How to Fix a Loose Bodycon Dress

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Bodycon dresses are often short, sleeveless, and form-fitting. They frequently have a knit material that is elastic and clings to every curve. Your clothing should be tightly fitted. On the other hand, your dress can go loose. This article will teach you how to fix a loose bodycon dress.

How to Fix a Loose Bodycon Dress

Finding the perfect dress and realizing it is too big is a shared experience. The good thing is that you can keep using it without returning it to the closet. If you want to make a dress fit you better, you may easily alter it. There is always a method to make a loose garment fit more snugly. Read this post to learn what to do if your bodycon dress is loose. Here are a few suggestions:

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Add Darts

Sewing darts is the best option. The number of darts you add is up to you, and they’ll be placed in a way that’s symmetrical on both sides of your body. Darts allow the wearer to adjust the amount of fullness or surplus fabric in an item of clothing to better hug their body. The underbust, front underarm, and waistline are where darts may be used to improve the fit of a garment.

A loose bodycon dress may be transformed into a figure-flattering one by adding darts below the breast. If your breast region is overly large, your clothes will seem saggy. Pinch a triangle of fabric away from the dress and then sew it to the garment’s interior along a straight seam. This part of construction provides the body’s shape and depth.

Use a Belt

If you have a belt that goes with your dress, you should try that first. This tip applies whether you’re wearing a slim belt or a huge one, or even a belt made of patent leather. A belt is a quick and easy way to improve the fit of a dress around the waist and hips and add definition to a formless garment.

If you don’t want to seem like you’re wearing two completely separate outfits, find something that goes with your dress’s color scheme and pattern. Belts help create the illusion of a smaller waist and can help you look slimmer in your bodycon dress. They are flattering and also helpful in establishing your shape. To accentuate your waist, pull part of the fabric up over the top of the belt to create a beautiful flare, and then tighten the belt to bring attention to your waist.

Use a Ribbon

Finding a perfect bodycon dress that fits well and yet flatters your figure is tricky. Try tying a ribbon at the bust if you want to improve the silhouette of a flowy dress. Achieving an alluring waist and drawing attention to your curves has never been simpler. Make an effort to:

A woman wearing a black bodycon dress pulling it downwards to fit
  • To start, construct the waistline and keep your bra straps from showing by tying a ribbon across the top of your bust. Check that it’s long enough to go around your body twice.
  • As a second step, you should take the ribbon’s ends and knot them together inside the dress, one on each side of the waistband.

Use Tape

Dresses may be made to seem slimmer quickly and easily with the use of double-sided tape or even hem tape and an iron. However, bear in mind that adhesive tape will leave behind sticky traces on the cloth that might potentially cause harm down the road.

The effect is temporary; however, it will help you look your best on that special occasion by giving your dress a little more structure. To use a tape, do the following:

  • Mark two parallel lines on the dress’s back, close to the dress’s center back, and run tape along each. The tape may be concealed by folding over one inch of cloth from both sides of the garment.
  • To avoid unsightly bulges at the neckline or armholes, you may adhere the dress directly to your skin with the tape.

Use Safety Pins

This is perfect for loose-fitting garments. Make poorly fitting clothing seem and feel like a million bucks. After wrapping it around your contours, you must pin it in place. However, pinning might cause the back of the garment to pucker. Loosely gather the rear into pleats and pin them together if it doesn’t seem as flattering as the front.

A woman fixing her bodycon dress on the lower back side

Perhaps you might use the assistance of a friend with this problem. If you do not want the sides of the dress to grow tighter and want to tighten the waist, another option is to use two safety pins placed a little apart at the rear of your waist inside the garment.

This will allow you to tighten the waist without tightening the sides of the dress. Pass a ribbon through the gap created by these two pins, then draw the ribbon taut to create a gathered waistline.

Sew the Waist

Taking in the side seams of the dress with a sewing machine is the most effective method for repairing a dress that is either too large or too broad at the sides. This will alter its size of it such that it is permanently suitable for your physique. Using this method, you can often make the bodycon dress hide your tummy and make it one or two sizes smaller than it originally was.

If you have access to a sewing machine, you may quickly alter a dress by focusing on the waist area using this machine. Adjusting the side seams at the waist of a bodycon dress is the most effective method for making the garment more form-fitting.

For this approach to work, you will need to have experience in sewing and access to a sewing machine. If you don’t have access to a sewing machine, you may make your dress fit more snugly without stitching anything.

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A bodycon dress is a highly versatile item of clothing since it can be dressed in several ways. As a result, the bodycon dress is excellent for both casual and a bodycon dress can be perfect for formal situations as well, even though it has the potential to become loose over time.

I hope this article has provided you with some helpful information that will enable you to figure out how to fix the loose bodycon dress you own.


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