Can I Wear a Bra With a Backless Dress?

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The classic backless dress is the epitome of chic fashion, which requires bare minimum accessories to look fabulous. However, the first few questions that come to mind when opting for a backless dress are: what about breast support? Can I wear a bra with a backless dress? 

Can I Wear a Bra With a Backless Dress?

Yes, you can wear a bra with a backless dress. You can find brassieres that are designed especially to be worn with backless and low-back dresses. These provide you with some support and a hint of cleavage while staying hidden so you can flaunt your backless dress to its full potential.

Woman wearing a nude sticky bra with a clasp and holding her left elbow with her right rand

However, these bras are mostly expensive, may not provide enough support for women with large breasts, and do not come in use very often.

You’ll need clever ways to wear your normal bra with a backless dress, in addition to the options available in the custom-created bras category. 

How to Wear a Bra With a Backless Dress

There are quite a few options and bra hacks that work very well without compromising the overall style factor of a backless dress.

Ways to Wear a Bra Under a Backless Dress

TechniquesBest For
Use adhesive, silicone brasSmall to medium bra sizes
Put silicone bra insertsAny bra size
Wear a low-back braSmall bra sizes
Try a bra strap converterAny bra size
Sew in bra cups to the dressLarge bra sizes
Consider a multi-way braAny bra size

Adhesive Bras

Silicone bras, also called sticky or adhesive bras, have adhesive backing that allows them to stick to your breasts. The cups are joined together with a string in a design similar to a shoelace.

Graphic image of a nude colored bra that describes that adhesive bras should be low cut and made from silicone

The best self adhesive bras toe the line between being relatively comfortable along with being relatively functional. You wouldn’t want to wear these all the time!

Before wearing the silicone cups, clean your skin to remove any traces of lotion or oils that may prevent the cups from sticking. To achieve a symmetrical result, stand in front of a mirror while putting on the cups.

While the cups provide ample support, it is not comparable to a bra with straps. And, you need to maintain them so they stay sticky for longer.

Silicone Bra Inserts

If you need a bit of added cleavage, try adding the best silicone bra insert. Lets be honest, sticky bras leave you a little flat chested, and this will help give you a little more lift.

Woman wearing a silicone bra cover

Low-back Bra

You can also opt for a low-back bra that fastens much lower than the regular bra. These bras often come with a strap that wraps around your waist.

This additional strap provides extra support and keeps everything in place. These bras are also very comfortable to wear.

However, the bra does not work for deep V backless dresses that plunge down to just above your hips.    

Bra Strap Converter

A bra strap converter is a thin, transparent band that links to the hooks and eyes of your bra strap. It wraps around your belly and closes at the navel. The bra strap converter is a simple and smart solution to rocking a backless dress while using your everyday bras.

The only downside is that the outline of the strap may be visible if your dress fabric is very thin.     

Sewn-in Bra Cups 

If you are looking for a strapless bra solution and are not comfortable wearing silicone cups, try out this DIY trick at home or ask your tailor to fix it for you. 

Simply take an old, well-fitting bra and cut off the straps from the bra cups. Wear your dress and insert the cups between your breasts and the dress to see if they fit well. If you are satisfied with the final look, sew the cups to your dress for a flawless and shapely silhouette. 

Multiway Bra

A multiway bra is a versatile and highlight functional piece of undergarment that works under various garments. The bra comes with adjustable and removable straps, which are also often transparent.

Thus, you can either remove the straps completely if you do not need a lot of support.

Front and back view of a brown sticky bra with clasp placed on a blue background

You can also remove only one strap and wrap the other strap around your neck in a halter style. Unfortunately, this bra only works with dresses that are not completely backless and not very wide. 

Related Questions

Is It OK to Not Wear a Bra for Backless Dresses?

As long as you feel comfortable and confident, it’s OK not to wear a bra under backless dresses. Besides, if the dress has built-in support, you may skip using a different bra.

How Can I Hide My Nipples in a Backless Dress?

Use silicone nipple covers or apply body tape if you don’t want to wear a bra yet need to hide nipples in thin backless dresses. You may also consider backless bras if nipple covers or body tape don’t give you enough bust support.

Is It Healthy to Go Braless in Backless Dresses?

There are no conclusive studies that prove the health benefits of going braless. If you stop wearing a bra for a lengthy period, your breast tissues may stretch and sag. Going braless can cause chronic back pains in women with heavier breasts.

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To conclude, yes you can wear a bra with a backless dress. You can either invest in silicone bra cups or low-back bras. You can also use your normal brassieres under backless dresses using some of the clever hacks listed above. Finally, if you just want to hide your nipples, you can use nipple stickers or body tape!


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