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Best Bras for Back Pain in 2019

One of our favorite feelings is the relief right when the bra gets taken off after a long day. It’s almost always followed by a back stretch and when the backbone pops, it feels like all is right again.

For like 2 minutes, that is, or until the lingering back pain from wearing a restricting bra comes back. We’ve picked out the best bras for back pain—ones that can possibly make that glorious feeling become a thing 24/7 and not just at the end of the day.

Reviews of the Top Bras for Back Pain

We’d been wearing bras for years. You’d think by now back pain would be the least of our worries. It’s still a very real pain women deal with. It can be less of a hassle nowadays with bras like these to counter it.

Best Overall Bra for Back Pain: Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra

Bali Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra is the bra with the most coveted features for preventing back pain. The brand’s Comfort Revolution collection itself is a promising collection of bras for superior comfort, fit, and support. These all contribute to lessening the possibility of back pain. They’re most known for stretch-fit cups, knit construction, and comfortable bands.

Bali Women's Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra with...

This wire-free bra from the collection seems to incorporate the right selection of features that contribute to a pain-free back. The first and most coveted of all is the 4-way stretch fabric all over. This allows the bra to mold to your body, giving you both support and breathability in the process.

At first glance, it almost looks like a sports bra because of its appearance. It works in your favor though because the wide band is stretchable and adequate enough for any type or shape of breasts.

One common quality among Comfort Revolution bras are the knit-in areas that provide targeted support. In this bra, it’s in the center section. The bra doesn’t have a gore but this knit-in center section separates the cups. This allows the bra to cradle each of your breast and distribute their weight equally.

It’s assisted by 2-ply cups that won’t allow your nipples to show through. Neither are the cups seamed, wired, or have foams. It’s just a soft fabric that provides enough support.

One other feature that makes it look like a sports bra is the wideness of the straps. It’s designed with a Comfort-U technology that promises the straps will stay in place the entire time. Though the straps end and meet the band low on the back, the thickness enforces your shoulders to be straight back and not the opposite. Your back is ensured to still be in the right form.

Bali Women's Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra with...
  • Cool Comfort Design
  • Simplified sizing system, making it easy to find a size that fits
  • Knit-in zones

Bali uses a smart sizing system that doesn’t indicate the band or cup size. This proves to be more efficient because women will be able to choose the size that seems best for their body. The bra is flexible enough to accommodate their size, even if it’s constantly fluctuating.

Bali’s quality for comfort bras exceed their reputation. The brand goes all-out on the support and fit without the desire for recognition, though they get it anyway. This wire-free bra from the Comfort Revolution collection is no different. Many have already remarked it as the “most comfortable” before us, and we’ll say it again. It’s our best overall bra, especially for preventing back pain.

  • Full coverage ​sports bra top
  • 95% Nylon, 5% Spandex
  • Hook and eye closure at the back
  • ​Wide, non-adjustable straps for comfort
  • Stretch fabric with targeted support
  • ​​U-shaped back for smoothing

Best Back Pain Bra for the Money: Warner’s Easy Does It No Bulge Wire-Free

One of the most surprising things about the ​Warner Easy Does It No Bulge Wire-Free Bra is it can be supportive enough to wear to the gym. Low impact activities have nothing on this bra because it can support you through jogging or any workout that requires simple jumping.

Warner's Women's Easy Does It No Bulge Wire-Free...

It’s the epitome of comfort in a bra, despite having none of the rigidity of other regular bras. It’s all in the smart construction and use of materials that make this as supportive as it is.

Its main function that appeals to women is the promise of no underarm bulge, thanks to the extra side panels that smoothen out the side of your breasts. It also eliminates the side boob, which means it provides full coverage. Immediately this checks out being supportive for your breasts as one of its qualities. Simultaneously, this bra doesn’t fit too tight around your rib cage area or squeeze your back.

The narrower band is made up by the length of the center gore. Like the Bali bra, this one has what looks like some knitting and seaming at the center which separates the cups and provides encapsulation.

Even without wires or rigid foam cups, it’s still able to maintain a prominent rounded shape whereas other bras would probably flatten your chest. It’s made without wires that poke your skin and with a soft seamless fabric that almost feels like nothing.

