How to Wear a Strappy Bralette

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A bralette is a wire-free replacement for regular bras. If you’ve always wondered how to wear a strappy bralette, then you’re in the right place! Strappy bralettes feature various strap styles, cuts, colors, and designs, making them suitable for all bust sizes and body shapes.

With some closet favorites, creativity, and experimentation, you can wear a strappy bralette confidently for any type of occasion. 

How to Wear a Strappy Bralette

Bralettes have gained immense popularity over the years. One of the most fashionable kinds is a strappy bralette, which you can wear as an undergarment, as a revealing top, or together with other clothes.

Graphic illustration of various images that shows different style ideas of how to wear strappy bralettes

Now, it’s time to try out more ways on how you can rock a strappy bralette. 

Strappy Bralette Outfit Ideas

Strappy BralettePair With
Dark-colored racerback braletteSheer spaghetti tank top and jean shorts
Black braletteSpaghetti strap tank and workout shorts
Pink braletteOversized one-shoulder sweater and jeans
Black braletteColorful patterned skirt
Red braletteDenim jacket and jeans
Strappy back braletteBackless dress
High-neck braletteDenim pants
Black braletteDeep V-neck dress and choker necklace
Violet bralettePurple shirt and black shorts
Plunge braletteChunky cardigan
Two-strapped braletteOne-shoulder sweater and jeans
White triangle braletteGray lounge pants and blanket
White braletteDark-colored yoga pants
Black braletteSpaghetti tank, plaid shirt, and dark jeans

Strappy Racerback Bralette with Sheer Spaghetti Tank and Jean Shorts

For first-timers who want to learn how to wear a strappy bralette, one of the best ways to start is by wearing it under a sheer spaghetti tank. If the top has a low backside, that’s even better. 

Woman wearing black strappy racerback bralette with yellow spaghetti tank and jean shorts

A bralette with a racerback style features lengthy X-shaped straps that contrast with the yellow tank top’s dainty straps.

Little details like that differentiate one outfit from another, no matter the similarities that may appear. 

Strappy Back Bralette with Spaghetti Strap Tank and Workout Shorts

Tank tops and shorts aren’t only for beaches or sleepwear. They also make a good outfit for hanging out downtown and for day trips.

Some tank tops tend to have a lower backside, which is the perfect chance to wear racerback and strappy bralettes.  

Woman wearing purple strappy back bralette with black spaghetti strap tank and workout shorts

In this outfit, the purple strappy bralette immediately gets your attention because of its color, which is in contrast to the black tank top and shorts. Aside from that, the darker palette is suitable for women who love urban-inspired looks. 

Strappy Bralette with Oversized One-Shoulder Sweater, Skinny Jeans, and Boots

Unless you have a one-shoulder bra, wearing an off-shoulder or one-shoulder sweater means struggling to find the right undergarment. Even when you do have that kind of bra, you can’t change it from right to left shoulder.

White off shoulder top with jeans and bralette

What if the solution is wearing a bra that’s perfectly okay to see the straps? You can choose which side of your shoulders to flaunt with a strappy bralette while still being fashionable. 

In addition, the straps enable you to rock this kind of outfit without dripping in sweat or shivering due to the cold. 

Strappy Bralette Top and Colorful Patterned Skirt

All-in-one outfits are great until you have to repeat outfits. Fortunately, you can achieve the look of a single dress using two pieces of clothing like a bralette and skirt. 

black strappy bralette colorful skirt

If you own various styles of skirts, like a skater, maxi, and bubble skirts, you can easily pair them with a black strappy bralette. For this look, the length of the strappy bralette blends well with a high-waisted flowy skirt. Meanwhile, the black color balances the colorful pattern. 

Strappy Lace Bralette with Denim Jacket and Jeans

Do you remember the early 2000s trend of denim on denim? Well, it looks like the trend plans to stay longer. If you’re ready to try this iconic fashion statement, twist it by adding a strappy bralette. 

Red strappy bralette with denim jacket

Denim clothes usually use the colors light wash and indigo. You’ll end up having matching uniforms with people you see on the street when you stick to these colors alone.

To make you stand out among a sea of denim, put on a cherry red strappy bralette. For this outfit, the strappy bralette adds a flirtatious vibe to the demure effect of the denim.

Even if you’re not wearing a necklace, the straps act as complementary accessories. 

Strappy Back Bralette with Backless Dress

Don’t you have the urge to be topless during scorching hot summer days? Wearing a backless dress is the closest thing to being topless.

What’re more, backless clothes open for opportunities to show bralettes with interesting straps and back details.

Caged bralette and backless dress

This cagey-back design bralette features horizontal straps at the back. The straps also give extra elements to this flowy summer backless dress.

As the open-back dress allows air to fan your back, the strappy bralette provides decoration and protection for your back. Interested in whether you can even bother wearing a bra with a backless dress?

High-Neck Strappy Bralette with Pants

If you’re looking for an outfit that’s suitable for both hanging out indoors and going out for a walk, pairing a strappy bralette with a closet staple is the way to go. 

High neck bralette with high waist jeans

This high-neck strappy bralette gives sufficient lift and support for big breasts. Its simplicity makes you feel comfortable yet dressier than your usual loungewear.

