How to Wear a Bralette to Work

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Maybe you’re wondering how to wear a bralette to work without landing a meeting with the HR department for breaking the dress code. Prepare your usual office clothes and try out a few ways to wear a bralette to work without getting a memo. 

How to Wear a Bralette to Work

While bralettes may not be the most traditional work clothes, you can make them office-appropriate with the right layering or cover-up. Use these tips and tricks on how to style a bralette even if you’re going to work.

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Bralette Outfits for Work Ideas

BralettePair With
Pink longline braletteGray blazer suit
Embroidered braletteSemi-sheer chiffon blouse
White braletteButton-down shirt, leather jacket, and shorts
Lace and mesh braletteButton-down shirt and skirt
Lace and mesh braletteLeather jacket, skirt, and pumps
Longline bralettePlaid shirt, vest, jeans, and boots
Lace braletteKnit sweater, skinny jeans, and stilettos
Black longline braletteOversized blazer and black pants
Pink strappy braletteOversized one-shoulder sweater
Lace and mesh braletteLeather jacket, skinny pants, and stilettos
Scalloped lace braletteBlack cardigan, jeans, and belt
Racerback braletteLow-back knit sweater
Red halter braletteStriped one-shoulder sweater
Blue and gray braletteWide-neck sweater and jeans
Black braletteWhite top, leather jackets, jeans, and boots
Strapless braletteFitted mesh top, plaid blazer, and jeans
Dark red braletteWhite shirt, coat, scarf, and jeans
Perforated braletteWhite-neck top, scarf, jeans, and boots

Lace Longline Plunge Bralette with Blazer Suit

Instead of using camisoles or button-up shirts, wearing a lace plunge bralette under a gray blazer suit is one way to be comfortable yet stylish on the first day of spring to work. 

Woman wearing a blazer co-ords with pink bralette while on break from work

Bralette with Chiffon Button-Up Blouse

The best part about wearing a semi-sheer long sleeve blouse is that you get the right amount of protection from the cold without feeling too sweaty due to the summer heat.

For this look, the thin and airy blouse complements the daintiness of the shimmery bralette. 

Woman wearing a nude long sleeved blouse with white lace bralette

Bralette with Button-Down Shirt, Leather Jacket, and Work Shorts

Woman wearing a tan jacket, white blouse and white bralette

Even if you’re wearing a button-down shirt and leather jacket to battle the winter breeze, the bralette and dark-colored shorts provide you with a refreshing vibe for work.  

Lace and Mesh Bralette with Button-Down Shirt and Skirt

Wearing a skirt is the right opportunity to bare your legs while looking professional at work. Despite the typical shirt and skirt combo, the blue lace bralette adds a bit of accent by peeking under the shirt. 

Woman wearing a blue mesh bralette with white top and black skirt

Lace and Mesh Bralette with Leather Jacket, Skirt, and Pumps

Hiding a blue mesh bralette under a black leather jacket is one way to balance work and night-out clothes. After work, you can remove the leather jacket for Friday drinks with officemates. 

Woman wearing a blue lace bralette with black skirt and leather jacket on her way to work

Longline Bralette Under a Plaid Shirt and Vest with Jeans and Boots 

If your office dress code allows casual clothes, it’s the perfect time to bring out a plaid shirt and vest for layering. Instead of wearing a padded bra, a longline bralette can give this typical combination a comfy yet snazzy twist. 

Woman wearing a gray bralette under plaid shirt and purple vest

Lace Bralette with Knit Sweater, Skinnies, and Stilettos

Street fashion opens a lot of outfit possibilities for work clothes. A typical dress-down outfit includes a sweater, skinny jeans, and stilettos. Add more texture with a lace bralette, jewelry, and handbag.   

Woman wearing a pink sweater over black bralette while going to the office for work

Longline and High-Neck Bralette with Oversized Blazer

If you like dressing up for work, you can make a bralette office-appropriate by wearing one under an oversized blazer without fully hiding the lace details.

Even with a few buttons closed, you can expose your midriff while the neck design serves as an accessory. 

Woman wearing a dark longline bralette with blazer while at work

Strappy Bralette with Oversized One-Shoulder Sweater

Does your work require you to have field days, which means you can take a break from your usual office clothes? You can be presentable yet fashionable by pairing a bralette with an oversized sweater. 

Woman wearing a white off shoulder top with jeans and bralette for work

Lace and Mesh Bralette with Leather Jacket, Skinny Pants, and Stiletto Pumps

Wondering if there’s a way to mix a bralette with office clothes while obeying office dress codes? With a lace bralette, you can let it peek through the neckline of your black leather jacket. 

Mesh and lace bralette under leather jacket and pants

Scalloped Lace Bralette with Cardigan, Jeans, and Belt

Another way to wear a bralette to work is by subtly letting it pop through a thick cardigan’s neckline. For this outfit, the black scalloped lace bralette adds edginess and sass to the all-black ensemble of cardigan, jeans, and belt

Black lace bralette with black coat and belt

Racerback Bralette with Low Back Knit Sweater

Do you love wearing oversized sweaters, yet you’re always struggling whether to wear a tee or camisole underneath? If your work has a more relaxed dress code, a sweater with a low backline is an excellent chance to flaunt a racerback bralette.

Beige sweater with white bralette

Bralette with One-Shoulder Sweater 

Perhaps you’re working in the creative field, and want to incorporate artistry into work clothes. One way to do that is to wear a red bralette that complements the black and white striped sweater. 

Black and white sweater with red bralette underneath

Bralette with Wide-Neck Sweater and Jeans

There are workdays when all you want is a simple yet cozy getup. Add a touch of style by letting the straps of a gray bralette accentuate the sweater’s wide neckline.

Gray bralette under blue sweater

Bralette with Leather Jacket, Jeans, and Boots

If your office permits casual clothes like a plain white shirt and leather jacket, you can make this combination stylish by putting on a bralette first.  

Black bralette under white tank and brown jacket

Bralette with Fitted Mesh Top, Plaid Blazer, and Jeans

Do you feel like sheer tops and work don’t mix? Well, not if you know how to style a bralette. Let the bralette and mesh top show over the neckline during work hours then remove the blazer for after-office parties.

Black sheer top and bralette with blazer

Bralette with Shirt, Coat, Jeans, and Scarf

When you’re layering some clothes for winter, lots of innerwear can feel a bit “stuffy”. With the thin material of a bralette, you can feel lighter under layers of winter clothes. 

Woman wearing a bralette under white tank, jacket, and scarf for work

Perforated Bralette with Wide-Neck Top, Scarf, Jeans, and Boots

If you’re tired of wearing the same flat-looking office clothes, you can solve this dilemma by adding textures.

To give your clothes a different look, try wearing a perforated bralette under a white-neck top and complete the look with a scarf, jeans, and boots.  

Related Questions

Is It OK to Wear a Bralette as a Top for Work?

Yes, it’s OK to wear bralettes as tops for work clothes. You can do so if you style them in a way that suits your work’s dress code.

Can I Wear a Bralette to Work Every Day?

It’s OK to wear bralettes to work every day because they can serve as undergarments or part of your office outfit. With the styling tips mentioned above, you can wear a bralette to your office every day without getting a memo.

Do You Wear Bras Under Bralettes?

While there’s usually no need to wear a different bra under a bralette, you can do so if it would make you comfortable. Most bralettes lack cups or have thin linings, so wearing an extra bra can provide additional coverage.

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Preparing work clothes can sometimes be dragging, especially if your combinations are starting to look repetitive. With a bralette, you can make your outfits look new and fancier without violating office rules. 


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