Though the straps are thinner, they’re also adjustable so you can set it to a length that perfectly aligns your band, and helps your back feel less strained.

Warner's Women's Easy Does It No Bulge Wire-Free...
  • Extra side coverage panels smooth out underarm bulge
  • Easy size makes it a snap to find the right fit
  • Wider straps

Most bras that target back pain are targeted towards the women with big breasts. However, this bra is more suited to women with small breasts who are just as susceptible to incurring back pain from wearing an uncomfortable bra. At least this bra has the same kind of simplified sizing as the Bali bra to better accommodate women of any breast type.

For a bra that we picked is the most worthy of your spending money, this Warner bra fits the description the most and the answer is in its name. The Easy Does It bra truly eases the pain from your back and replaces it with comfort that comes from having well-supported breasts.

  • Full coverage sports bra top
  • 94% Nylon, 6% Spandex
  • ​Hook and eye closure at the back
  • ​Wide, adjustable shoulder straps for custom fit
  • Smooth, seamless cups for comfort
  • Extra side coverage panels ​and u-shaped back for smoothing

Best Cheap Bra for Back Pain: Playtex 18 Hour Ultimate Lift and Support

By the fanciful look of the ​Playtex 18 Hour Ultimate Lift and Support Wire Free Bra, you probably wouldn’t think of it as our best cheap option if we hadn’t indicated it immediately. This is the kind of bra we could pay more for, which makes its low price point all the more appealing.

Playtex Women's 18-Hour Ultimate Lift and Support...

Playtex is a brand that advocates for bras that are both comfortable and pretty. Their 18-Hour Ultimate Lift and Support bra doesn’t disappoint. Made for average to big breasts as large as triple D cups, this bra is equipped with unwavering TruSupport design. This design delivers support in 4 ways: higher frame on the sides, wider straps, rounder cups, and smoothening back.

Sans the extra side panels, the width of the band at the sides are similar to the Warner bra. This focuses support of the breasts in front, so they won’t spill into a side boob, also removing any chances of underarm bulges.

The round cups are the ones incorporated with lifting panels to make sure your breasts are not falling to their own accord. However, they only enhance the natural shape of your breasts.

The seaming around the cups, though they’re the opposite of the recommended seamless construction, are what makes up for the lack of underwire. It’s for the better as they’re more comfortable than the underwires which have a tendency to poke your skin and add more pain.

The thick straps are cushioned. First of all, it’s to avoid them from slipping. Second, the thickness and the adjustability at the back make for a proper fit around the shoulders. They won’t dig into the skin and won’t pull up your band unnecessarily high and cause back pain.

Playtex Women's 18-Hour Ultimate Lift and Support...
  • Make the most of your curves! Lift panels in cups five beautiful natural-looking shaping
  • TruSUPPORT bra design delivers comfortable 4-way support-in a gorgeous floral jacquard fabric
  • Cushioned straps papmer your shoulders and stay put

Like the previous two bras, this one has a low back. We’ve yet to see a bra that has high back support, but this one like the other two have smoothening back abilities which can also help prevent any further back pain to affect you.

The beautiful jacquard cups of this bra are enough to entice us. The collectively supportive features and its low price point are what will drive us to purchase.

  • Full coverage ​balconette style bra
  • ​81% Nylon, 9% Spandex
  • Hook and eye closure at the back
  • ​Wide adjustable straps that taper at the shoulders
  • Cup lift panels provide sexy push up with support
  • Tapered back closure for back smoothing

Best Elegant Bra for Back Pain: Olga Signature Support Satin Bra

Despite just seeing the jacquard Playtex bra, we’re all set for the fresh looks of the ​Olga Signature Support Satin Bra. It’s our pick for the most elegant bra for back pain. For its simple purpose, the delivery in aesthetics is beyond satisfactory.

Olga Women's Signature Support Satin Bra, 42D,...

The satiny appearance of the bra all over instantly makes us fall for it, though it’s the promising features that intrigues us more. This is the first bra we’ve featured that has underwires. We don’t shun it altogether though because they’re cushioned for comfortable support. This is actually what the name Signature Support signifies: underwires minus the discomfort.

