How to Wear a Bralette Under a Dress

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Bralettes are incredibly stylish yet functional. It’s common to see women wearing a bralette with a shirt, tank top, or blazer. If you’ve always wondered how to wear a bralette under a dress, here are some outfit ideas. 

How to Wear a Bralette Under a Dress

The key to wearing a bralette under a dress is making it look like a part of the dress. Even if the bralette has a different color than the dress, the idea is to blend it using the straps, design, and material.

Graphic illustration of various images that explains how to wear bralette under dresses

With the right combination, it will be easier for you to find the right bralette to wear under a tight dress

Bralette Under a Dress Outfit Ideas

BralettePair With
Velvet braletteSheer dress
Lace braletteSlip dress
Triangle braletteStrapless dress
Strappy braletteBackless dress
Strappy triangle braletteDeep V-neck dress
Lace braletteOne-shoulder knit dress

Velvet Bralette with Sheer Dress

Wearing a see-through dress can be pretty daunting when you don’t have the right undergarment. Welcome to 2020 where it’s not frowned upon anymore to expose lingerie under thin, sheer clothing

Flaunt a bralette in a daring way by letting it show through the sheer dress. The bralette’s velvet texture pops out and brings depth to the mesh material of the dress. 

Velvet is one of the most versatile fabrics because of its texture and visual effect. Despite its feminine vibe, it can also add some edginess to mesh clothes while reinforcing fierceness. 

Lace Bralette Under a Slip Dress

If you’re not a fan strapless bras, or going braless, it can be pretty challenging to find the right innerwear for a slip dress. Fortunately, another way to wear a bralette effortlessly is to put one under a slip dress. 

A white high-neck lace bralette worn by a woman with curly hair

Bralettes and slip dresses have an equally dreamy-like aesthetic, making it easier for them to blend. While it’s more common to see bralettes with lace material, some also use satin, which makes it seamless to pair with a satin slip dress. 

Serve looks at your next party or night out with the striking combination of a lace bralette under a slip dress. The bralette’s dainty details and texture are pleasing contrasts to the silhouette of the slip dress. 

Triangle Bralette with Strapless Dress

For women who have smaller breasts, wearing a strapless dress can be unnerving if you’re always worrying it may slip down the body. Meanwhile, some women don’t like to go braless because it may make them look flat. 

The solution is simple — wear a triangle bralette under a strapless dress. When you wear a triangle bralette, it will create the illusion as if you’re wearing a halter dress, which gives a new life to your strapless dress.  

The triangle bralette can serve as the straps or the top part of the dress. While it would be better for the bralette and dress to share the same color, it’s also fine for them to have complementary colors. 

Strappy Back Bralette Under a Backless Dress

Do you have a backless dress yet can’t find a good bra to pair with it? Anything backless is the perfect opportunity to don bralettes with interesting back details. 

A woman wearing a high-neck pink lace bralette standing near a white staircase

With the dress leaving your backside bare, you can add coverage and a bit of flair to your backside using the strappy bralette. The horizontal straps at the back show solid patterns in contrast with the flowy material of the dress. 

If you like to keep your shoulders and back bare during scorching hot summer days, let the open back dress cool your body while the bralette provides the necessary support and protection. 

Strappy Bralette with Deep V-Neck Dress

If you have a super low V-neck dress, it’s the perfect chance to wear an extremely strappy bralette that begs to be seen.

Different colors and styles of bralettes placed on a brown wooden surface

Perfect Color:

  • Black
  • White

The black and white colors make it appear like the bralette is part of the dress. The bralette’s lace material makes the outfit look extra sexy despite the excessive straps and the dress’ light floral patterns.

Let your edginess show by adding a tie-up choker that matches the straps of the bralette. In addition, it’s rather challenging to find the right bra for this kind of dress.

Instead of risking going braless or exposing padded bras, a bralette becomes the more practical alternative. 

Lace Bralette Under a One-Shoulder Knit Dress

Do you want to go for a dressy yet cozy outfit? Nothing says at-home vibes better than the combination of a lace bralette and a knit dress.  

Three different colors and styles of bralettes placed on a white bedding

During spring, you might want to wear something that can beat cold winds while still getting warm sunshine. With that said, the season lets you enjoy a long-sleeved yet slightly revealing outfit such as this one.  

While the one-shoulder dress slightly reveals your shoulder, the lace bralette prevents your neckline from looking too dull. Plus, the calming hues of white and gray make this look even homier.  

Related Questions

What Are the Best Bralette Styles for Dresses?

The best bralette styles for dresses include lace, triangle, strappy, and velvet. When choosing bralettes, consider how the bralette’s texture would look against the material, color, and print of the dress.

How Do You Style a Bralette With a Dress Modestly?

You can style a bralette modestly by wearing it under any kind of dress. You can also wear a blazer to cover your back and arms more.

Are You Supposed to Wear a Bra With a Bralette?

In general, you don’t have to wear a bra under a bralette. However, you can wear another bra underneath or put on nipple covers if you want more coverage and support.

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There are times when an ordinary bra can ruin the shape or look of a dress, which is why you may consider a bralette instead. While it may not be usual for you to wear a bralette under a dress, remember that confidence is the perfect finishing touch. 


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