b.tempt’d B.wow’d Push-up Bra Review

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A lot of ladies are impressed with this Wacoal creation mostly for the same reasons: great fit, comfort, and lift. If you are thinking about getting the same bra for yourself, you might want to read this b.tempt’d B.wow’d Push-up Bra Review first before you join the trend.

b.tempt’d B.wow’d Push-up Bra Review

The b.tempt’d B.wow’d Push-up Bra is one of the stylish creations of Wacoal, one of the leading bra manufacturers. Perhaps you already have heard a lot of good things about this bra, yet this review would help you decide if this one is a good choice or not.



  • Band fabric stretches after every wash
  • Band sizing is smaller than normal size
  • Cup and underwire design may overdo cleavage on big-chested girls

What To Expect

The b.tempt’d B.wow’d Push-up Bra satisfies most expectations when it comes to fit, comfort, and style. However, you have to know that this isn’t a good choice for all bust sizes. This bra is challenged to flatter ladies with naturally big breasts as well as those who are full-figured.

Graphic image of a blue bra that explains that push up bras are ideally made with heavily padded cups, extra support and underwires

b.tempt’d B.wow’d Push-up Bra Features

Seamless cupsCreate a smooth appearance under clothes
Lightly padded cupsProvide the right amount of perkiness
Demi cupsLift breast tissue for a more rounded look
UnderwireContours breast tissue
Elastic fabricProvide a stretchable yet comfortable feel
Convertible strapsAllow strap adjustability for maximum fit

Style, Design, and Fabric

Made of 20% Spandex and 80% nylon, this Wacoal push-up bra features a neat scallop trim with leopard print inner lining. 

Unlike many bras that have the cups in scallop trim, this Wacoal bra does not have gapping issues. This allows you to be more flexible with what clothes to wear as this will look smooth under fitted or sheer outfits.

Similar to the Lily of France Extreme Ego Boost Push Up Bra, this push-up bra comes in a variety of plain colors including black and skin tone. With its lower plunge design, you can also wear it under tops or dresses with revealing necklines. 

Fit and Comfort

When it comes to the fit, the b.tempt’d B.wow’d Push-up Bra contains the girls pretty well but it does not sacrifice comfort. The shoulder and back straps are both adjustable and stretchable. You have the freedom to adjust based on comfort or fit. This way, you also avoid chafing around your ribcage and shoulders.

Woman wearing a b.tempt'd b.wow'd push-up bra


Unlike most push-up bras which are heavily padded, the b.tempt’d B.wow’d Push-up Bra has just the right amount of padding. If you are big chested, then this bra will be a good choice if you do not want your breasts to look too revealing.

For some reason though, the way the cups lift the breasts between big-chested and small-chested women is different. It will flatter more those ladies with small cup sizes because, for bigger breasts, it somehow looks like the cleavage is overdone.

If you often have gapping issues with push-up bras though, then this could change the storyline. Although seamless bras in scallop trim often create a gap, that is very unlikely to happen with this Wacoal bra. 


You can convert the thin straps of b.tempt’d B.wow’d Push-up Bra into criss-cross or halter. Unfortunately, you cannot turn it into a strapless bra because the front part of the straps is sewn. Still, with this versatile feature, you can use it under a racerback or a backless outfit.


It is often mistaken for a wireless bra because the seamless design hides the wires very well. And because the wires are not too stiff, it is always assumed that they aren’t really there when worn. 

b.tempt'd b.wow'd push-up bra

Moving on to the underwire function, this Wacoal bra lifts and contours the breasts from the bottom forming just the right amount of perkiness. If this is something that you look for in a push-up bra, then this is a good choice.


Despite being a demi bra, you would not find extra bulges near your armpits when you wear it. Thanks to its wide sidebands that narrow through the closure. The bands that help prevent side spills also do well in concealing some unwanted back bulges.

While the bands feel soft and comfortable even for long hours, you will notice that they tend to get stiff after several-washing. It is a nice, comfortable push-up bra, but it is also possible that this would only take some time in your closet because of the quality of the band fabric. 


The closure would make you finish two hooks and eyes for a comfy fit. Also, this bra has three levels of adjustment. Over time and the bands have stretched, you would still be able to use it by simply adjusting to the tightest closure.

Lift and Cleavage

The pads and the underwire of this b.tempt’d B.wow’d Push-up Bra provides a good, comfortable lift, just like the Playtex 18-Hour Ultimate Lift and Support Bra. It enhances the cleavage but not in an excessively revealing way. If you are into just the right amount of sexiness, then this is a good choice. 


The fabric seems of high quality when you feel it. The seams are finely stitched including the area where the closure sits. However, the main concern is the elasticity of the bands which do not look like it would hold up to a lot of washings. 

Compared to Victoria’s Secret Pink Wear Everywhere Push-Up Bra, this one becomes looser and looser with every wash. While this could be an everyday bra, there could be not so many days for you to enjoy it.

Who Is This Bra For?

While this is a good push-up bra, it is hard to say that this bra is for everyone. Anyone can wear this but it would fit better those ladies in the small cup sizes. Also, this will do wonders if you used to breastfeed and the girls have gone south already. This will create that natural-looking lift.

On the contrary, this bra on a big-chested woman can be a turn-off. The breasts could look too stiff and stressed.

Should you like the look of fuller breasts and a more defined cleavage, then this should work fine on you. After all, it remains comfy without gapping issues.

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B.tempt’d has trendier and more youthful designs than Wacoal. It’s like the younger sister of Wacoal, having the same meticulous craftsmanship.

Is a Push-Up Bra Good for Daily Use?

Yes, push-up bras are suitable for daily use as they provide volume and lift to the breasts. However, if you experience pain from the padding or wired band, it’s best to shift to other bra styles in the meantime.

Who Can Wear Push-Up Bras?

Anyone can wear a push-up bra, whether with small or large breasts. You can wear it regardless of your breast shape as long as you choose the right size for your bust.

What Is a Push-Up Bra? (Yes, You Should Try One)


If it is about comfort, style, and lift, you would never go wrong with this Wacoal creation, especially for women with small to average cup sizes. This b.tempt’d B.wow’d Push-up Bra keeps the girls in place and perky without any discomfort from the underwire and straps.


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