How to Wear a Bralette Under a Shirt

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Bralettes are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing. You can wear them on a casual day, for a formal event, even in a professional landscape.

If this is your first time wearing one, I’ll help you get started with how to wear bralette under a shirt, which is the most common way. 

How to Wear a Bralette Under a Shirt 

While you can wear a bralette as it is, there are times when you feel you like you want more coverage. With the combination of bralettes and shirts, you can show off any styles, whether it’s sporty, feminine, or flirty.

Graphic illustration describing different ways of how to wear bralettes under shirts

Bralette Under a Shirt Outfit Ideas

Bralette StylePair With
Off-the-shoulder lace braletteStrapless top
Black triangle braletteSheer button-up shirt and denim shorts
Lace racerback braletteSpaghetti strap tank top
Strappy racerback braletteSheer spaghetti strap tank top
Triangle topCrop top
Lace braletteSpaghetti top with a rounded neckline
Racerback braletteScoop-back tank top
Pink braletteSheer spaghetti tank and shorts
Strappy back braletteBlack tank top and shorts
Blue braletteShirt and cuff shorts
High-neck braletteWide-neck shirt
Lace braletteClassic white tee, jeans, and belt
Strappy braletteDark-colored shirt and black shorts
Scalloped and perforated braletteMuscle tee and distressed shorts
Halter braletteSemi-sheer top
Racerback braletteMesh top
Lace braletteButton-up blouse
White braletteButton-down blouse, leather jacket, and shorts
Halter braletteLong-sleeved shirt, scarf, and jeans
Dark-colored bralettePlaid shirt, vest, and jeans
Lace braletteWide-neck top, scarf, and jeans
Bright-colored braletteBlack top, puffer coat, jeans, and boots
Pink braletteWhite shirt, rain jacket, jeans, and boots
Lace and mesh braletteButton-down shirt and skirt

Off-the-Shoulder Lace Bralette Underneath a Strapless Top 

With an off-the-shoulder lace bralette, you can make the look different without the need to cover up the top. A bralette will only act as an item of complementary clothing, so the attention remains on the strapless top.

Black Triangle Bralette Under a Sheer Button-Up Shirt with Shorts

Here’s a beach or a casual outfit for the summer days. With a black triangle bralette, you can say goodbye to boring old bras under a white sheer button-up shirt.

A woman wearing a black bralette with a white blouse and blue denim shorts walks on the sand on the beach

Finish the look with jean shorts, and you’ll achieve an effortlessly chic outfit in seconds.  

Lace Racerback Bralette and Spaghetti Strap Tank 

Don’t you hate it when you need to wear a strapped bra underneath a spaghetti strap tank? It’s like having cords dangling over your shoulders. One way to solve this dilemma is by using a lace racerback bralette instead.

A woman facing back wearing a gray racerback bralette with a white spaghetti tank top and blue shorts standing on the sand

Aside from not competing with the straps of the tank top, this type of bralette will also support your breasts and back

Strappy Racerback Bralette with Spaghetti Tank 

Here’s another variation of a racerback bralette. Instead of wearing bras with neutral colors, why not choose a black colored racerback bralette under a yellow spaghetti tank? 

A woman wearing a black bralette with yellow spaghetti strap tank top and blue shorts seated on a stainless stairs

The lengthy X shape of the straps crosses with the more horizontally-inclined X straps of the tank top. This combination gives off details without the straps looking like a mess. 

Triangle Bralette with Crop Top

There are times when shirts and blouses won’t let you survive the summer heat. This is your chance to flaunt your crop tops. With its light material, a bralette becomes the ultimate summer-friendly bra to pair with crop tops. 

Lace Bralette with Rounded Neckline Spaghetti Top

This outfit takes a different approach to the layering of bralette and strap tanks. Instead of a V-neck or plunging neckline, a rounded neckline provides more coverage. With the addition of a bralette, your bust gets enough support and comfort.  

