Best Wire Free Bra for Large Busts [2024 Review]

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Underwire is something you can find in any sized bra. I’ve even seen underwire in training bras! Let’s face it, the underwire is never comfortable, no matter what size you are. That’s why it’s hard to imagine there’s such a thing as the best wire-free bra for large breasts.

Finding a bra for large breasts with no underwire can be difficult. Underwire is essential for maximum support. However, brands are becoming more diverse and are adding bigger clothing to their selections.

This means you get to choose from a wide variety of styles that are both comfortable and trendy. 

Top Reviews of the Best Wire Free Bra for Large Busts

With all the brands and different styles to choose from, it’s hard to know which wireless bra for big busts to pick. To make things easier on you, I’ve reviewed three of the top wire-free bras for large breasts that I think have the best features.

Glamorise Women’s Plus Size Magic Lift Full-Figure Support Bra

Glamorise has been making bras for full-figured women since 1921. That’s almost 100 years of experience, so it’s no wonder that a bra made by them is my best overall bra without underwire for large breasts.

The Glamorise Women’s Plus Size Bra features a “MagicLift design that lifts, shapes, and supports without a wire”. This wire-free lift supports your breasts with a crisscross construction that goes over and under the bust for comfort throughout the day.

Two-piece cups along with an inner bust band keep your breasts lifted and separated. The two-piece cups give you a structured shape that’s soft enough for complete comfort. Likewise, the inner bust band sits right below the cups and adds maximum support and lift to your breasts.

Extra-wide straps that come with padding sit right on your shoulder to prevent soreness from carrying heavy breasts. These straps are adjustable and sit close to your neck for a perfect fit. 

Another great thing about this no underwire bra for big busts is the thick, smoothening back band. It has a U-shaped structure that provides more bust line support. This bra has a wide 3 hook closure with 3 eye rows to adjust the strap for a comfortable fit.

This bra is far from simple; there is added lace to the top half of each cup giving it a sexy style. It’s good to know that this wireless bra for large-breasted women has full coverage. This is essential for big breasts.

You’ll be able to feel more secure and not have to worry about your boobs spilling out of the sides or top of this bra. No need to worry about adjusting or lifting your boobs throughout the day either. Because of the full, round cups, each breast fits perfectly in its place.

The downside about the fit is that they may make your boobs look pointy, although that’s not always a bad thing. Some women prefer this look. The greatest thing about this wireless bra for large busts is the sizing.

Sizes range from a B cup to a J cup. Bandwidth sizes start at a 36 and go up to a 56. What’s also great is the color choices on this Glamorise Bra.

There are a little over 10 colors to choose from and they are very subtle, yet flattering. I’m certain you’ll be able to find more than one that suits your taste.

What I Love About This Glamorise Bra:

  • Experienced and trusted brand with almost 100 years of business
  • Huge range of sizes from a 36B to a 56J
  • “MagicLift” wire free design lifts, shapes and supports your breasts
  • Two-piece cups for maximum lift and support with enough comfort
  • Inner bust band also helps to lift breasts and keep them separated
  • Adjustable, wide padded straps that don’t put a strain on your shoulders
  • U shaped back band with 3 hooks and eye closure

What I Don’t Love About This Glamorise Bra:

  • Can make your boobs look pointy depending on the fit

Playtex Women’s 18 Hour Sensational Sleek Wirefree Full Coverage Bra

Playtex is a brand that’s famous for its comfortable clothing and unique designs. They have many wire-free bras to choose from, although the 18 Hour Sensational Sleek Wirefree Full Coverage Bra is my favorite for large breasts.

With its silky appearance, this no underwire bra for large breasts is stylish and comfortable. The smooth and seamless design makes it disappear under clothing. The lining is breathable and, due to the seamless design, won’t dig into your chest. 

This wireless bra for big-busted ladies features higher sides to prevent spillage as well as fuller and rounder cups for more coverage. The cups have minimal padding. The padding is very soft and thin, not at all thick and stiff. This adds comfort to big breasts and allows more room.

Some women might not like the idea of lightly padded cups because it may allow nipples to show through. However, these wireless bras for big breasts are lined thick enough to modestly cover your breasts without anything showing through. 

The straps on this Playtex bra are thick and adjustable. They feature a comfortable material to prevent them from digging into your shoulders. However, they are not padded like the straps on the Glamorise Bra. Keep this in mind if shoulder pain from your bra is a problem for you.

