How to Wear a High Neck Bralette

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Bralettes have officially worked their way into most women’s closets. With the way things are going, this trend is not likely to go away soon. It’s even showing promising signs that it’s here to stay for good.

One popular style of bralette one with a high neck. The neckline and the extra fabric on top of the breasts make it suitable for women with different bust sizes.

How to Wear a High Neck Bralette

While there are several ways to style various types of bralettes, the high neckline can make it harder to style a high necked bralette. It requires some styling techniques or certain tops to be worn over it so it doesn’t look awkward.

Graphic image with a series of drawings that depicts how to wear high neck bralettes

Because it covers your chest, if you style it incorrectly, your upper body can look too busy. The solution is in knowing how to style them. I detail how to wear them in multiple ways.

Take note and see which ways you would wear this cute article of clothing!

High Neck Bralette Outfit Pairing Ideas

Outfit IdeasPair a High Neck Bralette With
Outfit 1Make it look like a crop top
Outfit 2Plunging top
Outfit 3Strapless top
Outfit 4V-neck top
Outfit 5Muscle tee
Outfit 6See-through top
Outfit 7Knitted sweater

Wear on its Own

A high neckline makes a bralette look like a crop top, and you can wear it on its own. With this, you can wear almost anything you want as it will likely match whatever you pair it with.

Layer on a cardigan, denim jacket, or leather jacket, depending on how boho, casual, or edgy you want to look for some extra coverage. The usual lace and embroidery material of bralettes goes with so much.

It can be a complement to the soft and light fabrics or a contrast to the more androgynous ones.

​Use as an Inner Layer for Plunging Tops

A woman who has turned her back on wears a blue bralette and blue denim jeans standing near a window in the living room

Do you know those tops with a deep plunging neckline?

While you could opt for a plunge bra or a top reviewed uplifting push up bra to wear underneath, if you want to add more modesty to the look, try styling it with a high neck bralette.

Pick one with intricate details on the front. This is the opportunity to showcase the whole design without inappropriately showing too much skin.

Place Under a Strapless Top

While you might typically wear a strapless top or dress to specifically show off your bare shoulders, wearing a bralette with a high neck is a simple way to transform your top into something new!

Take your ever popular little black strapless dress and add a lacy bralette underneath to elevate the dress and give it a different look.

Style Under a V-neck Top

Are you bored with pairing v-neck tops and t-shirts with various necklaces? Sometimes you take the time to layer them and they usually end up tangled by the end of the day.

Skip this old styling trick for a new one that involves a strappy bralette. Instead of using a discreet strapless bra, let the loud, intertwined straps of the bralette replace your necklaces, yet give a similar effect.

It will catch the attention of people you see and will distract from the fact you’ve actually worn the v-neck shirt countless times.

Try Under Loose Muscle Tees

Muscle tees gained popularity in the 80s, and have since made it back into the fashion world. They’re usually worn with a bandeau underneath. These are usually strappy at the back, so the detail will be visible through the low, open arm holes.

You can achieve the same effect when you style them with the bralette. ​A perforated high neck bralette like this one will make sure you’re completely covered without the risk of exposing yourself. You may have just a little side boob at most.

A woman wearing a black bralette and printed leggings leans on a white wall in the living room

Pair with a See-through Top

What’s the point of wearing a bralette that reaches your neck if you’re always going to cover it up with a top anyway?

With sheer tops like mesh and lace blouses, you can have the coverage you want without completely hiding away the beauty of the bralette.

Wear Under a Knitted Sweater

A loose, knitted sweater is appropriate for most kinds of weather. These cozy sweaters often have a wide neckline that sometimes falls down to one arm, making it look like a one-shoulder top.

Make this one of the ways you showcase the pretty lace trimmings and straps of your bralette.

Related Questions

How Do You Wear a High Neck Bralette the Grown-up Way?

You can wear a high neck bralette with a tailored waistcoat or blazer. You can also use trousers or a tight miniskirt.

Do You Wear Anything Under a Bralette?

You typically don’t have to wear anything else under a bralette because it’s already a substitute for a bra. Some bralettes include a thin lining that can help conceal the nipples.

Are Bralettes Supposed to Have Padding?

Bralettes aren’t normally supposed to have padding because they are unstructured. The lack of padding is one of the selling points of a bralette.

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No matter what you choose from this list, there’s still a variety of ways to put your own twist on it. Contrary to what you might think upon first seeing it, bralettes that go up to your neck are versatile and can be styled in more ways than you can imagine.

Hop on the bandwagon because soon, it’s bound to be a classic for women of all sizes.


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