Best Epilators [2024 Review]

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For such a small thing, hair on all the unflattering places seem to be harmless until you try to remove them.

My Top Epilator Reviews

Epilators are not like razors that you buy out of habit while grocery shopping. Like any electronic device, it’s wise to test the waters online and see which has the best features you need before you purchase. After reviewing several epilators, it was hard to select my favorite out of the group! In the end, my vote for the best epilator is the Braun Silk 579. Overall, here are some of the top rated epilators worth the consideration.  

Braun Silk 579

If you are looking for the best epilator out there, then you don’t need to look very far. The Braun Silk 579 is one of the best. This is not just because of its high quality performance. It also comes with a variety of great attachments.

This epilator has a 40% wider head than the average one. It helps you cover more ground in one pass. With a wider head, you can cut down how long you spend getting rid of hair and more time on the things you love to do.

The Braun Silk 579 is great for dry skin as well as being used in the shower on wet skin. The body of the epilator has been properly sealed so water can’t get into the mechanics of the machine while you are using it in the shower.

A microgrip tweezer technology features wider, longer, and deeper tweezers that work with precision to remove hair. It also has a pivoting head to keep the epilator close to your skin as you go over your natural curves.

There is also a smartlight built into the head of the Braun Silk 579 to help you see finer hairs. The light is perfectly placed to illuminate your path, so you don’t miss any hairs during the initial hair removal process.

Included with this epilator are seven extra tools to help make your beauty routine much easier. There is a shaver head, a trimmer cap, a high frequency massage cap, a skin contact cap, a charging stand, and a bonus facial brush.

The extra facial brush helps remove any impurities on the skin so you get a better clean and exfoliation of your skin each time. You can do it before you remove any facial hair, or treat yourself to a daily facial in the shower.

  • 40% wider head
  • Wet/Dry
  • Microgrip tweezer tech
  • 7 extras ​​Pivoting head
  • 30 Minute runtime

Panasonic Wet/Dry ES-EL7A-P

When you are ready to buy an epilator the Panasonic Wet/Dry ES-EL7A-P is a great choice. You get more than a high performance epilator. It also comes with 6 snap-on attachments which include a pedicure pumice stone buffer.

Inside of the Panasonic Wet/Dry EL7A-P is a dual speed motor as well as two discs that work to remove more hair in one pass than the standard rival versions. With both of the discs rotating, there are 48 precision stainless steel tweezers. The stainless steel tweezers, as well as the stainless steel foil razor, work to remove hair quickly without irritating sensitive skin.

You can use this epilator while you are in the shower on wet skin or opt to use it on dry skin. There is also an LED light to help you better see fine hairs, missed patches, and give you a better view as you are removing hair.

You cannot use it while it is plugged in and charging, but it only takes one hour to fully recharge this hair removal tool. With a full charge, the Panasonic Wet/Dry EL7A-P will run for 30 minutes without fading.

The 6 snap-on accessories included are a stainless steel foil shaver head with a pop-up trimmer, an epilator gentile cap, a smaller gentile epilator head (for facial hair removal), a bikini comb, the main dual disc epilator head, and the pedicure pumice stone buffer for feet.  

To keep all these accessories together, there is a travel pouch included. This is great for keeping up with all your parts as well as storing the charger when you are away from home.

  • 6 snap ons
  • Dual speed motor
  • ​Stainless steel blades
  • ​Included pedicure buffer ​LED light
  • Travel pouch

Philips Satinelle Essential

The Philips Satinelle Essential is a top pick for a high-quality device to help with your hair removal needs.

Inside the epilator head are 21 tweezers that work to pluck and remove hair that can be as short as .5mm. While it can reach hairs that small, it really works best on hair that is a little bit longer.

There is also an included efficiency cap which works to create a safe barrier between your skin and the epilator, allowing you to get the close without harming your skin. For maximum hair removal, there are two speeds you can use while removing hair with the Philips Satinelle Essential.

The fast speed is perfect for tight and long straight passes like on your legs. The slower speed is preferable for softer areas and hard to reach spots such as armpits and bikini areas.

Despite the pictures, this epilator has to be plugged in at all times. It does not hold a charge, nor can it run on battery power alone. Since it has to remain corded, it is only for use with dry skin, as you don’t want to take a power corded object into the shower with you.

Due to the large sized open face of the Philips Satinelle Essential it is not great for facial hair removal. Instead, this device is best used on your legs and underarms. It also does not have a built-in light, which is a must for getting into harder to see areas such as around your face.