Woman wearing blue lace bralette with brown spaghetti strap tank and denim cuff shorts

Racerback Bralette with Scoop Back Tank Top

Summer is the perfect time to bring out those alluring scoop back tank tops. However, you might encounter a few others who will sport the same look.

To stand out among the crowd, pair the top with a racerback bralette to show a variation on the backside. 

Pink Bralette with Sheer Spaghetti Tank and Shorts

If you want to take a break from wearing swimsuits or you’re merely looking for loungewear, go for a bralette, top, and shorts combo.

For example, you can don a pink bralette with a sheer white spaghetti tank and denim shorts.

Woman wearing a pink bralette with white tank and jean shorts

Strappy Back Bralette with Spaghetti Strap Tank and Shorts

If you are on the hunt for a casual outfit for your morning stroll in the city, the bralette plus tank top combination is also suitable.

For a more urban style, go for a darker palette like a purple bralette underneath a black spaghetti strap tank with fun-colored workout shorts.   

Black spaghetti strap tank top on top of purple bralette worn by a woman seated on a stainless chair

Blue Bralette with T-Shirt and Cuff Shorts

Maybe sheer and light-colored tops are not your pegs. In this case, you can opt for t-shirts with darker tones for more coverage. This is an excellent alternative if you have lots of plain tees, and you want variations in your daily outfits.

A blue bralette with a gray shirt and blue denim shorts was worn by a woman standing near a plant

High Neck Bralette with Wide Neck Shirt

You might think it’s too much if you add accessories while wearing a high neck bralette. While this is true with layered necklaces, a high neck bralette is actually a match to chokers.

You can pull off this look by using wide neck shirts so that both the bralette and choker have sufficient space to pop out.

Woman wearing white high neck bralette with gray wide neck t-shirt and black choker

Bralette with Basic Tee and Jeans

On days when you don’t feel like dressing up, or you straight up don’t know what to wear, you can rely on a classic white shirt and jeans combo.

It’s a fail-proof outfit for both lazy days and planned outings. Show off a bralette under a low V-neck tee, and finish the look with a pair of jeans and a wide-brim hat.

Woman wearing a basic low v-neck white tee with jeans and hat

Strappy Bralette Under a T-Shirt with Shorts

Wearing a bralette under a shirt doesn’t mean you always have to expose the straps. If you prefer shirts with sleeves, you can choose a bralette with crossing straps in the front instead of on the shoulders.

Pair this combination with black shorts, and this outfit can be your staple loungewear. 

A woman wearing a gray bralette with a purple blouse and black shorts standing near a tree

Scalloped and Perforated Bralette with Muscle Tee

The good thing about a scalloped bralette is that it provides broader coverage and enhanced support for all bust sizes.

The bralette’s intricate lace details add a feminine touch to the rather masculine vibe of a muscle tee. Pair it with distressed denim shorts, rings, and layered necklaces for elegance.  

Woman wearing a white scalloped and perforated bralette with powder blue muscle tee

Halter Bralette with Semi-Sheer Top 

If you want to take a break from shirts, try semi-sheer tops with wide neck openings. Busty women can enjoy this outfit with a bralette because the halter straps provide high-neck support for the chest.

Whether it is an off-shoulder or one-shoulder style, the semi-sheer top can show a slight hint of the bralette from inside.  

A woman in a red bralette with a one-shoulder gray blouse and blue denim pants is seated on the stairs

Mesh Tops with Racerback Bralette

Channel your inner ’90s vibe with mesh tops or bodysuits. Wear it with a bralette, leather jeans, and biker boots for an edgier look. 

A sheer mesh fabric overlay brings out the best effect of bralettes because it can show the lace’s details, as well as the straps. If you have a strappy racerback bralette, the outfit’s going to be more eye-catching. 

Bralette with Pearlescent Details Under a Button-Up Blouse

It would be a shame not to show off the dainty little details of a lace bralette. With button-up blouses, you can unbutton the top part to let you showcase a shimmery white bralette.

