Best Underwear to Prevent Wedgies [2024 Review]

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Underwear wedgies do more than ruin an outfit. They could also put you in an embarrassing situation. As many styles seem like a great choice, choosing sometimes is a tedious experience. 

I compiled my reviews of the best underwear for wedgies below to simplify your search for a reliable pair.

The Top Underwear to Prevent Wedgies

I also had a hard time searching for the best undies for wedgies and so I narrowed down my options based on fabric quality, coverage, and comfort above other things. I also included here some advice on what to look for on your next no wedgie panty purchase.

Wacoal Women’s Bodysuede Lace Hi-Cut Panty Brief Panty

Who knew a high-cut design can be good underwear for eliminating wedgies? Yes, this Wacoal Bodysuede Lace Hi-Cut Brief Panty is my best overall no wedgie women’s underwear even though it is in a high-cut design because of its fabric quality, full back coverage design, and good recovery rate.

The first to love about this Wacoal creation is the overall design. Most panties for wedgies have the boyish or conservative look to cover the entire butt and hips area. However, this wedgie-proof underwear has a revealing front with some nice lace insets.

The back part provides full coverage and that is the most important thing. At the back, the fabric extends all the way to the sides of the butt. It remains in place even with demanding movements. Thanks to the well-fitted seams with lace trim that holds without digging.

If you want full coverage around the waist, then this one will not disappoint as well. Although it is not high enough to cover the navel, it has enough material and some slight compression to hide tummy bulge.

Moving on, this Wacoal underwear uses nylon and Spandex materials, which means this type of underwear is sturdy, breathable, and elastic. One reason this underwear will not ride up or wrinkle when wearing it is the good recovery rate of the fabric.

It returns to its original state very quickly after being stretched. Granted, this Wacoal high-waist underwear comes with a hefty value. For me though, a pair this comfortable, sturdy, and stylish is worth every penny. 

However, my advice is to get a smaller size because the sizes for this Wacoal underwear are bigger than usual. Go one size smaller, too, if you are not comfortable with the high-cut design being too high.


  • Made of moisture-wicking nylon and Spandex materials
  • Very comfortable on the skin, itch-free
  • Full butt coverage
  • Fits securely around the waist and bottoms without digging
  • High-cut design for unobstructed leg movement


  • No compression around the waist
  • Very expensive
  • Available only in limited colors

Boody Body EcoWear Midi Brief

You are not just giving yourself a top-rated panty to eliminate wedgies, you are also helping the environment when you have a pair of Boody Body EcoWear Midi Brief. 

While this pair of underwear uses bamboo fabric, it does not come short in terms of fit and comfort. Its fabric has thermo-regulating features to keep you feeling dry and cool even for long hours. Aside from bamboo viscose, this underwear also has Spandex and nylon materials.

With better fabric quality, it stretches better and lasts longer than other undies made of organic material. You will also appreciate how the thick waistband hides bulges without leaving any marks after wearing them.

Unlike other versions in high-waist design, this one does not curl or roll when you move or bend, too. Most of Boody Body creations, including these no-wedgie briefs, feature an invisible seams design.

If you love wearing fitted jeans, tight workout pants and leggings, and dresses, then this pair of undies will not disappoint in giving invisible panty lines. Besides fit and comfort, this underwear has hypoallergenic properties.

If you have sensitive skin, wearing Boody Body will help eliminate the symptoms of allergies. This is not an inexpensive choice, and you should know that this panty has two versions. The newer version comes with a tag on the back. 

The tagless and tagged versions do not have much difference, especially in terms of fit and comfort. However, they seem to have changed the quality of the stitchings of the newer version and most repeat buyers prefer the stitchings of the older version. 


  • Environmentally friend with fabric made of bamboo fiber
  • Mid-rise design, not too high or low
  • Well-fitting seams that stay in place
  • Soft, comfy fabric featuring thermo-regulating features


  • Expensive
  • Tagless versions fit better than tagged ones

Molasus Cotton Underwear High Waisted

This high-waist panty by Molasus gives you a lot of great benefits for its value. A single purchase gives you 5 high-waist no wedgie cotton panties that are comfortable, do not ride up, and have sweat-wicking properties.