  • ​Removes hair up to .5mm
  • For dry skin
  • 2 speed settings
  • Clear path view
  • Best for legs, not facial hair

Braun FaceSpa Pro

Your face is a sensitive area that cannot be hidden if you have a negative reaction to hair removal. For that purpose and others, you really want to invest in a trustworthy product like the Braun FaceSpa Pro. This upgraded version is packed full of face nurturing items to help you before and after you remove the hair.

This facial epilator features the epilator tweezer attachments on the side of the tools head, instead of on the top like other epilators. This is to allow you to hold the Braun FaceSpa Pro sideways in order to see a clear path as you are removing hair.

There is not a light on the tool to help illuminate the area. However, the compact size and side epilator design allows you to be able to see clearly enough so you don’t miss any hairs. You can also use this cordless epilator in wet or dry conditions.

The two other tools included are a face cleaning brush and a microvibration head. The cleaning brush is great for daily use to wash and give your face an exfoliating cleanse.

The disc microvibration head tool is a must have for applying your daily hydrating face creams. As the disc vibrates and moves, it helps rub in moisturizer and works to brighten your skin and the under-eye area.

The Braun FaceSpa Pro is a rechargeable epilator that can run for multiple sessions before needing to be plugged in again. There is also an included travel pouch to make this epilator easier to take with you or for keeping all of your attachments together for storage.

  • Cleaner brush, epilator, and toner attachments
  • ​Travel pouch included
  • Rechargable
  • Microvibration head
  • ​Wet/dry
  • Clear path view

Braun Silk Epilator with Bikini Trimmer

For shaving and trimming for the summer, you must have this all in one Braun Silk Epilator with Bikini Trimmer. It not only takes care of your bikini line, but it also has enough tools and attachments to help you get rid of hair from your head to your toes.

You can use this epilator on dry skin for hair removal without the shower or you can take the cordless device into the shower with you to get rid of hair while you are wet. With the 40 tweezers inside of this completely waterproof device, you won’t have to make as many passes to completely remove your unwanted body hair.

While it doesn’t work while plugged in, the Braun Silk Epilator only takes an hour to fully charge. When charged this hair removal tool can run without fading for a full 40 minutes. That is more than enough time for you to use all the attachments to achieve the summer look you want.

Most epilators only focus on the hair removal process by pulling the hair out by the root. The Braun Silk Epilator also includes a shaving attachment, so that if you don’t feel like epilating you can opt to shave. This great innovation cuts down on having to own other devices cluttering up your bathroom.

The eight pieces in this kit are: the main epilator head, a trimmer cap, an efficiency cap, a sensitive cap, a facial cap, a bikini styler, a foil shaver, and a travel pouch to keep everything in.  

There are also two speed settings so you can speed up or slow down, depending on what sensitive areas you are working on. A built-in smart light helps brighten up dark areas, so you can see and make additional passes on fine hairs you may have missed.

  • 8 extras plus bikini trimmer
  • Wet/dry
  • 1 hour charge, 40 minutes of use
  • Smart light
  • Pivoting head
  • Able to shave

​Philips Satinelle Advanced

For a leg-based hair removal routine the Philips Satinelle Advanced is the perfect tool that allows you to quickly and efficiently remove unwanted leg hair. A great bonus is that it also comes with a small trimmer for facial hair or bikini line touch ups.

With a full one and a half hour charge, this epilator can run for 40 minutes total. The extra wide main epilating head means you can cover more area in one stroke, making this a top pick for leg hair removal. There is also a built-in light to help you see any fine hairs you may have missed the first time around.

Inside the epilating head is an irritation free, ceramic rolling head with more than 40 built in tweezers to grab as many hairs as possible. The ceramic head is a new innovation that allow you to get closer to the skin to ensure you can grab and remove hair closer to the root.

The Philips Satinelle Advanced comes with the main epilating head, a foil trimmer attachment for shaving, a skin stretcher to help with keeping your skin tight, and a facial epilating cap. You can use this cordless epilator on dry skin or opt to take it in the shower with you.

The included facial cap is a cover that only allows a small opening of the main epilator head to come through. This allows you to be able to remove facial hair with precision and control.

The bonus eyebrow trimmer comes with two attachments to give you the right size and depth trimmer you need. This is great for facial hair or to trim other small areas on your body that need a touch up.

