Best Sleep Bra [2024 Review]

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There’s no denying that regular bras are not comfortable to sleep in. Underwire, stiff padded cups, itchy metal closures, and straps that dig into your shoulders are just some of the many reasons why sleeping in a bra can be so uncomfortable.

For some women, sleeping without a bra can be equally as uncomfortable as sleeping with one. Especially for those who have large breasts. No doubt finding the best sleep bra is quite a challenge! That’s why I’ve reviewed the best in the market to help you out.

Top Reviews of the Best Sleep Bras

To help make sure you pick the most comfortable sleep bra out there, I’ve reviewed some that I think are the top in their categories.

Kindred Bravely French Terry Racerback Nursing Sleep Bra

Although the Kindred Bravely French Terry Racerback Nursing Sleep Bra is a maternity bra, it’s a great option if you’re looking for a comfortable bra to sleep in.

Remember a pregnant or postpartum woman needs the most comfortable clothing available. So, you can understand why a sleep bra made for nursing would be top on my list. You don’t need to be pregnant or breastfeeding to wear a nursing bra, particularly with this one because there is nothing that sets it apart from an ordinary sleep bra. 

Like most nursing bras, it comes with easy closures, stretchy, breathable fabric and they usually have a latch at the strap that opens each bra cup making it easy to breastfeed. This sleep bra, though, has none of these features. 

It does, however, have soft, comfortable fabric that won’t compress your breasts. The material is super soft French Terry made from rayon and bamboo with 8% spandex. French Terry is an absorbent, light-weight material that’s extremely comfortable to wear throughout the day or night. It’s a knit fabric that’s similar to jersey.

This Kindred Bravely sleep bra has a unique crossover design. This not only adds to the style of the bra, it also positions each breast to one side so you don’t have to worry about one of your boobs sliding down while sleeping to your side. 

There are no hooks, clasps or underwire that can bother you while you sleep. You don’t need to adjust anything for this bra. The straps are made from the same fabric as the area that covers your chest and they are wide and stretchy. 

The bra has a supportive chest band to keep your breasts supported and add a minimal lift for all sizes. Sizes range from XS to XXL as well as regular and busty for each sizing. The back of the bra has a fully supported racerback style great for maximum comfort. 

What I Love About This Bra:

  • Made with French Terry material that is absorbent and wicks away moisture
  • No underwire, clasps, hooks, or extra adjustable padding
  • Thick, wide straps that are soft and stretchy and won’t dig into your shoulders
  • Stylish Crossover design so each breast can stay in its place
  • Racer back for added style and comfort
  • Supportive chest band for minimal support and lift
  • Also great as a yoga bra due to the style and fabric 
  • Wide range of sizes from XS to XXL that come in regular and busty
  • Several different colors as well as a few patterns 

What I Don’t Love About This Bra:

  • Issues with the sizing chart not matching the actual bra sizes

Ittcbro Women’s Seamless Yoga Bra Scoop Neck Wireless Sleep Bralette

I chose a seamless bra with maximum comfort in mind for my next pick: the Ittcbro Seamless Scoop Neck Wireless Sleep Bralette. The material is silky, ultra-thin and cool to the touch. 

The most important aspect of this sleep bra is the fact that it’s seamless. This reason, along with the fabric, makes it feel like you aren’t even wearing a bra. 

Some seams can be restricting and can dig into your skin when you’re sleeping in certain positions. Other seams are also especially annoying for large breasted women. Large breasts can pull down the straps along your shoulders making you feel constricted. Likewise, some seams on the sides can dig into your ribs while sleeping.

Because this bra is seamless, you can get a tight fit that’s sure to feel comfortable. Now, let’s talk about the material. The fabric is 75% nylon and 25% spandex. That’s a ton of stretch! The material is cool and light on your skin, which makes it such a great sleep bra.

You should know that the material is very thin. And, due to the seamless design, it’s nearly invisible under clothing. There is no chest waistband for support, although the bra is long enough to hold your breasts in. 

This bra provides minimal support. The only thing that will keep your breasts lifted is the tightness of the bra, so make sure to get a tight fit. The bra does come with removable padding. There is also extra fabric in the chest area where your boobs will sit. This will help to keep your breasts in place and lifted. 

The Ittcbro sleep bra has a scoop neck design as well as a scoop in the back. Styled as a tank top in both the front and back, it also comes in a size Small to XX-Large or sizes 32A to 40A. You can have this in 2 colors: nude and black.

The nylon/spandex material has some positive features to it, though there are some things to consider. The fabric is light and stretchy. However, it’s very silky and thin. It has no absorption and may actually cause your chest to sweat. 

Unlike the Kindred Bravely Nursing bra made from French Terry, the Ittcbro sleep bra has no moisture-wicking material to it. This may be a problem for women who sweat easily.

What I Love About This Bra:

  • No hooks, clasps or wires
  • Comes with removable padding 
  • Light, cool material that makes it feel like you aren’t wearing a bra
  • Seamless for maximum sleep comfort

What I Don’t Love About This Bra:

  • Material does not have any absorption and may cause sweating
  • Only comes in 2 colors

Prettywell Sleep Bra For Women

My final pick is the Prettywell Sleep Bra. This sleep bra comes in a pack of three. 

The fabric on this bra is 95% nylon and 5% spandex. It contains the same materials as the Ittcbro sleep bra, although the amount of each material is the biggest difference in materials. This Prettywell bra is not thin and sleek, it is soft and has a slight thickness.