The underwires only reinforce the support given by the huge cups. After all, this was designed for the woman with D cups or larger, though C cups are available for some band sizes too. To counter the stiffness of the underwires, the cups are inserted with only light padding to prevent from compressing against your chest too much.

You won’t miss the satin center gore. It’s in-your-face shiny and thick, separating the cups to provide encapsulation. These three features provide ample amount of support for your breasts and chest without going overboard to the point of being uncomfortable.

Olga Women's Signature Support Satin Bra, 42D,...
  • Underwire bra with lightly padded cups and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Comfort Back
  • Hook-and-eye back closure

The fabric inside of the cups are also made of a soft fabric. It doesn’t chafe or irritate your skin when you move. This extends up to the fairly thick straps that are meant to not slip. They’re adjustable at the back and positioned right beside the shoulder blades to prevent from restricting your back and forcing you to slouch.

The band at the back is not too high. The brand calls it Comfort Back that provides comfort and support for your spine and shoulders through the connected straps.

Some women who’ve sworn off bras have included Olga’s Signature Support bra in their exceptions. That says something, if only for the overall comfort. We can vouch for this to have additional support for back pain that you won’t regret.

  • Full coverage cups
  • 75% Nylon, 25% Spandex
  • Hook and eye closure at the back
  • ​Thick, adjustable shoulder straps for custom lift
  • Underwired and lined cups for added shaping
  • ​Wide, comfort band back for smoothing

Best High Back Bra for Back Pain: DELIMIRA Full Coverage Support Bra

We can’t end this list of bras for back pain without actually including one with a high back support. The ​Delimira Full Coverage Front Closure Wire Free Back Support Bra is the best to end with solely for that feature.

DELIMIRA Women's Full Coverage Front Closure Wire...

This works like a posture bra with its X-shaped reinforcement at the back for back support and posture correcting. The racerback style allows it to enforce your shoulders and shoulder blades back, so you’re not slouching even unconsciously.

This is the first bra in our picks to have front closure, as the panels make it impossible to have a back closure. It’s not the most groundbreaking feature for preventing back pain, yet we can’t deny it’s helpfulness. This is true for big-breasted women who don’t have enough mobility in their arms to fasten their bras and end up hurting their backs in the process.

The front closure also acts as the tall center gore that separates the support of the cups. They’re individually placed for each breast, are wire-free, and non-padded for the ultimate comfort that any woman won’t refuse. This also provides a full coverage, which is common among posture bras.

DELIMIRA Women's Full Coverage Front Closure Wire...
  • X-shape back reinforcement for back support and correct posture
  • Front hook and eye closure for convenient wear
  • Three possible positions adjustable straps

Despite the racerback-like style of the bra, it’s not lacking in adjustability as the thick straps are still equipped with adjustment hooks you can put in three possible positions. This allows for the perfect fit, as the brand would boast itself.

If there’s something this bra offers that the others can’t, it’s the simultaneous support on the back and the shoulders. It’s the only bra that offers direct support on the back. All the while, it’s also working to straighten up your shoulders and your overall stance, preventing back pain in a natural way. With the use of sturdy and ergonomic fabrics, it’s perfectly qualified for these promising functions.

  • Full coverage sports bra ​top
  • 94% Polyamide, 6% Spandex
  • Front hook and eye closure for easy access
  • ​Ulta-wide, ​3-position adjustable straps for customized support
  • Wirefree, soft, non-padded cups for comfort
  • Cross back design for posture support

Features to Consider for Bras for Back Pain

Beyond the bra types that are considered preventive of back pain, there are specific features you need to be looking for that collectively work for the same purpose. We’ve distinguished the most common denominators of bras that target back pain. Here are the features and qualities in bras that might ease the tension off your back.

Woman bowing down with exposed bra straps

Wide Band

It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out the role of the band in supporting the breasts. This is why strapless bras ​can lift you up without the help of straps. As a simultaneous effect of this, it also lifts responsibility off your back muscles to carry your breasts’ weight.

Specifically, a wide band is more equipped to handle big, sagging breasts, which are more likely to cause back pain from their heaviness. 