  • Bonus Trimmer
  • Wet/dry
  • Ceramic tweezers
  • Wider head
  • Facial cap
  • 40 minute runtime

Silk-Epil 5 5-280

For nonstop power to remove as much hair as possible the Silk-Epil 5 5-280 is what you need to tackle the job. This corded epilator doesn’t need to be charged since it runs on corded power, so you don’t have to pause for recharging on long hair removal days.

This corded epilator isn’t for use in the shower, due to the power cord. You can use water to rinse the head after each use. There is also an included cooling pad for your skin to help with making the epilating experience not as painful.

The main head on this epilator is wider than the average epilator and houses 40 tweezer mechanisms that work to grab as much hair on one pass as possible. This limits how many times you will need to go back over an area so you can move on to the next.

When in use, a high frequency massage system inside the epilator works to vibrate your skin a little. This technology helps prime skin for hair removal and makes it easier to pull hairs up. The epilator’s main head also has a pivoting feature. This allows the epilator to remain close to your skin as you go over any curved areas, for a closer removal of hair.

An included shaver head allows you to take a day off from epilating when you just don’t have the time or if you still prefer to shave some areas. Also included is a trimmer cap and an efficiency cap that lets you get close without harming your skin.

To illuminate the path, a smart light is built into the head. This lets you see all of the fine hairs or ones that you missed the first time around so you can ensure you are getting a full hair removal experience every time you use it.

  • Corded ​
  • 3 Attachments
  • ​Cooling pad
  • Shaver head
  • 40 tweezers
  • ​Smart light

Emoji Soft Caress

It’s no wonder the Emoji Soft Caress epilator has such high reviews. While it is small, this epilator is packed full of great technology that works to make the epilating process much less painful.

Inside this epilator are 36 gold plated tweezer discs. The inner materials make this epilator hypoallergenic for even the most sensitive skin, so you don’t have any irritation.

There is also a patented pain-reducing technology this epilator uses to help relieve the discomfort that is associated with hair epilating. This technology works to help massage your skin while the process is going on. The nerves are not as agitated when the hair is pulled up.

This is a dry skin only epilator, due to the corded design. It also does not hold a charge, which means you will have nonstop power while in use. It is recommended to use the included cleaning brush or to rinse the epilator (unplugged) with cool water to help wash the hairs out after each use.

Depending on where you use it, there are two speeds you can choose from. A fast speed is great for long and straight areas like your legs. For underarms and facial hair you will want a slower speed that still efficiently removes hair while going slow enough to not pinch any skin that isn’t held taunt.

The Emoji Soft Caress has a contoured design that hugs your curves while it also is comfortable to hold for extended periods of time. Another great bonus with this epilator is that it has a micro-antibiotic guard on the face. This works to help eliminate and prevent unwanted bacteria lingering on the skin, which can lead to clogged pores or ingrown hairs.

  • 36 tweezer discs
  • ​Pain reducing technology
  • ​Contoured design for curve
  • Dual speed control
  • Corded
  • Hypoallergenic

What is an Epilator?

An epilator is a device — either battery-operated or powered by electricity — used to remove body hair by pulling them out simultaneously in one go. It’s composed of a body, which acts as the handle, and a rotating head with multiple tweezers that grabs hair at the same time.

It works almost the same way as waxing in that it removes body hair from the root but without the use of tacky wax. It’s also more protective of the skin because it doesn’t remove cells from the surface epithelium layer, which also makes the pain more bearable in effect.

In no particular order of efficiency, epilators can be categorized in three types: spring type, rotating disc, and tweezers.

Types of Epilators

Since the first epilator was launched in 1986, this device has been reinvented to make it more efficient and the hair removal process less painful.

The three types of epilators show the history of epilators. Their design has evolved throughout the years.

Spring Type Epilator

Spring type epilators use tight metal coils to remove the hair. The metal coil is bent at the top or rolled in a spiral. Upon rotation, the coil opens to grab the hair, then closes in on it to pull and remove it from the root.

The spring type version wasn’t foolproof since it didn’t leave any surface area clean and without hair in one go. Since this kind of epilator uses a spring, it’s also more likely to pinch the skin when applied too hard.

Spring type epilators wear out fast so they require to be replaced every once in a while. As the first release of epilators, this was like a prototype compared to what I have now in terms of durability and effectivity.

This is no longer available, though there are manual versions of this. You use your own hands on either side of the metal coil to bend it. Manually twisting the coil removes the hair, albeit slower and more painful.