When the occasion doesn’t call for a heavy-duty bra, you can dress down a strappy bralette by pairing it with shorts or making it semi-formal with pants. 

Strappy Bralette with Deep V-Neck Dress and Choker Necklaces

If you have a deep V-neck dress, then you know the struggle of finding the right bra that won’t peek through your clothes.

Whenever you attempt not to wear a bra, you’re always worried about exposing yourself more than you should. 

Black bralette and white v neck dress

With a strappy bralette, you won’t have to think about hiding the bra. Instead, you can showcase the bralette’s straps and design. Despite the lacey material, the excessive straps make the bralette edgier, which is an excellent contrast to the floral V-neck dress. 

Without going over the top, the tie-up and chain chokers match the straps of the bralette, making the outfit look more flattering.

If you think this kind of dress only works for small-breasted women, partnering it with a strappy bralette will also allow women with large breasts to enjoy this look. 

Strappy Bralette with T-Shirt and Black Shorts

It’s common for women to wear bras under t-shirts, although the problem usually means exposing bra straps. Sometimes, the shoulder straps tend to fall due to your movements. 

Woman wearing a plum shirt with a gray bralette underneath

To save you from menacing shoulder straps, consider opting for a bralette with front-crossing straps that can also put elements to your exposed neckline.

For this look, the gray color of the strappy bralette is complementary to the plum t-shirt. 

Strappy Plunge Bralette with Chunky Cardigan

Have you ever experienced wearing clothes that should protect you from the cold temperature, only to spend the day sweating due to unexpected weather changes? Bummer, right? 

Black bralette with gray cardigan

This is why chunky cardigans and strappy bralettes make a great team during unpredictable weather months. When you feel chilly outside, wear a cardigan, then take it off when the heat is too much.

With a black strappy bralette as an inner layer, you won’t have to endure wearing thick layers of clothing. You can make yourself well-dressed, whatever season comes your way.  

Two-Strapped Bralette with One-Shoulder Sweater and Jeans

When the snow starts to disappear, and colors begin to come back for spring, nature calls for sweater weather.

The pink color of the knit sweater matches the bloom of the flowers, which is a nice change from the gloomy hues of the cold seasons. 

Woman wearing a pink sweater with white strappy bralette

You may think it’s unnecessary to wear a gorgeous bralette, let alone a strappy one since the sweater will cover it up. This is where a one-shoulder sweater shines— it lets you flaunt your shoulders and collar bones while still being creative due to the bralette’s straps. 

Strappy Bralette with Lounge Pants 

Don’t you love it when you can wake up and stay in the comfort of your home with a cup of coffee in hand after a good night of slumber?

With a strappy bralette and lounge pants, you can do this morning routine in the most comfortable clothes. 

White bralete pants and blanket

There are times when the clothes you wear impact your mood. The lacey material of the bralette and the snuggly warmth of the lounge pants help drive a calming feeling.

Throw a blanket over your arms, and you can create the coziest atmosphere. Since you’re at home, take a break from the restraint of typical wired and padded bras.

When you wear a strappy bralette, you can get the necessary cover and support without feeling too sweaty or trapped. 

Strappy Bralette with Yoga Pants

When you have a whole day to spend indoors, you’ll probably want to maximize your time resting while still being active. The problem is that dressing up indoors means some outfits either make you feel too hot or too cold. 

Woman wearing a white strappy bralette with black yoga pants

With some activewear clothes, you can find the middle ground.

Combine this:

  • Strappy bralette
  • Yoga pants

Combining a strappy bralette and yoga pants balances the airiness and coverage for you to remain comfortable regardless of the indoor temperature.

As a result, you can do quick yoga and workout sessions without changing clothes. 

Strappy Bralette with Spaghetti Tank, Plaid Shirt, and Dark Jeans

Fall means it’s time to bring out your plaid shirts. You can run out of ideas of how to wear one due to its monotonous designs. This is where a bralette and a tank top can help you. 

Woman wearing a strappy black bralette under white tank and plaid button down

Instead of closing up all the buttons, you can keep the shirt unbuttoned to show the strappy bralette and tank top underneath. Some plaid shirts look a bit masculine, either because of the silhouette or color.

You can soften the overall look by using a strappy bralette and white tank as inner layers. Since the season still brings chilly air, you need the shirt’s long sleeves to protect you from the temperature.

If it’s a bit warm, you can always take the shirt off without ruining your outfit. 

Related Questions

What Is the Point of a Strappy Bralette?

A strappy bralette distributes breast weight evenly. The additional straps also provide better bust support since most bralettes are wireless.

Are Strappy Bralettes Easy to Wear?

Yes, strappy bralettes are easy to wear since most have pullover designs. However, be cautious about pulling on the extra straps in front or at the back.

How to Choose a Strappy Bralette?

Like when choosing other types of bralettes, you must consider your actual size when picking a strappy bralette. Additionally, check if the number and placement of straps suit your style.

What Is a Bralette and ALL the Situations to Wear One


Given the versatility of a bralette, you can master several ways how to wear a strappy bralette. Whether you want to pair it with a dress, pants, or shirt, you can achieve a whole new look thanks to a bralette’s designs and straps.


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