How to Wear a Bralette With a Tank Top

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A bralette is a lightweight undergarment that’s usually unlined, wire-free, and unpadded, letting it fit perfectly with the contours of a woman’s body.

With such characteristics, a bralette frees you from the breast-jail elements of a typical bra. To help you start your journey in the world of bralettes, let’s look into some ways how to wear a bralette with a tank top.

How to Wear a Bralette With a Tank Top

A bralette comes in many colors, patterns, and strap designs, making it a versatile piece of clothing.

Graphic illustration of various images that shows how to wear a bralette with a tank top

Bras are hard to wear under spaghetti straps and tank tops, but bralettes make it easier. Being an excellent undergarment for layering, it’s the spaghetti strap soulmate.

Bring out your favorite tank tops and try these bralette styling options. Make sure to check out my guide on how to pick the best bra for tank tops.  

Bralette With a Tank Top Outfit Ideas

Bralette StylePair With
Lace racerback braletteWhite spaghetti tank top and blue shorts
Black strappy braletteYellow semi-sheer tank top and denim shorts
Blue lace braletteBrown spaghetti tank top and cuff shorts
Lace racerback braletteScoop-back tank top
Pink braletteWhite sheer tank top and jean shorts
Purple strappy back braletteBlack tank top and shorts
Strappy braletteWhite spaghetti tank, plaid shirt, and jeans
Gray braletteTank top, wide-neck sweater, and jeans

Lace Racerback Bralette with White Spaghetti Strap Tank and Shorts

Wearing a bra under a tank top usually means having clashing straps on your shoulders. Twist it by wearing a bralette with a lace racerback strap. 

A woman wearing a white high-neck bralette and black denim shorts

Besides adding details to the plain white tank top, the lace bralette gives coverage and support to your back. This outfit is suitable for both quick outdoor trips and indoor date nights. 

Strappy Racerback Bralette Under a Semi-Sheer Spaghetti Tank with Jean Shorts

While the combination of bright yellow and black suggests a bold aura, the tank’s sheer material and the bralette’s straps make the outfit more feminine. 

A young woman wearing a pink wireless bralette and green shorts is seated on a couch

Wearing a sheer tank is a good chance for you to wear an undergarment that can show through the top. In this case, the bralette also peeks through the hemline to add lines and texture to the look. 

Blue Lace Bralette with Brown Spaghetti Strap Tank and Denim Cuff Shorts

One of the best things about a bralette is that it makes a good piece of clothing for layering. Similar to the previous outfits, the lace bralette and tank top use complementary colors to highlight their individuality. 

Woman wearing blue lace bralette with brown spaghetti strap tank and denim cuff shorts

The gray bralette adds a frame to the tank’s rounded neckline while showing off intricate lace details. Likewise, notice how the lace brings texture to the rather dull and flat dimension of the top. 

Lace Racerback Bralette with Scoop Back Tank Top

If you’re always showing off the front side of your bralettes, why not give it a break and opt for the other side? Since the tank top bares your back, this is the perfect opportunity to sport a lace racerback bralette.

Aside from providing support for your breasts, the bralette can help cover and decorate your well-toned back. Now, pair the bralette with denim shorts, sunglasses, and a tote bag, and you’re in the ultimate vacay vibe.

Pink Bralette with Sheer White Spaghetti Tank and Shorts

A white spaghetti tank is a common piece of clothing for women, so you can expect to bump into another person with the same getup as yours.

If the tank plus shorts combo is your go-to outfit for sweaty summer days, make yours unique by wearing a bralette. 

Woman wearing a pink bralette with white tank and jean shorts

Even if you want to wear this combo several times a week, you can show variations by using bralettes with different colors, straps, and patterns. For this look, the pink bralette adds a girly touch to the sheer white top. 

Purple Strappy Back Bralette with Black Spaghetti Strap Tank and Shorts

If you’re looking for fun ways to spice up your old black spaghetti strap tanks, then it’s time to invest in pastel-colored bralettes! For this look, the purple bralette complements the strap tank, not too loud yet adds a flare. 

A black cage bralette worn by a woman standing in the kitchen

Pairing bralettes with black spaghetti tops is a subtle way to blend two pieces of lightweight clothing. Make this your next outfit for urban strolls or beach trips. 

Strappy Bralette with Spaghetti Tank, Plaid Shirt, and Dark Jeans

Another way to wear a bralette with a tank top is to use a bralette with straps that won’t clash with the tank’s shoulder straps. For this look, you can see that the strappy bralette hugs the upper part of the torso nicely. 

A side view of a woman wearing a blue lace bralette and necklace

More than that, you can use the strappy bralette and tank top as inner layers during the fall season. Partner it with your trusty plaid shirt and dark jeans, and you’ll have enough layers to keep your body warm.    

Gray Bralette with Tank Top, Blue Wide-Neck Sweater, and Jeans

If you’re the kind of person who easily gets cold yet also likes wearing strapless clothes, the combination of bralette, tank top, and a sweater is the ideal look for you. 

A pink high-neck bralette with an underwire and lace design worn by a woman

Maybe you’ll be staying in an air-conditioned room the whole day, so it’s fitting to bring a snuggly sweater.

When it’s time to head outside with the blazing sun glaring upon you, keep your body feeling fresh with a bralette and a tank top. 

Related Questions

What Tops Can I Wear With a Bralette?

You can pair bralettes with tops such as tank tops, shirts, and blouses. You may also layer them together depending on the season and occasion.

What Are the Best Bralette Styles to Wear With a Tank Top?

The best bralette styles to wear with a tank top include strappy, lace, and racerback bralettes. High-neck, longline, and strapless bralettes are also great options for tops.

Can Bralettes Be Worn Alone?

Yes, you can wear a bralette as a top. However, wearing a bralette under a tank top is a good alternative if you think it’s too skin-revealing.

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Final Thoughts

One of the easiest ways of styling a bralette is by wearing it underneath a tank top. The simplicity of both garments lets them shine without taking much of your time preparing.

Whether you want to show the bralette’s front or backside, you can always wear one with a tank top.


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