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How to Wear a Lace Bralette

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Ah, bralettes. Those subtle pieces of clothing that shine whether you wear them as they are or underneath layers of tops. Regardless of your bust size and style preference, there are many ways for you to wear a lace bralette. Now, let’s look at some outfit ideas to learn how to wear a lace bralette. 


How to Wear a Lace Bralette

With lace bralettes, you can go sporty by pairing it with athletic pants and muscle tees. If you want to be a bit formal, it’s also suitable for oversized blazers, bodysuits, and maxi skirts. Even with common clothing items like shirts, mesh tops, and tank tops, there are several combinations for you to be stylish.

Black Bralette with Denim Cuffed Shorts

Woman wearing black bralette and jeans shorts

Summer calls for clothes that feel “airy” when worn, and the bralette is the perfect example of that. Since you’ll most likely wear shorts on most days, take advantage of pairing it with a simple black lace bralette. If there’s going to be an unplanned trip to the lake or beach, you’ll definitely be ready to go out.

Slip Dresses with Lace Bralette

You’d think slip dresses only belong in the bedroom. Surprisingly, it’s one of the chicest night-out dresses right now. The delicate fabric of lace bralettes complements the silk or satin material of slip dresses.

Lace Bralette with Rounded Neckline Tank and Cuff Shorts

Putting on a tank top can be repetitive at times. So, why not stir things up by wearing a lace bralette first and then your favorite tank top. For this outfit, the lace details of the bralette add a stark contrast to the bland color of the top.  

Woman wearing blue lace bralette with brown spaghetti strap tank and denim cuff shorts

Lace Racerback Bralette with Scoop Back Tank Top

Scoop back tank tops are popular, especially during summer. To make sure you don’t end up wearing the same outfit as others, make your style more unique by putting on a lace racerback bralette. The racerback style adds coverage to your back while still revealing much of your skin.  

Lace Bralette with Sheer Spaghetti Tank and Shorts

Compared to typical bras, bralettes can quickly dry off because of the lace material. If you’re looking for your next pool or beach outfit, try pairing a lace bralette with a sheer spaghetti tank and shorts to give your swimsuits a rest.

Lace Racerback Bralette with Spaghetti Strap Tank and Shorts

Another way to be creative with your beach clothes is by wearing a lace racerback bralette under a white spaghetti strap tank. The racerback strap of the bralette doesn’t compete with the tank’s spaghetti strap, letting both clothes shine on their own. Besides, the racerback doubles as a support for your breasts and back.

Woman wearing a lace racerback bralette with white spaghetti strap tank and shorts

Bikini Lace Bralette with Black Bikini Bottoms

Bralettes are very versatile; you can even pair them with bikini bottoms. As long as the colors and design are complementary, you can flaunt this outfit on your next beach trip. For example, match a pink lace bralette with a contrasting plain black bikini thong.

Longline Bralette with Sheer Bodysuit and Denim Shorts

For those who want to enjoy skin-revealing outfits, then the combination of a bralette and sheer bodysuit is the best outfit for you. A bodysuit with an off-the-shoulder design shows some skin without overdoing it. Meanwhile, the longline bralette covers the majority of your upper body while still highlighting your collarbones, shoulders, and midriff.

Black bralette with black off shoulder

Strappy Bralette with V-Neck Dress 

With the revealing nature of a strappy lace bralette, you can wear it under a deep V-neck dress for more coverage. Despite the lace material, the straps provide contrast to a light floral summer dress. Finish the look with choker necklaces for more dainty details.

Black bralette and white v neck dress

Lace Bralette with High-Waisted Shorts 

Shorts plus shirt, crop top, or tank tops are the go-to outfits for summer. However, you can barely survive from the heat at times. With a hot red lace bralette and high-waisted shorts, you can always guarantee comfort and breathability while still being in your most fashionable self.

Red bralette with black bottom

High Neck Bralette with Athleisure Pants

If you’re tired of repeating old yoga tops with your athleisure pants, it’s time for you to try the benefits of wearing a bralette for your next exercise. A high neck bralette covers up the chest more, making sure you won’t be flashing your chest to anyone as you bend. With the addition of the longline band, your bust gets the support it needs. 