This Molasus underwear fits well and is comfortable around the waist and the leg holes. The common problem with high-waist underwear in the lower range is that they tend to roll or curl when you move. This one will not disappoint with its 2-centimeter waist elastic.

This Molasus panty uses Spandex and cotton. You get a good number of advantages from this combination. Cotton is soft on the skin, while Spandex is sturdy and elastic. However, both are breathable, which means you won’t deal with sweat and moisture even on hot days. 

Even more impressive, you can also wear this as a no wedgie women’s panty for workouts. The Spandex material has a good recovery rate which is useful when performing strenuous movements. It stretches and gets back to place right away.

Also, because the height of the panty extends all the way up to the waist with sufficient snug, you can wear it to conceal bulges under an outfit. 

You spend a considerable amount upfront, yet for 5 pairs of quality, high-waist underwear, why would you say no? Just remember to go a size bigger or maybe two depending on the size of your bottoms. The sizes for this underwear are small.


  • Full coverage design
  • Sweat-wicking, stretchable fabric 
  • Double-layer crotch area
  • 2-centimeter, elastic waistband
  • Ideal for workouts and postpartum or C-section recovery


  • Sizes are smaller than normal

Wingslove High-Cut Cotton Brief Panty

For the plus-size, I recommend Wingslove Soft Cotton High-Cut Brief Panty. Aside from its comfortable and breathable fabric, this no wedgie cotton underwear also features a slim-fit design.

Although there is no compression, this Wingslove underwear is a great choice for full-figured and plus-size women for its shape-enhancing design and slimming effect. Although this is in a high-waist style, the waistband is not too thick.

It is comfortable around the waist as well with its fabric-covered garter. With Wingslove featuring a full-coverage design, wearing it eliminates panty lines under your jeans and other fitted clothing.

The high-cut leg design of this plus size no wedgie panty also ensures plenty of space for movement without pinching. Moving on, this panty consists mostly of cotton. Cotton naturally shrinks on their first wash, so remember to follow the washing instructions for this underwear.

The shrinkage will not affect the fit and comfort anyway, because this underwear by Wingslove is stretchable and has fitted leg and butt seams. One thing you should be aware of is the inaccurate sizing for this product.

Getting the right size can be a matter of trial and error. For some, the sizes are bigger than normal, while others are disappointed in getting ones that are smaller than their size.

Finally, You might also not like the large tag on the back part which can be uncomfortable and itchy on the skin. This should not be a big deal if you are okay with cutting this part out.


  • High-waist design with fabric waistband for pain-free hold
  • Soft, breathable fabric
  • High-cut with full front and back coverage
  • Slim fit design for enhancing the natural shape
  • Available in different or different colors per pack


  • Slightly expensive
  • Sizing is a bit confusing
  • Large tags

What Causes Underwear Wedgies?

There are many reasons that cause those wedgies and it’s not always your choice of clothes that is to blame. Sometimes, your underwear is the main cause of wardrobe humiliation. Getting a new pair of underwear is not always the solution, though.

It is made from synthetic fabrics, also made with unstretched materials, and has a full back coverage are the things you look for underwear to prevent from wedgies

Old, Stretched Underwear

The most common reason why your undergarment keeps on riding up and creating unpleasant panty lines is that they are too old and stretched. In other words, the fabric no longer performs at its best. 

Old underwear that doesn’t return to its original state after being stretched will leave excess material and cause wrinkles to form. Worse, the excess material will ride up and make a scene. 

Want to avoid an atomic wedgie? New material will probably help the most.

Wrong Size

Even wearing brand-new underwear does not always guarantee a wedgie-free experience. The size is also an important factor to get the right fit. A panty that is too small will give you uncomfortable panty lines digging pain.

These will not look flattering under any tight-fitting outfit. Also, a small size can cause pinching around the waist and leg holes. A size that is too big for you is not comfortable to wear as well. It will likely wrinkle or get into the butt crack as there is plenty of excess material.

If you are wearing a high-waist version that is bigger than your size, then some features, such as compression, may not work, too. 