The back band helps to keep your back looking smooth with its wide design. It’s also U-shaped to help support your breasts. There are 4 hooks provided on this thick back strap as well as 4 eye rows to adjust the fit.

Sizes aren’t as wide as the Glamorise Bra, although they still have a pretty wide range of large sizes. Cup sizes start at B and go up to DDD, or F. Bandwidth sizes range from 36 to 48.

The great thing about this wireless bra for large breasts is that they come in a tremendous variety of sizes. There are a few different colors and patterns to choose from that are very simple and pretty. The 2 pack option comes with 2 different colored bras. 

Even though this Playtex bra doesn’t compare to the Glamorise pick with its features and sizes, you may like it better than the first, depending on your preferences.

What I Love About This Playtex Bra:

  • Silky smooth appearance that’s both stylish and comfy
  • Silky and seamless design allows this bra to disappear under clothing
  • 4 hook and eye closure for maximum security and adjustment 
  • Thick, U shaped back band to smooth away bulges and add support to breasts
  • Comes in a 2 pack option

What I Don’t Love About This Playtex Bra:

  • Doesn’t have padded straps for maximum comfort 

Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra

For this pick, I decided to add a wireless bra for large-breasted women who have small bandwidth sizes. Neither of the other bras had bandwidth sizes lower than a 36, so I thought I should add one for a wider selection.

Bandwidth sizes for the Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra start at a 32 and go up to a 42. Cup sizes range from a B to a DD. As you can see, this bra isn’t for women with extremely large breasts, like the Glamorise bra, although they still cater to large breasted women.

Especially those with small bandwidth sizes.

This wireless bra for large breasts is very stylish and comfortable with its simple design. It has less coverage than the other two I have reviewed here making it perfect for a lower cut top. This is great if you like the cleavage look. 

With so many colors and patterns to choose from, this wireless bra for big breasts is really good at making you feel cute. Its T-shirt design is both comfortable and appealing. Mostly made of nylon and spandex, it has a soft and smooth feeling with enough stretch to make it fit comfortably.

The cups are lightly padded with stretch foam for flexibility. You can barely feel the padding when the bra is on as it blends in with the softness of your breasts. The straps are flexible and adjustable for a comfortable fit.

You can wear them classic or you can cross them along your back for a more supportive lift. The back band is stretchy and wide for minimal back smoothing. It’s not as wide as the other two bras I reviewed, although it’s wide enough to smooth out your back without creating bulges. 

D and DD cups come with a 3 hook closure. Cup sizes under D come with a 2 hook closure. All sizes come with 3 eye rows to adjust the fit of the band. Because this bra only goes up to a size DD, it lacks many features that the other two bras have.

This bra can be good for those women who have small bandwidths as well as those who are looking for a cute comfortable wire-free bra.

What I Love About This Bali Bra:

  • Cute, trendy style that you can wear with low cut shirts and show cleavage
  • Smaller bandwidth sizes for those women who have large breasts, yet small frames
  • Nylon spandex for smooth and stretchy look and feel
  • You can cross straps for extra lift
  • Several different colors and patterns to choose from
  • Light and soft foam padding with enough round structure to make your boobs look great

What I Don’t Love About This Bali Bra:

  • Sizes only go up to a 42DD
  • May not provide enough separation

Finding the Right Fit

Before you decide on which wire free bra you’d like to purchase, you need to make sure you know your exact size. You can always get measured at a bra retailer, or you can find your size right at home using a tape measure.

  1. First, you’ll need to measure your band size. For this, place the tape measure around the top of your bust. If the number is odd, round it up to an even number. This is your bandwidth size.
  2. Next, wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of your bust. It’s best to wear a loosely fit sports bra for this step to lift your boobs. 
  3. Finally, to get your cup size, subtract the cup measurement from the band measurement. Whichever number you get will determine the cup size.

A 1-inch difference is an A cup, a 2-inch difference is B cup and so on. For each additional inch, go up one cup size. If you are still unsure about your wireless bra size after measuring yourself, another way to check your size is to make sure that your bra fits well.

Check out the most common problems below to determine if your bra doesn’t fit you well:

It has a wide padded strap, has three or more hook and eye closure, has wide back band, full coverage, and has a strong chest band are the things you look for in wire-free bars for large breasts
  • Gaps in your cups are a sure sign your bra is too big. Cups should be tight around breasts with no gapping. On the other hand, overflowing cups will mean you need a smaller cup size. 
  • Tight straps that dig in or straps that are falling off is also a way you can tell that your bra is ill-fitting. Straps should lightly press on your shoulders and should have enough length so you can adjust them more.
  • A band should sit right below your shoulder blades. You can always adjust the straps and eye rows to fit properly. If that doesn’t help, you need a bigger size. This also goes for if the band is too tight even on the last row. 