Teal bralette with highwaist pants

Lace Triangle Bralette with High-Waisted Jeans and Long Kimono

If you’re off on a trip and you feel like sports bras tend to be too constraining, consider donning a lace triangle bralette next time. The embroidered lace cups and scalloped edges shine on their own. Although, you can put on a sheer maroon kimono if you need more coverage. 

Light pink bralette with red kimono

Lace Bralette with Cuff Shorts and Boots

While you can easily slip on your trusty dri-fit shirt and leggings for a weekend hike, this combination can sometimes make you too sweaty. If you want a more refreshing take, switch to a lace bralette to keep you cool in a hot and humid environment. Match it with cuff shorts and boots to make you more comfortable.

Halter bralette with watch and shorts

Lace Bralette with Floral Maxi Skirt

Another perfect way to wear a lace bralette during the summer is by matching it with a floral maxi skirt. If you need to go to a rustic or tropical-themed event during the season, this combination gives off a semi-formal vibe. The long length of the skirt complements the bralette’s shorter length.

White bralette and black maxi skirt

Lace Bralette with Long Cardigan, Jeans, and Boots

Welcoming the springtime means there will be leftover cold winds. When you wear a lace bralette, you can feel more air and enjoy the warm temperature. Despite unexpected cold winds, you can always wear a long cardigan for more protection.

Purple cardigan black bralette jeans

Lace Bralette with Sleeveless Button-Down Blouse, Shorts and Ankle Boots

The best thing about bralettes is that you can incorporate them with clothes of any season. For instance, this outfit combines the summery vibes with the combination of a black lace bralette and a sleeveless button-down blouse. Meanwhile, the white shorts and brown ankle boots give off a hint of fall fashion.

Blue sleeveless button down with black bralette and white shorts

Lace Longline Plunge Bralette with a Blazer Suit

If you’re looking for a stylish office outfit during spring, try partnering a longline plunge bralette with a blazer suit. The blazer lets you maintain a modest look while in the office. Then, unbutton the blazer to transform into night-out clothes.  

Blazer co-ords with pink bralette

Bralette with Green Anorak, Denim Shorts, and Boots

While it’s energizing to be active outdoors during summer, UV exposure can pose risks to your skin health. With a pink lace bralette, you can excuse yourself from wearing cotton shirts that will soak you in sweat. Put on a green anorak to protect your skin while complementing the color of the bralette.

Woman wearing pink bralette with green anorak, denim shorts and boots

Lace Bralette Layered Over a White Tee

Sticking to the basics doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Have a little experiment by putting on a lace bralette underneath a white plunge shirt. This particular look transforms the otherwise plain-old tee and trousers combo. 

Woman wearing a basic low v-neck white tee with jeans and hat

Bralette Under a White Long-Sleeved Shirt with Scarf and Jeans

The weather can be unpredictable that even if you checked the temperature before choosing an outfit, you might still end up wearing the wrong clothes. To save you from this dilemma, wear something that can accommodate the changing temperatures. By layering a lace bralette and a long-sleeved shirt, you can prepare your skin against the cold and hot temperatures. 

Woman wearing a white long sleeved top with scarf and jeans

Lace Bralette with Denim Jacket and Jeans

Remember the early 2000s fashion trend of denim on denim outfits? Well, it remains to be one of the easiest ways of dressing up. In fact, you can add a pop of color by wearing a red lace bralette, making the outfit demure and sexy at the same time.

Red strappy bralette with denim jacket

Longline Busty Bralette with Shorts and Sheer Kimono

Don’t you love waking up and spending time indoors in the fanciest yet most comfortable clothes you have? Lace bralettes are not just for outerwear; you can also enjoy one indoors. When worn in the comfort of your home, you can make a long line bralette homier by pairing it with loungewear shorts and sheer kimono.

Black lace bralette with sheer white kimono

Lace Bralette with Thick Knit Dress

Here’s a cozy yet stylish way to wear bralettes both indoors and outdoors. A white lace bralette complements the gray one-shoulder knit dress by providing you warmth while letting you enjoy a less revealing outfit. 

Gray knit dress and white bralette

High Neck Mesh and Lace Longline Bralette and High-Waisted Jeans

High neck and longline bralettes are best for women with large breasts as the extra fabric helps lift when there’s no underwire or cups to support the bust. Since this one uses lace as the main fabric, you can balance breathability and aesthetics. Pair this crop top-like bralette with high-waisted jeans, and you’ll have a cute spring outfit.