The softness of a chiffon blouse complements with the delicate material of a bralette.

Woman wearing a nude long sleeved blouse with white lace bralette

Bralette with Button-Down Shirt, Jacket, and Shorts

Before you bid farewell to your winter clothes, let them have one last hurrah with a bralette-outerwear inspired look.

Give your white bralette and button-down shirt a twist by pairing it with a tan leather jacket and dark blue shorts. This radiates an early spring vibe, especially if you don’t feel like wearing pants yet.

Woman wearing a tan jacket, white blouse and white bralette

Bralette, White Long-Sleeved Shirt, Scarf and Jeans

The best way to prepare for the unpredictable spring weather is by layering pieces of thin clothing. For instance, wear a red lace bralette underneath a thin long-sleeved shirt.

Finish the look with a scarf, jeans, and booths, and you won’t look under or overdressed even when the weather changes.

A woman wearing gray long sleeves and blue denim jeans seated on a big rock

Dark-Colored Bralette Under a Plaid Shirt with Vest and Jeans

The beauty of the fall season is that you can transition your outfits into winter-appropriate ones.

With a bit of experimentation, you can add a fuzzy purple vest on top of your dark green bralette and plaid shirt. Keep yourself warm with jeans and knee-high boots.

A woman in a gray bralette with blue and white checked long sleeves and a purple padded vest leans on a white wall

Bralette with Wide Neck Top, Scarf, Jeans, and Boots

A shirt and jeans combo can only go so far without making you look plain or boring. Add a variety of accents to this old-school look by letting a blue lace bralette peek through the neckline and a scarf instead of necklaces.

Woman wearing a blue bralete under white top and scarf

Bright-Colored Bralette with Black Top, Puffer Coat, Pants and Boots

Wearing layers of thick clothing can be a bit uncomfortable. Even if it’s winter, you can show off a cherry red bralette by letting the straps peek out of a thin black shirt.

You’ll still be able to stick to a monochromatic vibe with a black puffer coat, dark-colored pants, and boots.     

A woman in a black tank top and black padded jacket wears a black pants standing in the woods

Bralette Under a White Shirt with Yellow Rain Jacket, Jeans, and Knee-High Boots

Have you experienced going all out with your rainy day outfit? You made your outfit as rainy day-friendly as possible with a turtleneck and cardigan, only to end up sweating because of the unpredictable weather. 

A woman in a white tank top and yellow jacket wears blue denim jeans and brown boots standing near a chopped wood.

Avoid that mishap again by wearing a pink bralette under a shirt, in case the sun decides to take a peek. Complete the look with jeans and knee-high boots to protect you from head to toe. Use a yellow rain jacket to add some pop of color to a gloomy environment.

Lace and Mesh Bralette with Button-Down Shirt and Skirt

Are you looking for an office-appropriate outfit that lets you incorporate bralettes? Let a blue mesh bralette peep from the unfastened buttons of a light-colored long sleeve shirt.

After months of wearing pants because of the winter season, it’s time to bare your legs using different styles of skirts.

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What Kind of Top Do You Wear With Bralettes?

You can wear bralettes underneath tops such as t-shirts, crop tops, blouses, and button-up shirts. Knitted, lace, mesh, and sheer tops go well with bralettes.

Can I Wear a Bralette as a Top?

Yes, you can wear a bralette as a top. However, you can also layer it underneath the tops mentioned above for unique styling.

When Would You Wear a Bralette?

You may wear a bralette anytime you want. It can serve as a top or undergarment for various clothing, regardless of the season or occasion.

What Is a Bralette and ALL the Situations to Wear One


Bralettes come in several colors, shapes, and cuts, letting you try countless styles. Likewise, there are several ways for you to rock a bralette even when you want to wear different kinds of tops.

Whether you want to expose or cover a bralette, you can never go wrong with wearing one under a shirt. 


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