Rotating Disc

Rotating disc epilators are the type that uses a series of spinning discs, either made of metal or plastic, to grab the hair and epilate in a centrifugal or outward motion. The discs are texturized like sandpaper to have a stronger grip on the hair, pulling it out from the root.

As an upgraded version of the spring type epilators, the discs head can last years without replacement. This version of epilators were also the first to come out with different head attachments for different purposes like a pedicure attachment for smoothening the feet.


Tweezer type epilators have metal plates instead of full discs. They’re mounted in the rotating head of the epilator such that the tips of the plates will touch and open once per rotation.

It’s as if the plates are doing a tweezing effect on the hair, catching it between the plates and then releasing when they separate. Rather than one at a time, there are multiple tweezing plates plucking out several hairs in one swipe of the epilator.

This modern design is the fastest, most effective, and least painful of the three. It’s what you’d find on most epilators in the market today.

A color pink Philips Satinelle Ice Premium epilator was placed on a blue background

How to Use an Epilator

The real challenge of using an epilator is following a certain before-and-after care to make it less harsh for the skin. You’re still removing hair after all. Epilators are quite easy to use, which also makes it easy to do a lousy job without knowing it.

Follow these steps in the same order and with careful execution to ensure you’re not being abrasive to your own skin.

Step 1: Wash the Skin in Warm Water

Schedule your epilating session with yourself so you can have the time to take a hot shower. It’s the best method to make sure all your pores open up.

If you can’t afford the time and effort, wet the skin of the specific area you will epilate with warm or almost hot water. This loosens up the skin around the hair, making it less painful when they’re removed.

Step 2: Exfoliate Skin

There are two ways to exfoliate the skin: a scrub product or a brush or abrasive towel. Body or facial scrubs have fine granules, beads, or crystals that remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin.

A brush or a towel does the same when thoroughly rubbed on the skin. Both methods clear up the pores too, which makes hair removal easier without hindrances on the surface.

Step 3: Trim Extra Long Hair

Using scissors, trim any hair that’s longer than a millimeter long from the skin. Epilators are fully effective for hair that is growing, but not fully grown-out hair. Though it will still be able to grab the latter, it might take a while. Trimming saves you time in the whole process.

Step 4: Hold the Skin of the Specific Area Tight

Holding the skin tight means stretching out the area where you’re about to run the epilator. This makes the pores open up more than normal, resulting in the epilator being able to grab the hair more easily.

Step 5: Epilate Carefully

As you’re holding the skin, move the epilator against the direction of the hair growth to let it pull straight out. Make sure the open plates in the epilator are facing the direction you’re going towards. This prevents irritation and makes sure the hair won’t grow out in different directions next time.

Tip: Hold the epilator at a 90-degree angle or perpendicular to your skin for the tweezers to align precisely to the hairs, thus making epilation quicker and more effective.

Step 6: Moisturize Your Skin

Apply any oil or cream moisturizer, preferably coconut oil, to the areas that you’ve epilated. This soothes the pores and layers of the skin that were distressed from the sudden pull of the hairs.

Of the two consistencies, oil has naturally better chance of absorbing into the skin for hydration and natural nourishment.

While there are some face-specific epilators, most other epilators are safe to use for the whole body. Apply these steps every time you epilate, especially for these parts of the body:

  • ​Face
  • Underarms
  • Legs
  • Bikini
A white and pink true smooth epilator was placed on a yellow background

​Advantages of Epilators Against Other Hair Removal Methods

Epilation is getting quite the traction among women nowadays. There are several advantages it is said to offer, but never in comparison to other hair removal methods. Here I’m clearing out the certain perks of epilators against waxing and shaving.

Epilating vs. Shaving

The single dominating advantage of epilating is that it completes the removal of the hair from the root whereas shaving only cuts it on the surface of the skin. It also risks hazards like cutting yourself and getting infected.

Aside from being affordable, other qualities like being easy to use and having the job done in less than 3 minutes are achievable with epilators as with razors.

Epilating vs. Waxing

Epilating is deemed dominant over waxing for a number of reasons. It doesn’t risk irritating or burning your skin with hot wax, it doesn’t create any uncomfortable mess, it doesn’t pose any other side effects on the skin.

Though waxing is said to be less painful than epilating, it can leave a sticky residue on your skin even after thorough washing. With epilators, you can still have a complete and clean hairless result without the ickiness of wax.