White longline bralette with high waist jeans

Lace High Neck Bralette, Jean Shorts, and Choker

Ever feel like you can’t contain your breasts inside your bra? Say goodbye to that with the help of a high neck bralette, which ensures your bust gets the necessary support without feeling too constrained. Match it with jean shorts and choker for a laid-back vibe.

Woman in a white bralette with blue shorts

Semi-Sheer Lace High Neck Bralette with Kimono

Do you want to walk on a beautiful spring day while in your best outfit? The spring temperature transitions from winter to cold summer heat, so the combination of a semi-sheer bralette plus kimono is weather-appropriate. The lace bralette keeps you feeling fresh while the kimono provides cover when chilly air whips up.

Floral kimono with white bralette and jean shorts

Lace Bralette with Plaid Shirt, Shorts, and Boots

Do you want to try a different way to wear your plaid shirts while sporting a country vibe? Keep it simple with a pink bralette and yellow plaid shirt. Pair it with your favorite denim shorts and cowboy boots, and voila — you have your next #OOTD for your nature trips. 

Yellow plaid shirt, pink bralette, jean shorts

Scalloped and Perforated Bralette Under a Muscle Tee

Muscle tees may add a boyish vibe to your outfit. If you want to balance the outfit by showing a feminine side, a scalloped and perforated bralette can do that for you. The lace details of the bralette transform the casualness of the outfit to a whole new vibe. 

Woman wearing a white scalloped and perforated bralette with powder blue muscle tee

Shimmery Bralette with Chiffon Button-Up Blouse

You can dress to impress even when you’re using the same old button-up blouse from years ago. Utilize a chiffon button-up blouse by pairing it with a shimmery bralette to achieve a modest yet sexy vibe. Show off the lace details of the bralette by unfastening the top buttons.

Woman wearing a nude long sleeved blouse with white lace bralette

Open-Back Bralette Over a Tube Top 

Even if you’re wearing a tube top, you can incorporate a lace bralette into the outfit. Instead of the usual practice of wearing it underneath, wear one over the tube top this time. While this may be a bit of an unconventional mixing and matching, it gives you an entirely new way to wear tube tops.

Suede bralette over tube top

Lace and Mesh Bralette with Leather Jacket, Skirt, and Pumps

Are you struggling to find office-appropriate clothing that you can easily switch to an after-office outfit? With a lace and mesh bralette under a leather jacket, you can cover your upper body while in the office and take the jacket off for your night out. The skirt and pumps complete the ensemble, making the outfit perfect from morning until night.

Blue laace bralette with black skirt and leather jacket

Longline Bralette with Vest

There’s no need to say goodbye to bralettes even when it’s winter. The secret is to take advantage of layering and use a longline bralette to provide more coverage. All you need to do is wear a lace bralette under a long-sleeved button-up shirt and winter vest.

Woman wearing a gray bralette under plaid shirt and purple vest

Satin and Lace Triangle Bralette with Pajama Set

Capping the night off is another opportunity for you to enjoy the benefits of wearing a bralette. The satin and lace materials make you feel luxurious yet comfortable. On the other hand, the dreamy lace trim guarantees breathability and ease while you sleep.

Serrated Bralette with Activewear Jacket and Leggings

Wearing a sports bra might sometimes feel too restricting, so let your bust breathe with the comfort of serrated bralettes. Put on your usual workout jacket and leggings, and you’re good to go for your morning jog or gym sessions.

Black jacket, bralette and violet leggings

Lace Bralette Under a Knit Sweater with Skinny Pants and Stilettos

Is the sweater and jeans combo your go-to outfit during fall? Level up your style by putting on a lace bralette under a knit sweater! Complete the look with stilettos, jewelry, and a bag to add texture to a rather simple ensemble.

Pink sweater over black bralette

White Floral Bandeau Bralette with Knit Sweater

Are you running out of ideas about what to wear that’s practical for both outdoors and at home? Make a shift to bandeau bralettes, in which you can use an inner layer for your large knit sweater when you need to go out. When it’s time to head indoors, you can simply remove the oversized sweater.

White bandeau with knit cover

Lace Bralette with Oversized Blazer

With bralettes, there are no hard rules of mixing and matching. This gives you the chance to spice up your office clothes by wearing a high neck lace bralette with an oversized blazer. Since this outfit includes a longline bralette, you’re still practicing modesty and adhering to office rules. 

