Third Love Bras vs Soma vs Cuup

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With so many lingerie brands all fighting for the chance to capture your attention, it can be hard to choose one. So, I’m here to break down the three top competitors in the industry: Third Love vs Soma vs Cuup. 

Third Love Bras vs Soma vs Cuup Overview

The three brands sell lingerie items for women of all races in the United States, offering various options. Third Love is located in San Francisco, Soma in California, and Cuup in New York. Let me dive in and learn more about those companies. 

Woman wearing a Form Seamless V-Neck Wireless Bra from Third Love

Third Love Overview

Heidi Zak and her husband David Spector founded Third Love in 2014. Their biggest motivation to start Third Love is Heidi’s dissatisfaction in finding bras that could fit, get comfortable, and be pleasing to the eye. 

Soma Overview

Chico’s FAS is a company formed by women, led by women, and offers solutions that affect women. The company has three brands, namely: Chico’s, White House Black Market, and Soma. Soma Intimates believe that beauty started from underneath hence creating products to make a lady feel gorgeous.

Cuup Overview

Founded by Kearnon O’ Molony and Abby Morgan in 2017, Cuup ventured into the lingerie market intending to offer unrestrictive bras that don’t compromise on fitting, aesthetics, or comfort. They continue to innovate bras that use elegant engineered solutions to cater to every woman. 

Third Love vs Soma vs Cuup Similarities and Differences

These three brands are established and recognized globally. Despite them producing the same type of items, they are pretty unique in identity too. 

Comparing ThirdLove, Soma, and Cuup Bras

Bra Known For Popular Bra Styles Best For
ThirdLove Comfortable and quality bra optionsT-shirt, wireless, full-coverage, laceLadies in between sizes
Soma Affordable yet quality brasBralette, sports, nursing, post-surgicalLadies who want to prioritize comfort
Cuup Comfortable and stylish brasPlunge, balconette, demi, meshLadies who want to prioritize support


All three brands can be purchased from the comfort of your own home. They are all great choices if you want to find something that suits your personality and style. Other similarities include: 

  • Variety: All three brands produce a spectrum of bras, as shown in their respective websites. From T-shirt bras, nursing bras, bralette bras, racerback bras, sports bras, wireless bras, to unlined bras. The brands aim to offer quality, comfort, and the perfect fit for every woman. 
  • Specific in Sizes: Other than variety, they are also keen on catering bras to women of different sizes. From A cup to cup sizes bigger than DD, they are considerate of everyone’s needs. They also offer curated colors to blend with skin tones or just to one’s liking.  
  • Payment Modes: All the brands offer a flexible payment plan for all their bra products. This is so convenient for shoppers to pay slowly as they use the product. A deposit has to be made then installments come in later. 
Woman wearing a Form Seamless V-Neck Wireless bra with a sweater
  • Bra Sizes: Third Love, Soma, and Cuup have guides on their websites on finding the right bra size. A small exercise is done, and after that, the customer can select the bra they want. This makes the shopping experience very easy. 
  • Women Support: All these three brands are created to elevate a woman’s confidence. This makes a woman embrace her body and ooze confidence to be a woman in the first place. These needs have been undervalued for a long time, and it’s soothing to see brands focusing on such values.


Third Love, Soma, and Cuup are three different brands of bras. I’ll look at key differences to help you feel confident about your choice!

  • Price Points: Soma and Third Love retail their products around the same price of between $35-$60, while Cuup is a bit on the higher side, with most products going for $68 on average. It is interesting to note that Cuup bras all go for that same price. This price difference communicates who are the brands’ target audience.
  • Shipping Costs: Third Love only offers free shipping for items bought above $100, while Cuup doesn’t give any free shipping at all. Soma provides free shipping services with no conditions whatsoever. 
  • Customer Rewards: This is when a company wants to keep a customer loyal to the brand and therefore offers rewards or gifts to retain them. Soma has formulated a system reward where one can shop and convert the points to earn them back to keep shopping. Soma, together with Cuup, has incentives such as referrals or refer a friend. If you refer a friend and she buys, you also earn points to buy back or get free shipping. However, both Third Love and Cuup don’t offer this exciting feature.  
  • Donations: Soma offers bra donations which ensure you get a reward of $5 with every bra you donate. Also, Third Love and Cuup don’t carry out donations.

Major Distinguishing Factor

Of the three brands, what stands out is the type of variety they offer and the prices the items go for.

When to Wear Third Love? 

If you are the type seeking comfortable and quality bras, Third Love’s got you. They don’t compromise on that. Their passion for making women feel nice when wearing bras is unmatched. This is what makes them stand out and get recognition and respect globally.

Woman wearing matching bra and underwear

Third Love also has a Fit Finder quiz which is among the best-rated women fitting guides in the lingerie industry. 

In the case you have never done a test, this is a great place to start. In case you need an Afterpay payment plan for your purchase of bras, Third Love accommodates that. 

When to Wear Soma?

Soma as a brand is quite big on supporting women to feel beautiful, confident, and socially accepted. You can purchase their products to support fellow women. 

Their products are quite affordable and also offer quality and an array of bras. They also donate bras, so if you like supporting the underprivileged in society, Soma propagates this noble cause. 

When to Wear Cuup? 

The brand doesn’t necessarily offer a variety. However, the little it has is quite good. They have done extensive research to develop a product line that ensures it provides comfort and style at the same time. 

The items are a bit expensive so that a small class of individuals can wear them. Unlike lingerie brands like Wacoal, they offer a flexible payment method that is preferable. 

Did I mention gift cards? Cuup website has a gift card feature which is not just to give your friend since you can gift yourself. What a thoughtful feature since, more times than not, I forget myself forgetting that I need “me” before I can interact or share with “them.”

Related Questions

Do ThirdLove, Soma, and Cuup Have Sleep Bras?

Yes, Cuup, Soma, and ThirdLove offer sleep bras. ThirdLove also has sleepwear tops, bottoms, and robes. Meanwhile, Soma provides options for sleep shirts and pajama sets.

Do Soma, Cuup, and ThirdLove Offer Activewear Bras?

ThirdLove, Cuup, and Soma have a range of activewear bras. However, only ThirdLove provides complementary options for leggings.

Are Cuup, ThirdLove, and Soma Bras True to Size?

Yes, Soma, ThirdLove, and Cuup bras are true to size. While they follow standard bra sizing charts, only ThirdLove offers half-cup sizes and an online fit finder program.

Bra Size Measurement & Cup Size | A, B, C, D, DD Bra Sizes AND Extra Large Breasts


Third Love, Soma, and Cuup are all great brands, as summarized. However, Soma takes the lead in the three due to its noble and charitable nature geared towards helping women access quality and comfortable bras. 


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