Lack of Coverage

Choose an underwear design that offers full butt coverage. Most of the time, the ideal underwear for wedgies have enough coverage around the hips, too. If not, then always pay attention to the seams and see whether they can provide a good hold and stay in place.

For some designs like boyleg and lady briefs, make sure to check the leg hole size as this can also compromise comfort. When the leg holes are too tight, there will be no wedgies, just a lot of pinching.

Wrong Fabric

The best fabrics for underwear are those that are light, breathable, and soft. To keep you cool and dry, the fabric should also have sweat-wicking properties. On the other hand, underwear for wedgies should also focus on the elasticity of the material.

Not in all cases, yet synthetic fabrics are better than organic materials for underwear in terms of elasticity and durability. Fabrics with good recovery time are also more favored when it comes to avoiding underwear wedgies.

If not familiar with the term, recovery time is what they use to describe or rate how a fabric gets back to its original form after it stretches. Synthetic fabrics like nylon and Spandex have a better recovery rate than cotton. They are also more durable

Tips When Choosing an Underwear for Wedgies

There are some things to consider when you shop for wedgie-free underwear. While comfort is the main consideration for the best underwear that doesn’t give a wedgie, you should also pay attention to the underwear’s coverage and fabric. 

Comparing Underwear for Wedgies Features

Underwear Style Waist Level Crotch Gusset
Wacoal Bodysuede Lace Brief pantyHigh-waistSmall, cotton gusset
Boody Body EcoWear Brief pantyMid-waistBroad, viscose gusset
Molasus Women’s Cotton Brief pantyHigh-waistDouble-layered, cotton gusset
Wingslove Breathable Brief pantyHigh-waistBroad, cotton gusset

Consider Full Back Coverage

The most ideal panties for wedgies are those that cover the butt area and hips well. The following underwear styles are usually the best for wedgies: 

  • ladies briefs
  • booty panties
  • hipsters
  • boy short panties
Woman wearing wedgies proofed nude underwear

Undies with a more revealing cut, like high-cut and French-cut, may also be an effective panty for eliminating wedgies when their back part covers the entire butt area. They should also have an elastic fabric and well-fitted seams. 

Choose the Right Fabric for the Design

The best underwear to prevent wedgies typically has synthetic fabrics. For eliminating wedgies, the fabric should be elastic and able to recover to the original state quickly after being stretched.  Spandex and nylon have better recovery time than pure cotton, though all mentioned are comfortable. 

Cotton is also okay, yet unless you are going for a design with less front coverage, like a high-cut and French cut, it is best to go for one made of Spandex or nylon.

Find the Right Fit

I used the term fit instead of size because sizing is inaccurate for some brands. So whether you need to go one or two sizes up or down, it does not matter. What is important is that the wedgie-free underwear is snug and comfortable around the waist and leg holes.

Remember that it is not always a design flaw when underwear slips, pinches, or causes panty lines. More likely is because you are wearing the wrong size. Always refer to the chart size provided by the brand and read reviews.

You will often find some tips on sizing for a particular product just by reading the reviews of real buyers. 

Related Questions

Are Crotch Gussets Important?

Crotch gussets are crucial because they connect the crotch to the underwear’s rear panel. Wider gussets reduce the likelihood of wedgies because they provide extra foundation and shaping to the panties.

How Do I Keep My Underwear From Getting Wedgies?

Make sure your underwear isn’t too tight to prevent it from getting wedgies. Choosing thicker fabrics is also much better since lighter materials tend to cling to the skin more.

Why Does My Underwear Ride Up?

Your underwear may ride up due to improper fit and design reasons. If it’s too small, there won’t be much fabric in the back to cover your buttocks.

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Dealing with wedgies is undesirable, and possibly, an unforgettable experience. If not the comfortable panties for a wedgie I recommended above, you can still get wedgie-free underwear when you prioritize the fabric, coverage, and fit.


Allena is the Founder and Editor of The Better Fit, a platform dedicated to empowering women with practical advice on bras and fitness, inspired by her own revelation of the widespread issue of incorrect bra sizing. Her expertise and tips have been recognized by major publications such as Cosmopolitan, Better Homes & Gardens, Insider, and NBC, making her a trusted voice in women's wellness and lifestyle.