Best Postpartum Jeans for Mommy Pooch [2024 Review]

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Wearing a pair of jeans after giving birth might sound like an uncomfortable thought. However, with the wide variety of styles out there, it’s possible to find a comfortable pair of jeans that will fit your postpartum body beautifully. 

Reviews of the Best Postpartum Jeans

However long you have to wait for your body to recover, you’ll notice that your old jeans won’t fit you the way they used to. To help you get into a stylish pair of post-pregnancy denim jeans as quickly as possible, I’ve compiled three of the top jeans that I think are the best for your post-baby body. 

Democracy Women’s Ab Solution Jeggings

The first pair of post-pregnancy jeans I’ve reviewed for you is the Democracy Women’s Ab Solution Jeggings. The reason I have chosen jeggings as my overall best postpartum jeans is that they feature a softer and smoother fabric than regular denim jeans. 

You can wear the best postpartum jeans right after you leave the hospital (if you feel comfortable enough). If you’ve got that C-section pooch, jeggings are a great option. This pair of post-C-section jeggings are perfect for that usual postpartum pouch, especially if you’ve had surgery recently. They have “slimming panels” on the inside front of the jeans.

They also fit right where the jeans meet your belly. This will help to tuck in your post-baby tummy. They also have an elastic waistband additional to the zipper and button closure. The waistband attaches only to the inside part of the jeans and hugs your waistline. 

I know that being pregnant can add weight to your backside. For some women, pregnancy can make your bum flat. This is possibly due to a lack of exercise during pregnancy or the fact that a pregnant belly can force you to tuck your butt in to make it easier to carry the “heavy load”. 

If you suffer from a flat or saggy butt after pregnancy, these post-baby jeggings give you a lift. They have curved exterior pockets as well as a “sweetheart-shaped yolk” to lift and shape your bum. These post-pregnancy denim jeans make your body look the way you want it to look.

They are especially good for postpartum bodies due to the mid-rise style. Your stomach will probably be bigger on the lower end after you’ve given birth so, mid-rise will be high enough to tuck that extra weight away. 

These Democracy Women’s Ab Solution Jeggings come in several different washes, from light to dark, as well as, some different styles. Sizes range from US sizes 0 to 18 making them perfect for new moms that are shedding their postpartum weight. You can buy a size for now and also buy one for when you lose your baby weight.

What I Love About Democracy Women’s Ab Solution Jeggings:

  • Soft and stretchy, yet firm
  • Hidden waistband to hug and smooth your waistline
  • Mesh tummy control panels attached to the inside front of the postpartum jeans helps tuck in extra belly fat
  • Creative pocket and yolk design give your butt a lift and round shape
  • Mid-rise style gives you lower tummy control
  • Wide range of sizes from petite to plus size
  • Several washes to choose from; light to dark

Levi’s 721 High Rise Skinny Jeans

My next pick is the Levi’s 721 High Rise Skinny Jeans. The best postpartum skinny jeansprovide enough comfort for your postpartum body. Levi’s is famous for their great quality jeans so, it’s no wonder why they’d be in my list of the best postpartum skinny jeans.

The first and most important thing about these postpartum jeans is the 2% elastane in the material. This gives a comfortable stretch and fit, something essential for your after baby body. The great thing about these post-pregnancy pants is the wide variety of styles they come in.

The styles include cropped, distressed and some other unique trends. There are many different colors, way too many to count. The other great thing is the sizing. Not only do these postpartum skinny jeans come in a wide range of sizes, for each size they allow you to select short, regular and long.

The sizes range from 24 short to 34 long. The style of these postpartum skinny jeans is a high rise. This is perfect for women who want to conceal weight above the waist. Thepostpartum jeanscome with a long button and zipper closure that makes them easy to pull up around your belly.

These postpartum jeans are form-fitting from top to bottom. They also hug your legs tightly all the way down to the ankle. They feature high-quality fabric that doesn’t lose its shape. The fit will not loosen up throughout the day or through washes.

For this reason, it’s good to size up, although, if you like your skinny jeans to fit tightly then this is a plus. What sets the Levi’s 721 apart from the Democracy Women’s Ab Solution Jeggings is the fabric.

While the Levi’s have enough stretch to make them comfortable for postpartum bodies, you might not be able to put them on right after delivery. They still feel like regular denim material and can be a little rough on your post-baby tummy, best wait until after your body has healed. 

The high rise denim along your soft stomach can feel a bit harsh and uncomfortable when sitting down. That being said, the Democracy jeggings can tuck in your belly fat comfortably due to the mesh slimming panels until you’re ready for a real pair of high rise denim jeans.

What I Love About Levi’s 721 High Rise Skinny Jean:

  • 2% elastane makes the material stretchy and comfortable
  • Incredibly wide variety of colors and styles to choose from
  • Extremely wide range of sizes; from petite to plus size as well as from short to long
  • High rise style that sits above the waist tucks in belly fat
  • Slimming fit from top to bottom and doesn’t lose shape throughout the day or after washing
  • Long zipper closure makes it easy to pull pants up above your postpartum belly

Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women’s Modern Skinny Jeans

My last pick is the Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women’s Modern Skinny Jeans. These are the best postpartum jeans due to their amazing quality.

