Can You Wear a Bra With Zara Bodysuit?

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Bodysuits are one of the must-have wardrobe staples. They are so versatile, flattering, and comfortable. One of the trendiest bodysuits you can own is by the high street fashion brand, Zara.

However, as stylish as it is, some people have raised the question: can you wear a bra with a Zara bodysuit?

Can You Wear a Bra With Zara Bodysuit?

The sleeveless, halter-neck Zara bodysuit, made famous by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, features low, scooped sides. Consequently, you can not wear a conventional bra or even a strapless bra under it, without the band peeping through.

Your only options are the stick-on variety, including the body tape, nipple covers, and adhesive bras.

Graphic image of a nude colored bodysuit that explains how you cannot wear a normal bra with a Zara bodysuit without the bands showing

However, the bodysuit is extremely form-fitting and holds everything in place. So, you may be able to get away with going braless. If you feel you need the extra support and lift offered by the conventional bra, wear a t-shirt bra and throw on a chic blazer or a denim jacket to hide the band.

What Can You Wear Under the Zara Bodysuit?

While so many ladies are ditching the bras and changing the narratives, some still don’t feel comfortable enough going braless. Therefore, whether you want some coverage, have big boobs, or want a more defined shape, I have something for everyone. Check out the options below to help you rock the iconic Zara bodysuit.

Bra Styles to Wear With Zara Bodysuits

Style Purpose When to Wear
Body tape Lifting boobs and hiding the nipplesSpecial occasions
Nipple covers Covering the nipplesCasual
Adhesive bra Adding bust volume while covering the breastsRunning errands
DIY bra cups Sewing permanent bras into bodysuitsProfessional settings

Body Tape

Kim Kardashian brought body tape to mainstream attention and it quickly became a game-changer for the common folks. Body tapes work incredibly well in situations when you want to lift up your boobs, hide the nipples, and give your bust a well-balanced, perky look.

The best quality boob tapes are designed to last all day without losing their adhesive property. They are also quite comfortable and manage to keep everything in place. Hence, they are a viable alternative to bras when you do not want the bra straps or band to show, like under the Zara bodysuit.

Two sticky bras in cream and black color with clasps placed on a pink background

Nipple Covers

Nipple covers are exactly as the name suggests. They can be applied to your nipples to create a smooth silhouette and avoid your nipples from showing through your dress or top. Nipple covers are mostly made up of silicone and come in sheer, flesh colors that blend in with your skin. Therefore, they are almost undetectable.

To make sure that they stay put, stick them on clean, dry skin. You can also use them multiple times, as long as you wash them after every use. You can also find single-use ones that are thinner and lighter. However, nipple stickers do not provide any kind of support.

Adhesive Bra

An adhesive bra sticks to your breasts and often comes with strings or clasps between the two cups. These provide you with a flawless silhouette, a flattering lift, and relatively better support. Most stick-on bras mold seamlessly to your skin, camouflaging the shape of the bra under a tight top, like the Zara bodysuit.

There are various types of adhesive bras available, including bras for small busts, padded ones, supporting cups, and so on. They are usually made up of silicone, but you can also find them with outer fabric, which is more breathable and lightweight.

A woman wearing a nude sticky bra with a clasp is standing near a white wall

DIY Bra Cups

You can also get creative to cover your boobs under the Zara bodysuit. Buy simple bra cup inserts and sew them on the inside of the bodysuit where your boobs are normally positioned. Using the inner lining of the bodysuit will make sure the stitches are not visible while the inserts do their job.

While inserts are available in cotton, polyester, and silicone, I suggest buying cotton or polyester ones to make them easier to sew. You can also opt for the padded variety to give your breasts a little lift.

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How Do You Wear Zara Bodysuits?

You can wear a Zara bodysuit with a pencil skirt and heels, go casual with jeans and flats, or with comfy jogger pants and sneakers. The bodysuit also works under blazers for professional attire and with a floral skirt for summer evenings.

What Do You Wear Over a Bodysuit?

Bodysuits look seamless under denim jackets, duster coats, trench coats, leather jackets, blazers, and so on. It all depends on the weather outside and where you are heading.

How to Choose the Right Bra for a Zara Bodysuit?

You must consider your right band and cup sizes when choosing the right bra for Zara bodysuits. Aside from having a good fit, you should also look for seamless cups, breathable material, and a supportive band.

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The versatile Zara bodysuit elevates the look of any ensemble you throw together. However, due to the scooped sides, it is not very bra-friendly. Therefore, if you are looking for some coverage, go for the nipple covers, an adhesive bra, or body tape. Try out each option to see what works well for you.


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