This allows you to have a minimal, yet firm support for your breasts. Although some people would describe this bra as seamless, it does have seams along with the shoulder straps. There are no seams on the sides and it has a very discrete chest band.

Because of the Italy knitting technology that this bra features, the seams aren’t tight and are sewn with soft and stretchy thread. The discrete chest band is hardly noticeable and is also sewn with the same knitting technology as the seams.

The chest band provides added support, making this a great sleep bra for larger breasted women. Small removable pads come in each breast pocket. Padding is always a plus in Sleep bras so that you can wear them throughout the day and remove the pads before you go to bed. 

The material is not moisture-wicking like the Kindred Bravely Sleep Bra, though, it does have a small amount of absorption. Unlike the Ittcbro bra, this Pretty well Sleep Bra will not cause you to possibly sweat. 

The great thing about this bra is the sizing. It fits all the way up to 5XL. Sizes come in Small to 5X-Large. The 4XL and 5XL bras are only available in the black, nude, and white options. The color options come in black, white, nude, pink, blue, purple, and red.

As well as some light variations of the pink, blue and purple. You cannot buy them separately or mix and match the colors. Each set comes in three specific colors. The style of this bra comes as a V-neck in the front with a deep scoop in the back.

There is an extra fabric for each cup which allows your boobs to be separated. The straps are wide and comfortable fitting. 

What I Love About This Bra:

  • Soft and stretchy material that provides minimal support
  • Discrete chest band that isn’t too tight
  • Italy knitting technology that provides an almost seamless design 
  • Wide range of sizes that fit up to 5XL
  • 3 bras
  • Removable pads

What I Don’t Love About This Bra:

  • Colors may fade after a few washes

Features to Consider for Sleep Bras

When looking for a sleep bra, comfort should always be the first and most important consideration in your mind. Depending on what you feel most comfortable in will help you decide which sleep bra is the best for you. Make sure you consider these: 

Graphic image of a blue bra that explains that sleep bras are ideally made with comfortable material, wide band and wireless structure

Comparing Sleep Bra Features

Bra Structure Style Cups
Kindred Bravely French Terry WiredRacerbackUnmolded
Ittcbro Seamless WirelessScoop NeckRemovable Pads
Prettywell Seamless WirelessYogaRemovable Pads
Two sleep bras in gray and black color placed on purple and pink striped background

No Adjustments

Straps, closures, and padding on a bra can make for some bothersome readjustments. They are also a few of the main reasons a bra can be uncomfortable. Straps that are too tight and rough can dig into your shoulders while you toss and turn.

And if you do make them looser, this can cause your boobs to slide out of your bra making you readjust your bra with every movement. Padding that you can’t remove can be stiff and, depending on the type of bra you have, can move around.

I know that padding is not easy to put back in its regular position. Metal or plastic closures are itchy and hard. This is probably the worst thing that can bother you while sleeping on your back with a bra on.

No Sports Bras

When looking for the right sleep bra, be sure not to go for a sports bra. Sports bras are more comfortable than regular push up or lifting bras. However, many women, aren’t so comfortable sleeping in. 

Sports bras are usually tight and firmly compress your breasts so they don’t move while playing sports or working out. They have tight thin straps made with thick material with minimal stretch. 

The sleep bras I’ve reviewed, on the other hand, are soft, breathable, and aren’t unbearably tight. They loosely hold your breasts in place and don’t contain any restricting parts. 

No Wires

You should never sleep in bras with underwire. There is no way to feel comfortable with metal digging into your ribs. 

Sleep bras will never come with underwire so this is something you shouldn’t have to consider. Instead, look for comfortable chest bands that will give your breasts some support while sleeping.

No Hard Materials

Soft and stretchy, breathable material is a much better option for sleep bras. Regular bras usually feature tight lace or other harder materials with very little stretch. 

You don’t need to feel constricted while sleeping. Choose a sleep bra in a soft material that gives you minimal support is enough to sleep in. Even chest bands can feel uncomfortable if they’re too tight. 

A black sleep bra with a white tag was placed on a purple and pink striped background

Chest Size

The size of your breasts can play a big role in the type of sleep bra you choose. Smaller breasts are easy to shop for. They don’t need much support and smaller breasts don’t typically slide out of bras or sweat that much.

Larger breasts, on the other hand, need specific sleep bras. Again, this will depend on your preferences and what you’re looking for in a comfortable bra. Larger breasted women should look for breathable material, bras that separate each breast, and large comfortable straps.

Related Questions

Is It Better to Sleep With a Bra?

Sleeping with a bra on is better if you experience discomfort from breast movement. A bra can distribute breast tissue on the chest evenly to ensure you can rest comfortably in any position.

Can the Best Sleep Bra Alleviate Back Pain?

The best sleep bra can relieve back pain by keeping the breasts positioned and supported at the center of the chest. Even if you have large breasts, the cups, band, and strap will hold your boobs in the right position so your back won’t catch the burden.

Who Is a Sleep Bra For?

Anyone can invest in a sleep bra, especially if you find your breasts getting in the way of having a good night’s rest. It can be for any woman who ends up tossing and turning because the breasts won’t stay in a single position.

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Whichever type of bra you decide to purchase, I hope that I was able to help you in your decision, as well as finding the perfect sleep bra that’s right for your breasts.


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