Third Love vs Coobie

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The world of intimate apparel can be a daunting one to navigate. Between brands, styles, and price points, it’s difficult to know where exactly you should start looking for your perfect bra.

Below I’ll take a look at two of the most popular options in the market: Third Love and Coobie. 

Third Love vs Coobie General Overview 

For too long, Third Love’s founder felt that women had to choose between being flattering, modest, and over-the-top sexy. Neither looked great. She then decided to create a third option, Third Love. 

Graphic image of two blue bras that compares the features of Third Love bras and Coobie bras

Since the company was started in 2005, Cobbie has been a dedicated supplier of women’s apparel to wholesalers and retailers for over fifteen years.

They’re committed to providing customers with high-quality clothing that is both affordable and stylish at the same time!

Third Love Overview

Headquartered in San Francisco, Third Love was founded in 2013 by a couple. David Spector and Heidi Zak created a brand that advocated for body positivity. They sell lingerie and other feminine merchandise. The company has a special focus on a bra’s fitting, feel and comfort.

They believe in making a woman wear high-quality products that make her confident all day. This is achieved with the correct bra size, which they are also vocal on.

Woman wearing a nursing bra and white long sleeved shirt

Coobie Overview

The owners of the brand are not mentioned; however, one thing for sure is that Cobbie guarantees some of the best material and quality through manufacturing their products locally to monitor the process. 

The company is very confident in their bras-fitting women. Improving the quality of the bra bands, bra cups, and zippers is an example of how they constantly evolve to make a woman comfortable.

Third Love vs Coobie Similarities and Differences

Designed for women of all races, Third Love and Coobie exhibit likeness and unlikeness in their bra variety. The two brands are passionate about providing comfort for women. Let me have a look at each in detail.

Comparing ThirdLove and Coobie Bras

Bra Popular Styles Sizing Best For
ThirdLove T-shirt, wireless, sports, racerback32A-48DEye-catching yet quality bras
Coobie Sports, nursing, bandeau, criss-cross28A-48DDAffordable yet comfortable bras


A key similarity in both these brands is their emphasis on providing quality bras that offer a lot of comforts. Comfort is a necessity in anyone’s day-to-day life. It kicks in confidence and also gives you some easement to navigate throughout the day.

Both brands have gift cards on their websites that can be a perfect present for a lady. They also offer a variety of bras in sizes, colors, and use. They include nursing bras, bralettes, wireless bras, balconette bras, full coverage bras, uplift plunge bras, and strapless bras

One can shop both online and physically in their stores. They are constantly having sales and offers to attract customers. They are also a hundred percent in charge of their manufacturing which is both done in the US.

From design on paper to testing to mass production to marketing, and finally, distribution.


Despite Third Love and Coobie being lingerie brands, they diverge in some aspects.  Here are some differences between the two brands. 

Shipping Cost

Coobie offers free shipping of their items in the US. They also provide three-day express shipping for items worth 75 dollars or more. Third Love, on the other hand, only offers free shipping service for goods worth more than 100 dollars. 


Third Love offers a variety of bras, mostly ranging from 35 to 50 dollars. Coobie, on the other hand, sells the same products in a range of 20 to 30 dollars.

This makes Coobie significantly cheaper than Third Love in terms of price, comparable to True & Co, Lively bras, and Natori lingerie products.


Coobie makes accessories like bra straps and bra pads in different shapes. This is mostly for clients who have bought bras from them and need to replace those specifics. Third Love has focused on selling just the entire with no accessories.

Value Packs 

A value pack is when a company creates a bundle with a list of products that are usually cheaper as one as opposed to getting the products one by one. Coobie offers Coobie Fusion Racerback Yoga Bra, Coobie Nursing Maternity Bra, among many with a significant 15 dollars or more cash to save. 

Third Love doesn’t offer value packs; however, they offer gifts with certain purchases and discounts when buying kit sets.

Payment Plan

Third Love supports the Afterpay method of financing while Cobbie doesn’t. This mode is quite flexible since it means that one can own the product and then pay it up later in small bits. It’s quite efficient. 

Third Love nursing set

Major Distinguishing Factor

What sets the clear difference between both brands is the price point. Third Love is more of a luxury company, quite similar to Cosabella.

Which is known as a luxury undergarment brand, their target may not necessarily be low or middle-class US citizens, and only a few people in the country can afford them easily. 

Quite similar to Harper Wilde bras, Cobbie products are very pocket-friendly and provide quality at the same time.

When to Wear Third Love?

In the case you’re looking for variety, Third Love offers an array of products factoring in your style, the purpose of the bra, and lastly size. 

In the situation you have an event coming up and your finances seem to be slacking a bit, Third Love is a good consideration to buy from since it has very flexible payment terms.

Their bras are very eye-catching, making one stand out. Third Love is also quite passionate about educating a woman about bra fittings. They also have a test one can take to know their actual measurement.

When to Wear Coobie?

Anyone looking to save some money? This is a great recommendation with their value packs and generally, their prices are quite subsidized compared to Third Love.

When you also want to buy someone a gift from their website, they have a gift e-card. They are always trying to raise cancer awareness so if one is a big advocate in fighting cancer, then this is the brand to support. Coobie also offers variety.

Related Questions

Are ThirdLove and Coobie Credible Brands?

Yes, Coobie and ThirdLove are credible brands for bras, underwear, and other intimate garments. However, ThirdLove has greater recognition in the international market.

Do ThirdLove and Coobie Bras Fit True to Size?

Bras from Coobie and ThirdLove fit true to size. ThirdLove’s website enables you to determine your actual measurements for the brand. Meanwhile, Coobie has a plus-size chart.

Do Coobie and ThirdLove Offer Sports Bras?

ThirdLove and Coobie offer a range of sports bras. Coobie also provides complementary options for shapewear, whereas ThirdLove has various options for leggings.

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Third Love and Coobie are great brands with a lot of lingerie products in the line. They cater to all bra needs in the market and promise quality and comfort. Women across the globe should consider purchasing from both brands depending on their agency, style, and financial power because they are worthy.


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