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Third Love Nursing Bra Review

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Finding a nursing bra that has a great fit, an amazing support, and with a decent design can be challenging. Luckily, Third Love, a company that is making waves in the industry because of its size inclusion and nude-color options, is pushing for change and delivers everything that you are looking for. 

The brand recently launched its Third Love Nursing Bra Collection, which is manufactured for mothers to wear from the time that they’re pregnant until they give birth and start breastfeeding. 

Third Love Nursing Bra Review

Third Love released three nursing bra options: the classic version, classic wireless version, and front closure version. 

Woman wearing a Third Love nursing bra

The nursing bras have textured detailing on the straps and it has gold-toned clasps that come off when you need to breastfeed. There are numerous things about breastfeeding that are not glamorous, so having beautiful details on the bra is a great touch. 

The bra cups have very light memory-foam padding, which provides it with an amazing shape. This is something that other nursing bras do not have. Third Love’s nursing bra is also very comfortable to wear and it does not look crumpled and stiff under a shirt. 


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Fits really well under a shirt
  • Has a great support
  • Beautiful clasps design


  • The clasp gets stuck 
  • Limited color options

Third Love Nursing Bra Features and Benefits

Third Love’s Nursing Bra line is designed to provide expectant and breastfeeding mothers much-needed confidence and support. 

The new design of the bra line has features that you will definitely benefit from, from its cotton fabric, drop-down cups, adjustable hooks, and light memory foam cups, it is ideal everyday use. 

Below are the features and benefits of the nursing bra that will entice you to get one for yourself. 


The Third Love nursing bra cups have very light memory-foam padding, which provides your chest area some shape. The bra is very comfortable to use everyday and it looks smooth under your clothes. 

Woman wearing a flesh colored bra

Nursing bras that have underwire are difficult to find because it’s been said that underwires cause clogged ducts, also known as mastitis, but that has never been medically proven. 

If you are not comfortable with underwire bras, Third Love offers a nursing bra that does not have it. 


Your bra size changes throughout your pregnancy, and especially while you are nursing your child, so it can be confusing to choose a bra size to get.

Third Love has released a sizing quiz on its official website for its regular bras, and it also has a guide released for its nursing bra line. You can follow the suggestions online so you can get a bra that fits you well. 

When you get a bra that fits you and if the size is right, your chest area does not feel squeezed in or too loose. There also won’t be any problems with the back riding up, which tends to happen if you move around and the bra does not fit. 


When it comes to a bra’s support, most people think that it only talks about your chest area. That is not true. A nursing bra with a good support prevents your chests from looking saggy under your clothes, it also allows you to be active because you don’t feel uncomfortable while you move around. 

Third Love’s nursing bra has a great support that improves your posture. Your shoulders won’t slouch while you sit and your back is straightened because of the support that your chest gets. It also does not add extra layers to the areas that do not need them. 

The support that the nursing bra gives can help reduce back pain, chest pain, and prevent skin irritation. The Third Love nursing bra is great for mothers whose breasts get heavier as it does wonders for your health. 


When it comes to nursing bras, medical experts recommend natural fabric like cotton because they are more breathable compared to synthetics. 

Natural fabrics can also absorb leaks, which happens a lot for nursing mothers. Synthetics tend to trap moisture and it causes skin irritation. 

Woman wearing a flesh colored bra

Third Love nursing bras are made of high-quality spandex, nylon and cotton that are shipped straight from Asia, Europe, and the United States. Their bras do not contain flame retardants, latex, formaldehyde, nickel, rubber, red dye, carmine, or copper zinc which is not good for the skin when it is exposed to sweat. 

Cup Style

Third Love nursing bras have amazing cup styles. The cups are padded for comfort, the clasp can be hooked and unhooked when needed, and they are seam-free and wire-free so you won’t feel uncomfortable while you move around. 

The nursing bras have full drop cups that let you breastfeed your baby discreetly and easily. The cups are also made of cotton so they are light and breathable, and it prevents moisture from forming. 

Third Love also prides itself in creating cups that are designed in a way that will make you look stylish, even while you are nursing your child, as you won’t have to give up fashion for comfort. 


Finding the right nursing bra is not an easy task. There are important components that you need to consider, like the fit and comfort, before getting one. You also need to check the brand of the nursing bra to make sure that it can achieve these components. Most mothers have to sacrifice their style just so they can get the comfort and support that they need. 

With Third Love, you won’t have to sacrifice anything. The Third Love nursing bras are the quality that a lot of mothers crave. They make you feel good, it does not ruin your overall style and it can be used while doing other activities. 

The company wants to make sure that every woman feels comfortable in their own skin, and that they get the bra that they deserve, which is why they released a quiz on their site to assist you in getting the best bra for you. 

During pregnancy and the breastfeeding stage, your chest area feels sore, heavy, and sensitive. This is the reason why you need to have a nursing bra that allows you to feel comfortable and light everyday. 

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