Just like the Levi’s 721 Skinny Jeans, these jeans for the postpartum body come in a wide range of sizes that include short, regular and long. These jeans are actually much wider in size than all of the maternity jeans I’ve reviewed here. The sizes range from US size 2 short to 28 long. 

Additional to the size range, they come in a wide variety of colors and styles. This is a perfect reason to buy a few pairs for yourself. You’ll probably need more than one pair of postpartum pants to wear jeans until you can fit into the ones you already have in your closet.

There is 2.2% elastane included in the material which makes them stretchy enough to move around in and adds comfort throughout the day. These jeans also are form-fitting from top to bottom and do not lose their shape or become loose over time. 

These post-pregnancy pants come with a comfort waistband that sits mid-rise right below your belly button. This can comfortably tuck in extra weight along your lower abdomen. They also go high enough to hide any “love handles” or “muffin tops” that are most common with postpartum bodies. 

These mid-rise jeans are soft and stretchy, although they may be a bit too rough to wear right after delivery. They might be more suitable to wear after your body has had time to heal. 

I know how much you’d love to get yourself into a regular pair of denim jeans as quickly as possible. However, depending on how fast your body will recover from childbirth will determine when you can start wearing them. 

This is why I recommend the Democracy Women’s Ab Solution Jeggings as my top pick overall. These mid-rise boyfriend jeans will be able to provide complete comfort while your body recovers.

What I Love About Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Jeans

  • 2.2% elastane for maximum stretch and comfort to move around in
  • Extremely wide range of sizes that fit almost all women from US size 2 to 28. Also available in short, regular and long for each size
  • Mid-rise comfort waistband is easy on your postpartum belly and can help to tuck in extra weight
  • Form-fitting from waist to ankle and won’t lose its shape throughout the day or become loose

How to Choose Jeans for your Postpartum Body

Because your body is in recovery mode after giving birth, there are a few important features that you need to consider when looking for a pair of post-pregnancy jeans. Each postpartum body is different and some women take longer to heal than others.

Graphic image with blue high rise jeans, which informs that jeans with stretchy material and compression are best for postpartum moms

For this reason, you may not need to consider every feature listed here, although they will make wearing jeans easier after childbirth.

Comparing Postpartum Jeans Features

Jeans Rise Fit Slimming Panels?
Democracy Jeggings Mid-riseStandard to plus sizeYes
Levi’s 721 High-riseSkinnyYes
Signature by Levi’s High-riseSkinnyNo
A maternity jeans hang on a hanger with silver clips placed on a brown background


This is definitely the most important aspect of postpartum jeans. When looking for postpartum clothes, make sure to read what the fabric contains. Unlike with pre pregnancy jeans, you should look for words like spandex, elastane or Lycra. 2% of either of these stretchy materials is enough to add comfort to a pair of jeans. 

Tip: You could also opt for a great pair of leggings!

No doubt, you will move around a lot while dealing with a baby or toddler so, the stretch is essential. 


Stick to mid-rise or high-rise jeans. This style of post-pregnancy jeans can help immensely with belly fat. The denim material is strong enough to tuck in extra weight on or around your midsection. This goes for lower back fat as well. 

A higher rise can also lift a sagging bum and make your body look better overall. It’s best to stay away from low rise jeans or pre pregnancy jeans until you’ve lost your baby weight, although if you’re comfortable in them, wear whatever you like!


Of course, you need to feel comfortable in your post-baby jeans after giving birth. A lot of things can help you feel comfortable. This can contribute to the amount of stretch, how soft the material is, if your favorite jeans are high enough to tuck in belly fat, and how they look on you. 

It’s always best to size up so you can move around freely without feeling constrained. However, if the material is soft enough, a tight fit may feel more comforting to your body. If you’re focused on comfort, don’t skip out on the right underwear or yoga pants. Click here to read my postpartum underwear review!

Blue denim jeans for postpartum mom placed on a brown background


Most postpartum moms are left with extra weight on or around their stomachs. Denim is a strong material that can compress your belly fat. And, that compression is really flattering!

Look for tummy control panels or flexible waistbands. These aspects can conceal the extra weight on your belly and make you feel good while you wait for your body to snap back. Sometimes all you need is a mid or high-rise pair of postpartum denim jeans to do the trick.

Related Questions

What Clothes Should I Wear During Postpartum?

It’s best to wear loose-fitting clothes during postpartum to accommodate body changes and help you ease into post-baby life. Aside from jeans, you can use a transitional bra for breastfeeding, bralettes for sleeping, and thin shirts for lounging.

What Are the Best Jeans After C-Section?

The best jeans to wear after C-section must have a soft material to avoid pressure in the incision area. Whether it’s a high-rise or mid-rise, the waistband should be above the stitches to prevent skin irritation.

How Long Should I Wear Postpartum Jeans?

Commit to wearing postpartum jeans for at least three weeks. The good thing about my recommendations is that you can continue wearing them even after a year because of their stretchable material.

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A perfect pair of your favorite postpartum jeans can help you feel good about your body after you’ve given birth. It can also help you feel confident when choosing the right maternity pants for your post-baby body. Aside from looking good, always remember that your body is amazing and has produced something amazing so don’t stress too much about how you look after childbirth.


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