for outside.

A super low V-neck dress like this is perfect to show the strappy details below the band.

Dainty outfit ideas like this are made for small-breasted or petite women. The cuteness of the dress and the bralette combo works well for their body type.

White Bralette with Thick Gray One-Shoulder Knit Dress

A bit dressy but still cozy, this bra made of soft white lacy material paired up with a one-shoulder ribbed knit gray dress almost perfects the at-home fashion styling game.

If you’re looking for how to wear a bralette, this is probably the easiest way to incorporate one into your everyday attire.

Bralette Under a Sweater

Red Halter Bralette with Gray Semi-Sheer Top and Jeans

Red bralette under gray sheer top

Halter bralettes wear well with tops that have a wide neck opening.

The off-shoulder look to the semi-sheer sweater is fashionable and stylish, and the lacy bralette peeks through underneath just enough to spice up the outfit.

Finally, you can wear a bralette with these outfit selections in different colors with ease. ​

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Black Strappy Plunge Bralette with Chunky Gray Cardigan

You can wear a bralette and a chunky sweater for a foolproof outfit that makes you look on-trend every time. That’s what you get with a classic.

You can wear a bralette and sweater, like this strappy sultry lingerie in black covered in lace paired with a fuzzy gray sweater to make the combo pop.

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Pink Scalloped Racerback Bralette with Low Back Beige Thick Knit Sweater

This is a good way to wear a bralette with interesting patterns, cuts, materials, or any other details in the back. They don’t always get the attention they deserve.

Busty women can wear a bralette outfit like this, as long as their supportive bralettes have an interesting back detail to show.

Wearing a Bralette Under a Jacket

Red Bralette with Denim Jacket and Jeans

Early 2000’s taught us a bunch of things about fashion. One of them was from the iconic denim on denim matching outfits by Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears.

This red strappy lingerie covered in lace is a nice stand-alone top for the inner layer of your Canadian tuxedo.

It makes the entire outfit sexy and demure in equal parts.

Pink Bralette with Green Anorak, Denim Shorts and Boots

​When the weather is warm but not quite warm enough, go for a hybrid outfit like this one. This one in particular​ ensures you’re covered while also showing some skin to avoid getting too hot from the weather.

Easily pair a light lacy pink bralette with a jacket of your preferred thickness to match the weather! While ripped jean shorts are featured here, you can use pretty much any modern pair to accentuate the jacket and bralette.

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Green jacket pink bralette

Bralette with Brown Leather Jacket and Boots, Jeans and Long Necklace

This outfit just about matches that kind of setting. The brown leather jacket and ​brown boots steal the show as a delicate bralette adorned in lace shows through a plain white top complemented by the brown long necklace.

This outfit is a perfect fall way to still utilize bralettes in your outfit. This pairing is both rugged and sensual, all at once.

Black bralette under white tank and brown jacket

​Wearing a Bralette Over a Tube Top

Navy Suede Open-Back Bralette over a Black Tube Top with Jeans

Suede bralette over tube top

Wearing a bralette is quite old news by now. Though it can still be considered trendy and in-style, we can’t think of wearing a bralette outfit that hasn’t been created or worn before.

However, wearing a bralette over tops is something we don’t see often.

The triangular open back of this low-neck style bralette made of suede gives even more dimension.

Wear a Bralette for Going Out

Black Suede Triangle Bralette with Blue Zip-Up Pencil Skirt

Black bralette and blue zip up skirt

On the topic of textures, the suede material of this bralette puts it among the rare kinds of bralettes that don’t rely on the intricacy of lace or the sensuality of mesh to look pretty.

In this outfit, you wear a bralette paired with a royal blue pencil skirt with a zip-up fastening in front, another variation of its kind.

This is the perfect outfit for a night on the town with the ladies or to wear to a fun event like a glow in the dark party. Or, if you’re looking to dress to impress someone, this could work well.

The pencil skirt brings some sophistication, while wearing a bralette adds all the sexy you need.

Black Longline Bralette with Off-the-Shoulder Sheer Bodysuit and Denim Shorts

This perforated off-shoulder bodysuit shows some skin without overdoing it.

This black halter longline undergarment covers up the majority of your upper body, so it only exposes a bit of your midriff and highlights better assets like the collarbones and shoulders. 

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With minimal accessories like a dainty necklace and a pair of small earrings, this bralette can be worn and will look like a finished outfit that lets you flaunt it anywhere.

B&W Patterned Bralette with White Overalls and Beige Sailor Hat

An example of this is how this bralette can be worn with one strap unbuttoned and the side flapping outwards and towards the center. 

Doing so also reveals the pattern and design of this printed black and white triangle bra top.

This is a very airy outfit for the hot summer days. If you’re too hot to be bothered to accessorize, adding a hat to it like this beige sailor hat, finishes off the whole look.

Black Triangle Bralette with Long-sleeved Tie Shrug

Tops that tie in front are almost a summer staple now. The only thing that might hinder you from wearing a bralette often is the possibility of a wardrobe malfunction in the form of a nip slip or an unintentional exposed bra strap or cup.

However, you can now add to the exceptions bralettes that are visible underneath low-neck tie tops like these.

How it is styled here doesn’t make it look overly sexual.

High-waisted bottoms should cover up part of your midriff so it doesn’t show too much skin.

These things are inevitable as you’re working with a tiny scrap of fabric.

Wear a Bralette to Work

Lace Longline Plunge Bralette with a Gray Blazer Suit

​Going to the office doesn’t have to require ​ four thick layers of clothing.

This bralette outfit looks like the perfect blazer suit to ​roll into work with.

Its white color is a nod to the ​longer and brighter days of summer and the pink bralette matches the first spring bloom of the flowers.

It might look super fashionable here but it’s also convenient if you’re still feeling the last of the dormant mood of the winter.

This matching suit doesn’t require much decision making in the morning.

Blazer co-ords with pink bralette


Wear the blazer open on your way to work and if you have strict office dress codes, you can just button up one or two to hide the fact that you’re just wearing a bralette underneath.

Otherwise, the longline plunge bralette is appropriate in offices with more liberated dressing rules.

Blue Lace and Mesh Bralette with White Button Down Shirt and Black Skirt

This white button down and black pencil skirt mix gets a twist with the blue mesh and bralette peeking from the unfastened buttons on the shirt.

​Outfit ideas like these still work great in corporate setting with dress codes.

Blue mesh bralette with white top and black skirt

Blue Lace and Mesh Bralette with Black Leather Jacket, Skinny Pants, and Stiletto Pumps

A different variation of the previous outfit, this one uses a blue lace and mesh bralette and a monochrome black leather jacket, skinny pants, and stiletto pumps for something edgier.

The all black look on top accentuates the blue bralette, and you can mix and match this with virtually any color.

For a more conservative approach, use a longline bralette instead.

Mesh and lace bralette under leather jacket and pants

Wear a Bralette for Exercise

While a lot of ladies have already determined that yoga pants are great bottoms to exercise in, bralettes are coming along as great exercise tops, especially for certain types of bodies.

Maroon Bralette with Black Yoga Pants

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This sporty casual maroon bra top and yoga pants outfit looks as gym-ready as any sports bra does. However, not all can get by with just a bralette while doing exercises.

This outfit is more catered towards small-breasted or flat-chested women who can survive without a high impact sports bra. 

Women with heavier busts on the other hand, can go for a high support sports bra instead.

Maroon bralette with athleisure pants


These outfits are more than enough to provide your fashion inspiration throughout the year! Additionally, these outfits use some of the same types of bralettes that you can mix and match with almost anything!


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