What Is the Smallest Bra Size?

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Women come in all shapes and fit into bras that have a wide range of sizes. Every woman is unique in her own way and has individual needs from a well-fitting bra. In this article, we talk about small bust sizes, what is the smallest bra size, and the perfect lingerie for this size.

What Is the Smallest Bra Size?

The smallest bra size available in the market is the size 28AAA. This entails that the band size is approximately 28 inches, which will belong to an incredibly slim woman. The cup size AAA means that the breast will extend less than one inch from the rib cage.

As evident from the measurements, the breasts that fit into this bra size will be small. While you may feel that you do not need a bra, the truth is that even a petite bust can benefit from a quality bra. It can provide support, create some curves, and give you a cleavage.

A woman showing what is the smallest bra size

Features of Bra for Smaller Breasts

When buying a new bra, you have to ensure that it is the correct size. Contrary to popular belief, even a small bust needs supportive, fitted bras as the breast tissues are prone to sagging regardless of size. Moreover, the following bra features can be helpful for small breasts:

  • Padded cups: Depending on your preference, you can choose whether you want light or thick padding. Ideally, a small bust benefits from light padding for a natural look.
  • Underwire: Underwire can lift the breast tissues and bring their weight closer to the center, giving them a desirable rounder shape.
  • Spaced-out cups: Small breasts are often set wider apart, so it makes sense to look for bras with spaced-out cups. Usually, a one-inch gap between the cups is perfect for tiny boobs.
  • Half cups: While coverage is important, it is not a priority for smaller boobs. Hence, look for half-cup bras that can provide you with a perkier shape that looks fuller on the top.

Best Bras for Small Bust Size

Wearing the correct bra makes all the difference in the world, regardless of your bust size. Moreover, with the lingerie industry becoming more inclusive, it has become easier to find the perfect bra that targets your individual needs. Below, we have outlined the must-have bras for smaller breasts.

Padded Bras

Bra cups are primarily responsible for providing coverage to prevent your nipples from peeking through the attire. Everything from the cups’ shape, dimensions, and spacing matters when choosing a bra. For smaller busts, the most important factor is the padding in the cups.

A padded bra has a thin foam between the fabrics of each cup, which can alter your silhouette and enhance your bust line. It can help make your boobs look fuller and firmer. Therefore, if you feel conscious about your breast size, you can check out the range of bras that come with different padding.


A bralette is designed to provide comfort along with support. It lacks the structure of a proper bra, yet retains enough features to make it a viable option for a small bust. It has soft and simple cups, a prominent band, and thin straps. It looks more like a crop top than a bra.

A woman wearing a bralette

Push Up Bras

The next on the list is the classic push-up bra. This bra also has padded cups. However, the padding is situated towards the bottom of the cups at an angle that lifts the breast tissues. When the boobs are pushed upwards and inwards, you get a hint of cleavage.

Most push-up bras come with an underwire that stabilizes the bust and adds to the lifting effect. They also have half- or demi-cups that work splendidly under low necklines. Therefore, if your dress or top calls for a striking cleavage, go for a comfortable, perfectly sized push bra.

Related Questions

Which Bra Size Is Smaller A or AA?

The size AA is smaller than the size A. Cup size A denotes a 1-inch difference between the bust size and the band size. Contrarily, the size D is smaller than the size DD, which can cause some confusion when people compare sizes A and AA.

What Bra Is Best for Teenage Girl?

There are different bras that work for a teenage girl with developing breasts. Both beginner and slip-on bras are great first bras. A double-layered or a lightly-padded t-shirt bra is a good option for coverage. Invest in a sports bra if you regularly partake in physical activities.

Is 30B a Small Bra Size?

Compared to the range of band and cup sizes available, 30B is considered a small bra size. However, while the band size 30 is small, cup size B means that your breasts are not particularly small. Thus, you will have distinguishable curves.


The smallest bra size is the combination of the smallest band size, 28, and the smallest cup size, AAA. This size is most common in teenagers or girls with developing bodies. However, we would like to conclude by saying that small or big, women with all kinds of breast sizes are unique and beautiful.


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