Furthering the support of a wide band, encapsulation equally distributes the weight of your breasts across your chest. It does so by having each of your breasts separately supported by individual cups.

Encapsulation is usually common but not limited to sports bras because it offers more stability especially when working out. Think of it as your compression pants for the breasts.

In regular bras with this feature, encapsulation is usually incorporated to provide maximum support up front and spare your back from the pain that would occur otherwise.

Tall Gore

The center gore is the fabric material in the middle of your bra that connects the cups. A tall center gore means there’s more separation in your bra cups than normal, hence the encapsulation.

This can also mean that your bra won’t just carelessly push your breasts to the center, reducing the strain from your back.

Flexible Foam Cups

It’s almost impossible to have supportive bras without there being padding in the cups, especially for big breasts. It also can’t be just any cups. Flexible foam ones are the most recommended to accommodate every breast’s shape and size, which are not the same in different women. When your breasts are properly supported, your back can relax in its natural form and not get dragged down in the front in a slouching position.

High Back Support

Since this is about supporting the back, the back band is what you should be looking at because it could directly affect it. Having a high back band seen in back ​smoothing bras is what’s recommended. It directly supports your upper back, which is the part that hurts the most when it’s strained by the breasts’ weight.

Racerback style bras are popular for their high back support. The straps meet at the center of the upper back, the fabric forming an X on the inside of the shoulder blades. It’s the perfect spot to provide support on, making the upper back almost free from the strain of carrying the breasts’ weight.

Soft Fabrics and Construction

Bras are already innately restrictive. Stiff and rigid materials only add more to the pain of their tight fit around the chest. To lessen the blow, soft fabrics and a gentle construction are more protective of your upper body. Hence, the reason why women have been making the switch to bralettes.

Your back specifically will benefit from this posture bra construction because there will be less instances of you slouching or changing your natural posture just to find a more comfortable stance. As an example of each, wire-free fabrics and a seamless construction are two of the most coveted qualities in a bra.


Underwires are an example of stiff and rigid materials commonly used in bras you’ll want to avoid if you don’t want back pain. Having no underwires is a common feature among most of the best bras we picked out for back pain. It’s no coincidence because wires have long been associated with restriction and discomfort. Ever since wires were put in bras, they’ve always just been to reinforce the bra’s lifting abilities. Although it affects the breasts and the underside of your chest the most, it also has a significant effect on the back.

Having no wires, on the other hand, almost always equates to comfort. Underwires are usually unforgiving. They won’t adjust according to your body, thus pulling the band and your body towards the front. Losing the underwires has no significant negatives except the loss of cleavage and the illusion of bigger breasts. Other than those, choosing a wire-free bra will do wonders for your back.


The seams are what thickens and stiffens the edges of your push up bra. This in turn leaves marks on your skin after wearing them tightly around your chest for hours at a time. When a bra is seamless and is not as stiff as seamed bras, it allows your upper body more mobility. It makes you free to stand as straight as you want without feeling uncomfortable.


It’s no secret that women wearing the wrong size bras is one major cause of pains around the breast, chest, and back areas.

It happens way too often. This is because women don’t get themselves measured regularly or bras don’t carry the exact size appropriate for them.

​A wide range of sizes is more inclusive for women of any breast type, especially those larger than D cups who are more prone to having back pain from wearing the wrong size bra.

Thick Straps

Straps don’t have anything to do with supporting your breasts because they don’t function to lift them, contrary to what most might believe. However, they help in aligning the band.

The straps are not supposed to dig into your shoulders, and you should adjust them if they do. This is usually an indication the band is doing its job to support your breasts and not get dragged down by them.

When this is fulfilled, you know your bra’s band is sufficient to not cause any back pain.

A great bra with thick straps are also less likely to strain your shoulders. Back pain ensues not only because of the band but also when the straps force your shoulders to slouch forward.

Thicker straps will prevent this and back pain from occurring.

Woman sits on the bed in a white bra and panty


With a garment that fits too close around the chest and only works when it fits snugly, back pain can be inevitable. Good thing is, it’s nothing these bras or set of features can’t beat. If you know what to look for, you can be comfortable practically in any position.

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