A wireless bra for large busts should be comfortable and not too tight. If you like the tight compression a bra gives your boobs, you can always look for bras with a lot of stretches to help you feel a little more comfortable.

Considering Features for a Wire-Free Bra for Large Breasts

When dealing with a wire-free bra for big breasts, there are a few features that may differ from a regular underwire bra. The lift and support have to come from something else besides the underwire. 

For this reason, you’ll need to look for specific features that a wire-free bra may have to help you get the support you need, especially when it comes to supporting large breasts. Also, consider our DD wireless bra review article if you have very large breasts.

Comparing Wireless Bra for Large Breasts Features

Bra Support Lift Breast Separation?
Glamorize Magic Lift Contoured full-coverage cupsWide, cushioned bandYes
Playtex 18 Hour Lined and full-coverage cupsWide bandYes
Bali Comfort Revolution Lightly padded cupsWide, elastic bandNo

Strong Chest Band

A strong chest band is where most of the support comes from in a wire-free bra for large busts. You need to look at any specifications talking about the chest band. Usually, these types of bras will mainly focus on the material their band is made from or how they lift and support your breasts.

Wide Padded Straps

Wide straps are always essential for large breasts, with or without underwire. Bras without underwire yet have wider straps that are stronger and can hold up more while adding comfort to your shoulders. 

Padding on the straps is a plus for larger breasts. This can help reduce the strain and relieve the pain from holding large breasts throughout the day. This can also prevent straps from digging into your shoulders.

Wide Back Band

This can help with the appearance of bulges on your back caused by wearing a non-wired bra. A wide back band can smooth back fat and reduce bulging, which can look better underneath tight clothing. 

Another thing to look for in a wireless bra for large breasts is a U-shaped back band. This helps to lift and support your breasts. 

3+ Hook and Eye Closure

The more hooks, the more secure your chest band will be. Also, the added hooks will mean your back band is wide and thick. For the best wireless bra for women with big busts, 3 hooks are enough, although more is always better.

Woman wearing a white wire free bra

Eye rows are very important with large bandwidth sizes. You can adjust the band to be looser or tighter depending on how you feel that day. This kind of wireless bra for large-breasted women can help with comfort as well as how lifted you want your breasts to be.

Breast Separation

This is difficult to find in wire-free bras for large breasts, although you can do it. Breast separation is one thing most women with large breasts need! This is why underwire is so popular with larger bras. 

Larger breasts can start to sweat and chaff if they aren’t separated. They can also lead to the unflattering “uni-boob” that most large breasted women suffer with. 

When searching for wire-free bras, look for special designs that can separate your breasts. Full coverage cups with thick padding can also help to separate breasts without underwire.

Full Coverage

For larger breasts, full coverage wireless bras may not be what you want, though, it’s something you need. Half cup bras will make your boobs spill out every time you bend over. 

Some bras provide full coverage and allow you to have a little cleavage without the spillage. You can look for cups that go higher up on the strap. This will give you security in some style.

Look for Plus Size Brands

Look for brands that cater to full figure women. If you are bigger than a D cup, you’ll want to look for bras with no wire that come in larger sizes. These brands have experience making bras for large breasts and will most likely have the best options for you when it comes to style and comfort.

Related Questions

Are Wire Free Bras Supportive?

Yes, wireless bras are incredibly supportive because support mainly comes from the band. The wire just serves as a reinforcement for lift and support.

Are Bras Without Underwire Better for Large Breasts?

Wireless bras can be better than their wired counterparts because they feel less constricting, making them more comfortable for large breasts. There won’t be wiring that would dig into the underboobs or the sides.

How Should a Wireless Bra Fit?

A perfect-fitting wireless bra should have your breasts fill the cups without any top or side spillage. The band shouldn’t ride up or down, while the straps must comfortably rest on the shoulders and torso.

Wired vs Wireless Bra: When To Have and Wear Each Type of Bra


Even though you have large breasts, finding that perfect wire-free bra isn’t as hard as you think. It’s possible to feel comfortable and secure without the annoying underwire. 

There are plenty of comfortable bras made for women with large breasts that are also stylish and trendy. Remember that you don’t have to put up with painful underwire to have a good bra. 


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