Lily of France Extreme Ego Boost Push Up Bra Review

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Although all bras serve the same purpose, unfortunately, they do not provide the same fit and comfort. There are many things that make one brand better than many of its rivals. This Lily of France Extreme Ego Boost Push Up Bra Review should help make you decide whether to pass or go on this product.

Lily of France Extreme Ego Boost Push Up Bra Review

Lily of France is famous for manufacturing fashionista bras in a huge selection of colors and styles. Besides good fit, design, and comfort, there’s more about Lily of France Extreme Ego Boost Push Up Bra that you might want to know before you give it a try.


  • Comfortable, silky fabric creates a smooth look under your clothes
  • 3-way convertible straps and 3 back strap sizing adjustments
  • Underwires fit well and stay in place
  • Finely stitched and sturdy allows for holding up to a lot of washings
  • Enhances the cleavage with no discomfort


  • Underwires are too close creating an overflowing look along the sides of the cup
  • Cups are a bit pointed

Features and Benefits

Yes, there are a number of good reasons why you would love a bra as Lily of France Extreme Ego Boost Push Up Bra. Overall, it does its job well in enhancing the cleavage and giving that needed lift. A closer look at other things though will help you decide if it is really worth it or not.

Graphic image of a blue bra that explains that push up bras ideally have heavily padded cups with supportive underwire

Lily of France Extreme Ego Boost Push Up Bra Features

Spandex and nylon blendFor a silky yet stretchable fabric
Plunge cupsPush breasts together
Convertible strapsAllow three-way straps adjustment
UnderwireLifts and shapes breast tissue
Thick paddingAdds one full cup size

Fit and Comfort

When speaking of fit and comfort, you can count this as an everyday bra. Overall, it is comfortable to wear with its soft, silky fabric and adjustable straps. The 3 levels of sizing at the back also add up to good fit and comfort.

Pink push-up bra with strings in front and black leggings worn by a woman in a braided ponytail


The cups provide soft, comfortable rooms for your breasts to sit and relax. And although they are soft, they provide a solid hold of your breasts, keeping them in place even with demanding physical activities. The pads are not too thick – they won’t take away the feeling of keeping it natural.

On the other hand, the cups’ frontal section looks a bit pointed when worn perhaps because of its demi design. A smaller version of Madonna’s cone bra might be something you consider a big no. It may be bothersome to wear this with fitted tops should you have this same effect on your size. 

You should stick to your actual size as a bigger size will only create more unused space in the cups and highlight the flaw even more. Choosing the right size will make the breasts look fuller, and hopefully, stretch out the cups to make them look rounder instead of pointed.


There are no issues with the straps for the most part. The shoulder straps are both stretchable and adjustable, just like the Victoria’s Secret Pink Wear Everywhere Push-Up Bra. While they are sewn in front, you can easily convert them into criss-cross or no-slip if not the conventional style with the back ends being removable. 

The backstrap is also stretchable and it comes with 3 levels of sizing. A properly adjusted back strap will also ensure your bra stays in place even with strenuous movements.

You can’t always get rid of or hide back fat because of the differences in body types, but you can always adjust the straps accordingly to reduce the effect.


The underwires hold the weight of your breasts well and provide the right lift. The best part is that they do not cause pain on the inner and outer sides. They also remain in place even with sudden arm movements.

On the other hand, there is not enough space between the underwires. While this creates good-looking cleavage, closer underwires plus the demi design also make it look like your breasts overfill the cup on the sides near the armpit, unlike the seamless appearance that the Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit T-Shirt Bra offers its users.

While this should not be a problem for small chested ladies, this could be a problem for girls of big cup sizes. The bra stays under your shirt anyway.

Black push-up bra and black leggings are worn by a woman seated on the mattress

Lift and Cleavage

Lily of France Extreme Ego Boost Push Up Bra is designed to lift the breasts up and indeed, it has been true to its promise. The solid support of the underwires as well as the built-in push-up pads both make fuller-looking breasts.

Style and Design

Lily of France Extreme Ego Boost Push Up Bra’s front part is 91% nylon with the remaining made of Spandex. The back lining is polyester and 7% Spandex. It uses a hook and eye closure.

Fabric Design and Color

You will never run out of choices when it comes to fabric design. It has a number of prints available, from florals to animal prints. Plain colors and skin tones are also available to match your sheer or see-through clothing. Some styles even feature intricate picot trim lining. 

Demi Design

Moving on, the bra features a demi design. Unlike the SPANX Bra-Llelujah Full Coverage Bra, which is a full cup bra, a demi design does not cover as much part of the breasts. This creates a wider bare part in the middle chest area.

Should you want to show some cleavage, a bra as Lily of France Extreme Ego Boost Push Up Bra is a good choice. It compliments outfits with low and revealing necklines. While you can convert it into a strapless bra, it makes a good option for an everyday bra. 


It is recommended to hand wash the bra and let it air dry. All corners are finely stitched allowing it to hold up to a lot of washings. As with any pushup bra, you could damage and deform the underwires if spin-dried.

Therefore, it is best to stay on the safe side and follow the washing and caring instructions. Overall, it is a durable, well-made bra that would likely remain in good condition for a long time. 

Related Questions

How Are Push Up Bras Supposed to Fit?

Push up bras are supposed to look flat against your chest without creating side bulges. They should have a smooth silhouette over your bust.

How Often Can You Wear the Lily of France Push Up Bra?

You can wear the Lily of France Push Up Bra daily as long as you don’t feel too strained or irritated by it. Make sure to follow your actual band and cup measurements so you can wear the bra comfortably every day.

What Is the Difference Between Push Up Bras and Normal Bras?

Push up bras are designed to make your breasts look bigger, whereas normal bras simply aim for bust coverage. Some normal bras may not have padding or wired bands, while most push up bras use underwire and padding to enhance cleavage.

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Lily of France Extreme Ego Boost Push Up Bra deserves recognition when it comes to fit and comfort. The built-in pads, demi-cups and underwires, and adjustable shoulder and back straps all provide good breast support and lift which even small-chested ladies would find flattering. 


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