Epilating vs. Hair Removal Creams

The use of cream products are not necessary for epilating to be effective. Unless you’re using shaving cream with a wet epilator, you can choose what products to use before and after epilating. Exfoliators and moisturizers come with healthy natural options.

You can never be completely sure of what’s in most beauty products. Hair removal creams pose exposure of your skin to toxic chemicals whose harmful effects you won’t feel until they’re irreversible.

Features to Look For in Epilators

Some epilators are more equipped than others. From built-in features that all epilators have to additional ones that are considered a luxury, these are some of the features you might find and look for in epilators.

Graphic image of a blue epilator that explains that ideally epilators should have washable head, flexible structure and has multiple speed settings

Multiple Speed Settings

Most epilators have at least two speed setting options. Having this standard setting is helpful especially if you plan to use the epilator on several areas of the body.

The skin on your face would be more sensitive than the skin in your underarms. Being able to adjust the speed would either help lessen the pain or increase efficiency of removing hair and cut down on time.


The number of tweezers in the rotating head can be telling of the performance of the epilator. More means it can remove more hair in lesser time, though it can be more painful and uncomfortable.

Epilators can have a range of 20 to 72 tweezers. If you’re used to pulling out several hairs at the same time by waxing, you can probably work well with more. For beginners, the average or lower number of tweezers are recommended.

Built-In Light

Not all epilators are afforded the luxury of a built-in light. If you have plenty of thin hair that might not be easily visible, getting an epilator with a built-in light will make hair removal more efficient. It illuminates the area you’re working on so you can clear out all the hair completely.

Corded or Uncorded

Corded epilators only function when they’re plugged into a power source. Uncorded epilators can be used and will work even without a cord connecting it to a socket. These are either battery-operated or rechargable devices much like phones and gadgets.

Rechargable epilators are the most savvy kind because they can be used without a cord and without having to replace batteries in them every few months. However, the corded and battery-operated epilators may come at a better rate.

​Facial Cap

A facial cap is an extra attachment that covers some of the tweezers so they wouldn’t work all at once. This makes it easier to focus on one area of the face especially the mustache part and below the lips, which are very small areas.

Since the facial cap covers some tweezers, it makes removing facial hair much less painful. Waxing and even facial hair threading are known to make your eyes water. Using an epilator prevents that and physical effects like breakouts, redness, or bumps from irritation.

Qualities of the Best Epilators

Features are the physical aspects that make up your epilators. The best qualities of epilators, on the other hand, are the extra capacities of your epilator that can’t be seen by the naked eye. Here are some of the qualities that might be important to your hair removal habits.

Washable Head

A washable head means the rotating head where the tweezers are can be detached, so you can clean it with water. The motor part of most epilators can’t get wet, so at the very least a washable head makes it easy to just wash away the hairs and clean your epilator.

Wet vs. Dry

Some epilators, especially the cordless ones, are waterproof. These are the ones you can use in the shower and with a shaving gel or cream. They’re commonly categorized as wet epilators, which are ideal for those used to a shaving lifestyle.

Additional Things to Consider in Buying and Using Epilators

It’s not enough to look at the epilators to know which one to buy. You have to evaluate your own body before deciding on one. These are other considerations about your hair and skin that might affect your epilator usage.

Skin Sensitivity

Not every epilator can be used for every part of the skin. Some are harsher because of reasons like their speed setting or number of tweezers. If you’re prone to having reactions from the simplest abrasions towards your skin, you might want to go with gentler epilators.

Thin Hair

The problem with having thin hair is that the tweezers usually can’t grab them easily. Either some will be left behind because they look invisible to the eye or they will break on the surface and not be pulled out from the root.

These can cause faster hair grow. Thus the intervals between your epilating sessions will be shorter. The same can be said about growing hair that is long enough to be visible but too short to be epilated. There will always be a short amount of time where you’ll have to grow out the hair before you can epilate again.

Pain Tolerance

Having a low pain tolerance would probably hinder you from being able to use an epilator. It’s better to check if you can get used to the feel of waxing or threading. Epilators more or less inflict the same level of pain, so you know what to expect.

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In all the fuss about epilators, you’ll find that all its advantages trump the temporary pain it causes. The one-time splurge is worth it for hairless years with no waxing treatments or cuts from razors. Pick your weapon of choice from my picks of best epilators and enjoy its life-changing perks.


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