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How to Wear a Longline Bralette

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A longline bralette provides a bit more coverage of your torso, sometimes making it look like a tube or crop top. If you’re wondering how to wear a longline bralette, here are a few recommendations for you to rock bralette outfits using your closet favorites. 

How to Wear a Longline Bralette

Longline bralettes come in various designs and materials, letting you achieve the feminine feel of a regular bra, yet without the constraints of paddings and underwires. Whether you want to pair it with a blazer, sweater, skirt, or jeans, you can rock a longline bralette with confidence. 

Longline Bralette with Bikini Bottoms

Save yourself from packing loads of swimwear for your next nature trip by pairing a bralette with bikini bottoms. A bralette is an ideal alternative to bikini tops since lace material can dry quickly. The straps act as support for a quick hike or walk before taking a dip into a river. 

Longline Bralette with Sheer Bodysuit and Denim Shorts

Do you want to wear skin-revealing outfits while providing ample coverage and support for your bust? For this look, the perforated off-shoulder bodysuit shows some skin while the longline bralette covers up the majority of the upper body.

Woman wearing a black longline bralette with black off shoulder

Longline and High-Neck Bralette with Oversized Blazer

One of the best ways to wear a longline bralette is to layer it with oversized clothes. The way the bralette fits your chest is an excellent contrast to the loose effect of the oversized blazer. 

Dark longline bralette with blazer

Satin Halter Longline Bralette with Jeans

A halter longline bralette can pass as a crop top, especially if there’s a longline band that covers up a significant part of the stomach. Pair it with light wash high-waisted jeans, and you won’t expose much of the midriff.

Woman wearing a black longline bralette high waist jeans and some glasses

Lace Longline Plunge Bralette with Blazer Suit

A bralette is a versatile piece of clothing, and with the right combination, you can wear it to formal events. For this outfit, the sophisticated blazer suit makes the longline bralette look strong and professional.

Blazer co-ords with pink longline bralette

Strappy Longline Bralette with Activewear Pants

When dressing up indoors, you’ll probably want to find the middle ground between too cozy and too warm. When you wear a longline bralette and yoga pants at home, you can balance airiness and coverage for you to be comfortable with indoor temperature. 

White strappy longline bralette with black yoga pants

Longline Bralette with Lounge Shorts and Sheer Kimono

When you’re at home, it may feel unnecessary to wear a typical bra. For busty women, however, this means sacrificing support for the breasts. With a longline busty bralette, there’s no need to neglect support for your chest area. 

Black lace bralette with sheer white kimono

Longline Bandeau Bralette with Large Knit Sweater

Another way to wear a longline bralette is to make it look like a tube top. Since this one has a bandeau style, you can wear the longline bralette by itself, then simply throw over a knit sweater whenever you feel like adding some coverage. 

White bandeau with knit cover

High-Neck Mesh and Lace Longline Bralette with High-Waisted Jeans

High-neck bralettes are the most advisable for women with big breasts because the extra fabric on the chest does the lifting, as there’s no underwire to support from the bottom. The longline band makes the bralette look like a crop top, which means you can pair this one with casual jeans.

White longline bralette with high waist jeans

Longline Bralette with Semi-Sheer Button Up Blouse

A semi-sheer top is every bralette’s best clothing buddy. The mesh material is the perfect chance to showcase the details of a longline bralette without the two pieces of clothing clashing against each other.

Woman wearing a nude long sleeved blouse with white lace bralette

Longline Bralette with Skirt 

This black and nude longline bralette can pass as a semi-formal top to partner with a high-waisted mini skirt. Aside from the bold colors of the clothes, the addition of gold jewelry makes this outfit elegant. 

Black and nude printed bralette with skirt

Lace Longline Bralette with High-Waisted Shorts

When lounging at home, it may be a bit impractical to spend the day wearing a padded and underwired bra. Consider using a lace longline bralette if you need bust support while still being comfortable. Make the outfit even more refreshing by pairing the bralette with shorts.

Red bralette with black shorts

Longline Bralette with Button Up Shirt, Vest, and Jeans 

Even undergarments can serve as coverage during colder days. Since longline bralettes contain extra fabric for the torso, it can provide an added layer for your winter clothes, in a stylish way. Finish the look with a long-sleeved button up shirt, vest, and casual jeans.  

Woman wearing a gray bralette under plaid shirt and purple vest

Longline Bralette with Zip-Up Hoodie and Activewear Shorts

If you’re tired of wearing sports bras when exercising, you can try incorporating a longline bralette to your workout wardrobe. For this look, balance striking and monochromatic hues by combining a gray bralette and black activewear shorts with a purple zip-up hoodie. 

Gray bralette with purple jacket

Final Thoughts 

With lots of ways to wear a longline bralette, it can add style, texture, and accent to your outfits. Don’t be afraid to experiment pairing a longline bralette with your existing clothes. Remember, confidence is the key.

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