Dark longline bralette with blazer

Lace Bralette with Oversized Sweater, Skinny Jeans, and Boots

Sometimes it’s challenging to find the perfect outfit when the weather’s transitioning from summer to fall. The lace bralette and one-shoulder sweater radiate summer vibes, while the skinny jeans and boots prepare you for the fall temperatures. Thus, you can rock this outfit without dripping in sweat or shivering. 

White off shoulder top with jeans and bralette

Strappy Plunge Bralette with Cardigan

With bralettes, it’s easy to stick to the basics while still making you standout. Wear a strappy lace bralette and throw a chunky gray cardigan over your shoulders. Then, finish the look with classic jeans and necklaces.

Black bralette with gray cardigan

Strapless Bralette with Sheer Mesh Top 

Are you looking for your next Instagram photo outfit? The strapless bralette makes a subtle yet impactful difference when worn with jeans and a plaid blazer. Whether you’re taking a stroll in the city or museum hopping, your outfit is going to make you picture-ready. 

Black sheer top and bralette with blazer

Halter Lace Bralette with Chunky Knit

If you’re game for some color-blocking, go bolder with a purple lace bralette and a mustard knit. This lets you take a break from the orange and yellow palettes of spring and fall. Wear a long necklace to add details to the exposed chest area.

Navy bralette with brown knit

Lace Bralette with Lounge Pants and Blanket

A lace bralette with lounge pants is the perfect combination you can use as sleepwear and loungewear. Imagine sleeping in the snuggliest lounge pants you have while receiving support for your bust. Then waking up with a coffee in hand with a blanket draped over your shoulders.

White bralete pants and blanket

Scalloped Lace Bralette with Cardigan and Jeans 

All-black lovers out there, raise your hands! Work on some sassiness with the combination of a black scalloped lace bralette and black cardigan. Accentuate your curves with a big knuckle belt and your best-fitted jeans.

Black lace bralette with black coat and belt

Lace Bralette with Striped One-Shoulder Sweater

Do you love donning striped tops? Make your one-shoulder sweater way more fashionable by wearing a lace bralette underneath. Add eye-catching fringe earrings and heavy eye makeup to complete the look.

Black and white sweater with red bralette underneath

Black Lace Bralette with Plaid Shirt and Jeans

Button-downs are one of the comfiest tops to wear. Since plaid shirts are timeless, the design doesn’t go out of style. Spice up this look by wearing a black bralette that peeks through an unbuttoned plaid shirt. 

Black bralette underneath green plaid shirt

Bralette with Wide-Neck Sweater and Jeans

This style works best if you want to take a break from an all-black outfit while sticking to a single color. Even if the bralette and wide-neck sweater share the same color, a lace bralette accentuates the outfit through its different colors and straps.  

Gray bralette under blue sweater

Bralette with Leather Jacket, Jeans, and Boots

A walk through the woods doesn’t mean you can’t go dressing up. In fact, this is the perfect chance to wear a lace bralette under a shirt for comfort and breathability. Get an eye-popping look by putting on classic jeans and a jacket.

Black bralette under white tank and brown jacket

Lace Bralette with White Shirt, Coat, and Jeans

Whenever you wear a white shirt, you’re probably scrambling to find your lightest-colored bra so that it won’t see through a white shirt. With a bralette, you have the power to show it off. Go for a bolder color, like red, and pair it with a white shirt, black coat, and jeans.

White tank under black jacket with red bralette underneath

Lace and Mesh Bralette with Leather Jacket, Pants, and Stiletto Pumps

Even if lace bralettes look very feminine, you can pull off an edgy outfit while wearing it. In this example, a blue lace bralette radiates a girly touch despite the monochrome colors of the leather jacket, skinny pants, and stiletto pumps.

Mesh and lace bralette under leather jacket and pants

Lace Bralette with Leather Jacket and Black Pants 

If your office has dress-down Fridays, you’ll love this less casual outfit. This outfit makes use of a red lace bralette, tan leather jacket, and skinny black pants. It will pass office dress codes in the morning and can also serve looks for your after-work drinks. 

Red bralette under tan jacket


Lace bralettes come in many different patterns, colors, and sizes — you’ll never run out of ideas to style them! Using staple clothes from your closet, you can show off your gorgeous bralettes on all kinds of seasons.

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